Studying LOA has led me into a new realm of interest- psychics awarness and power. Reading a book about this subject, the author states that all humans have potential to tap into their sixth scent- the ability to 'see', meaning, open communication with angels, angelic guides, spirits, and also the skill to see auras and energy fields around people.

According to several books, the most well known of the lot being the Silva Method, each person has their own unique 'guides' that can be percieved with suffiecient development of our mind (or sixth scent). My current goal is to discover the name of my guide, and my long term goal is to recieve frequent messages from him/her/it.

The local astrology and esoteric shop owner explains that people don't ever see because 1) they doubt angels/guides exist. 2) The person has some sort of fear preventing them from communication.

Do you believe in such things? Again, my question, how do I train the art of seeing?

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You want to 'see', but you don't want to see much? I mean, seeing auras, angels, etc is a very small capability as compared to the true power of your third eye. when you have a perfectly developed third eye, apart from seeing auras and angels, you can see the past, the future, the present (at a distant place), can read thoughts, can control wild animals, can make birds chirp on your palm, and much much more.

Read methods on how to activate the third eye. I suggest you read a book titled PRACICAL HYPNOTISM - by Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali. I dont know if it will be available in your country, but its a very inexpensive book, with terrific practical techniques to activate the third eye.

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Sounds a bit radical. That's a book i defiantly need to read. cheers

(29 Aug '11, 00:16) Nikulas

@abhishek mishra - yes and any method leading to enlightenment can produce such results, i suggest choosing the method(s) that you feel most attracted to ... have fun

(28 Feb '12, 23:42) blubird two

as I already suggested as blubird two choose the method to which you feel most attracted

(11 Nov '15, 02:29) jaz
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The Power of Seeing is acknowledged by many cultures, under different names.

I can't answer your question about how to learn it, but have you prepared yourself for what you might find? Before I were about to delve into this area I would ask myself:

  • Why do I want to have the Power of Seeing?
  • What would I do with it?
  • As I am now, without this power, am I really seeing what is around me?
  • What am I doing now with/about what I see already?

I hope this helps you a step further.


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Maria 3

I should be asking, "what can I do, with what I have now, to make my life happier?"

(15 Aug '11, 10:49) Nikulas

Yes, that's what I mean. "Paying attention" to details is the first step. Whether you call this "mindfulness meditation" or "developing a painter's eye" - it's about a non-judgmental stance and focusing on What Is instead of skipping from one thought to the next and assuming how things are. Through accepting things as they come you begin to see them as they really are and consequently react to them in a different way.

You'll be surprised what happens :)

PS: I don't want to post a link, but I've explained this in detail on my blog. Start with the post titled "Warning: This exercise..."

(16 Aug '11, 14:59) Maria 3

as you would your other senses and your higher mantal faculities,
a good diet, proper thought and a sincere eagerness for the truth.
your body will be less toxic and then able to entertain an expanded range of vibrations,
and consequently your mind should receive refined sensual perceptions


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I highly recommend two books: Hands of Light and Light Emerging, both by Barbara Brennan. In these books, Barbara teaches you how to begin to see auras, and, because she is a physicist, has the science to back up her work.Her books go into depth into what you are seeking.

I have always been able to see auras, but I thought everybody could. The light has to be just right,though...I look with my peripheral vision, at least in part. That helps me "catch the edge" of the aura. Once I get that in view, I can then generally pull in the rest of the whole aura with my eyes straight forward. It is tricky, but you have to really trust that you are not crazy when you notice this "cloud" that suddenly appears around someone's head.

I hope that I have helped start you on this path. I am a trained shaman, and it is that training which has really helped me to "see". I should add that the only supernatural being I have directly seen is Mary- but I can absolutely sense when other-worldly beings are present (this is sometimes called channeling, but I hate that word for it for some reason.) I just "know" when I am being visited. You CAN learn this, but you will spend some time on your new journey. If you would like to contact me for more info, perhaps we can work that out.

Blessings, and Aho!



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We're all born and made of the same stuff as the universe so it seems only natural that we can enter into resonance with any part of it, whether it be present, past and future. As children we naturally use this capacity but as we grow and develop a strong mental censorship, this part of ourselves is largely put aside. So it's more a question of remembering how to do it rather than learning something new, the intuitive natural process can be arranged into five basic steps;

  • relax your body and mind
  • link with the subconscious
  • connect with the gap, the desired goal
  • widen the gap
  • close the session

Sit in a quiet room at a table with a sheet of white paper and a pencil ready at hand and center your thoughts on the desired goal;

relax your body become aware of distractions in your mind, exhale ... exhale the distractions ... breath out ... and as you breath out let go of anything that could distract you from getting accurate information ... let go of any emotional distractions, any physical distractions, even advanced perceptions of what the goal might be ... breath in and out a few times ... relax feel that your mind is quiet and calm, it's important to realize that all your body systems should be calm and in a state of coherent quietude, the useful energies flow not only through your mind but also through your body, your whole body acts like an antenna, like a clear crystal hologram ... now put your hand on the paper and just let your hand move and draw a line, it's your link with your subconscious ... without thinking let your hand move, your subconscious already knows all about the goal ... have confidence ... this line is your ideogram, it's basically a continuous line even if it moves up or down, here's an example;

alt text ... use your finger and touch the drawing, probe it with the tip of your finger, tap it ... get first impressions ... what does it feel like hard, soft, smooth, rough ... run your finger along it ... get info about what's at the target site, when you touch your ideogram it's as if you reach into into space time and touch the target, write down your basic description ... then probe again and get a very low level noun, the gestalt, the pattern of the whole ... is it man made (building, car, machine ...) natural (tree, animal ...), water, land, people, emotion, energy ? ... get the most basic impression that you can describe that feels correct ... now draw another ideogram, put your pencil on the page and let your hand move and again, widen the gap, and describe some of your sensory impressions, get more detailed information ... colors, sounds, textures, temperatures, tastes, smells, ambiance, contrasts (black/white, night/day, brightness, sunlight, moonlight ...) whatever feels correct, whatever seems to fit ... write down any nouns, any analysis on the right of the page, let them go and continue ... now impressions of size, mass, orientation, direction, density, patterns, shapes, volumes, verticals, horizontals, diagonals, vibrations, energies ... and now if you wish rise 50 feet over the target area and move your mind freely around, if anything in particular attracts your attention describe it ... patterns, direction, colors, textures, sounds, size, patterns, direction, smells, volumes ... using another clean page make a sketch putting all the pieces of the puzzle together ... put your hand on the page and let your hand move sketch what it would look like if you were at the scene shapes, patterns, size, orientations ... what would fit, what feels correct, describe your sketch put a few words and labels to it.

Now it's time to close the session and summarize, describe your impressions without analysis, write down any other perceptions, anything that crosses your mind, capture those fleeting messages.

Get the all important feed back which allows you to tune your subconscious to the actual target process, so it's essential to train with a target that can be verified in reality. It allows you to calibrate the whole system, calibrate the internal sensing systems to the target. In short the feedback process allows you to finish the tuning process, close the circuit, close the loop, fine tune your intuitions and sensory systems and it will become more and more accurate with training. Later when you feel confident you can study more abstract targets.

In the following video Dr. Simeon Hein presents a practical demonstration that you can participate in, thanks Sim :)


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meditate on your experience and become more aware. experience and enjoy.

But seek you first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added to you.


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Hello, I don't know what you can do to train yourself in the art of seeing. It might be in time you don't have to do any training. Your interest and the fact that you want to see could be enough? I believe in Angels and spirits. I can sense that they are near. Also, I have and still do photograph spirits. I take landscape/seascape, city photographs and somehow manage to capture the spirits. The images range from difficult to tell what it is to , yes! it is a spirit or something that cannot be explained. I don't have to do anything to capture an image, but I know sooner or later I will get another spirit on my photographs.

Have you any other interests and not just LOA etc? Spirits attach themselves to your interests. With me it's photography. That's how they communicate with me. The spirit images in my photographs are watching and trying to tell me something, but I don't know what it is. Carn't quite work out what they want.

I cannot see auras, but believe other people can. I 've never seen an eskimo, but believe they exist. May be you just have to believe. Hope this helps. Take care Chris


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