Are those moments when everything seems out to perfection, and that everything is where it should, and even the seemingly bad things should happen ... where everything seems to flow with the pulse of the cosmos. Why those moments are so fleeting? Why we can not live in that state constantly? Has anyone had an experience like this?

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Yes, I had one of those "everything-is-exactly-as-it-should-be" moments once, but of course, the experience passed. It's a shame, but we allow our minds to be busied and preoccupied with all of the details of daily life, along with its worries, negative thoughts, prejudices, needs, to-do lists..... I think this crowds out seeing the perfection and living in the moment as often as we could.


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You are very lucky, not everyone has experienced something like this ..

(03 Jun '10, 12:54) Robert

From "The Bridge Across Forever" by Richard Bach:

She disappeared into the building, and I stretched out across the seat, yawned. To use this time, I thought, why not get a full night's sleep? That will require an autohypnotic rest of about five minutes. I closed my eyes, took one deep breath. My body is completely relaxed: now. Another breath. My mind is completely relaxed: now. Another. / am in a deep sleep: now. I shall waken the instant Leslie returns; as refreshed as from eight hours of deep, normal sleep.

Autohypnosis for rest is especially powerful when one hasn't slept but two hours the night before. My mind plunged into darkness; sound in the streets faded away. Caught in deep black tar, time stopped. Then in the midst of that charcoal dark,


As if a star fell on me, ten times ten brighter than the sun, and the blast from the light of it knocked me deaf.

No shadow no color no heat no glare no body no sky no earth no space no time no things no people no words just


I floated numb in glory. It isn't light, I knew, this immense unstopping brilliance bursting through what once had been me, it isn't light. The light, it merely represents, it stands for something else brighter than light, it stands for Love! so intense that the idea of intense is a funny feather of thought next to how huge a love engulfed me.



Joy exploded through me and I tore apart, atom from atom, in the love of it, a matchstick fallen into sun. Joy too intense to bear, not another instant! I choked. Please, no!

The moment I asked, Love retreated, faded into the night of noontime Beverly Hills, northern hemisphere third planet smallish star minor galaxy minor universe tiny twist of one belief in imagined spacetime. I was a microscopic life-form, infinitely large, stumbled backstage of its playhouse, caught a nanosecond glance of its own reality and nearly vaporized in shock.


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when one is in synch with the plan for/on which they were manifested,
a rythm of like vibrations, frequencies, wave lenghts no doubt amplfy each other
is being in-tune with who you are the 'perfect rhythm'


answered 02 May '11, 01:57

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well maybe you are in it you just don't see it!


answered 01 May '11, 08:03

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