I am a night owl- and have always been one. My father was a night owl, and my mother was a day person, and it used to drive my mother crazy that Dad could not go to bed "like a decent person". I happen to think it is genetic, although I have to admit, it got worse when I had small children- it was the only time I could be alone and do what I wanted to do. Now that my children are grown and I live alone, I still stay up half the night...even though I could go to bed at six pm if I wanted to...What do you think?

Blessings, Jai

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Nighttime is the time when I get the most accomplished. It gets very quiet at that time of night. When I was in school I wrote my papers at 2 in the morning.

Recently I made a change to getting up very early, and I find that overall I am more productive now during the day. The whole, "Early to bed, early to rise" thing. Now, I am most productive in the morning, when it's quiet.


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I turned around my body clock as well recently Vesuvius. It really can be done, and one adjusts.

(12 Feb '10, 22:12) LeeAnn 1

I'm a night owl mainly because I've always worked night shifts at call-centres. I enjoy being home all day and free to enjoy the day if I want to - sometimes I'll catch a nap during the day but usually sleep in the early evening before my shift starts after 11pm..also it was more convenient for our family when my partner worked during the days and watched the children at nights and I would be available to them during day times...

I hate the thought of being tied to a desk job or 9 til 5 job and missing out on the sunshine outside or getting home in the evenings exhausted but still needing to get dinner ready etc...

I don't really think its a genetic thing as my children are all quite happy working during the days although I have 2 sons who work nights in the hotel industry and my own parents were home all day so I think its a matter of preference..


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