Hi all,

I am a student of metaphysics and I believe in the law of attraction and the likes. I also believe in lucid dreaming, angels and other paranormal stuff, but here is a problem I face.

Although I believe them, I greatly fear them for some reason. Maybe it's because it's not normal or weird, but somehow I just feel if I ever really see a real angel or really started lucid dreaming I will definitely be scared and frightened out of my wits. So, whenever I want to try something new, but somehow when I got the feeling I will end up in a different plane or existence, I will be extremely terrified and back out.

Does any one have any advice on how I can overcome these things? so that I can venture on and try stuff I've never done before

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How are you with non-paranormal stuff? Are you generally risk-averse, or are you only frightened
of the paranormal?

I had my first lucid dream after reading Stephen LaBerge's book, and let me tell you, it was cool!

There's nothing to be afraid of. You won't wind up in London, naked and howling from a rooftop. What you will experience is an awakening of sorts; you will feel more awake in your dream than you generally feel when you are really awake. The experience will feel larger than life.

In time, you may learn to manipulate things in your dream. There's something very empowering about that, having the ability to completely control your environment. It will also lead you to question your waking reality a little more.

If you are generally timid, put a request in your message box, or set up some focus blocks to develop your confidence. Visualize yourself being confident about studying these things. Meditate on it. Convince yourself that it is OK to be confident.

Become the master of your own universe. It is your mind, after all.


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This fear comes from the counterfeit paranormal, most shows or movies show the negative side of the paranormal however the true paranormal is God's normal.

We have great authority power and command beyond what most could imagine, Jesus spoke and said "The things I do, you will do even greater things." So he expects us to live up to being Christians in other words being a Christian is a responsibility to human kind.

If you are afraid of travel in the spirit for instance, read through your Bible all the times told of travel in the spirit also remember we have a silver cord that connects us to the body. Ecclesiastes 12:6

This silver cord keep us from dying when we are out of the body, it is like a life support line, it will stretch as far as we travel.

Another thing I must say is the Angels have said time and again through the bible "fear not."

This link will help you, the miracles of God are happening today. http://www.xpmedia.com/


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I totally get it, you don't want to get stuck in some sort of mode or other plane.

As long as it is all natural, I don't think you have anything to fear. I have had other experiences where I was scared but stuck with it, nothing bad happened.

Now if you are staring at a strobe light on shrooms, that is a different problem.


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hi the answer you seek is simple the only fear to have is fear it self! do you fear your self? yes you can make error or push your self to hard but we learn from error! losing sometime can make you win more important things! all part of you on this side or the other side are still you and still normal! be wise and fearless always keep things in balence in all things and you will achive!


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If you believe in God or a Divine Creator or simply in Love ask from your heart one night to have the fear of angels removed from you! You WILL notice the fear goes away! Then in your relief have the courage to humbly ask St. Michael from your heart to always protect you! You will notice a big change in your life! Your fear of angels will never return! Stay in touch with St. Michael! He's a very powerful angel that exists to protect you! It's the devil (believe it or not) that has wanted you and has kept you afraid of angels so you would never turn to them asking for their help! Does that make sense now?? I hope so because Archangel Michael exists to protect You and is the most powerful angel that defeats Satan whenever asked to do so! After you realize this and say "wow" ask St. Michael to always protect you, your friends, your family and everyone you come in contact with every day, especially people that have never been nice to you for they are the ones who have needed protection from the devil as much, if not more than you!!! St. Michael, the archangel is the answer for you and many people in this world!


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