What do people mean when they refer to others as 'Lost Souls'?

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Pink Diamond

I had always thought that a lost soul was someone trapped between heaven and earth, someone who has died, but does not realize they are dead. Maybe they are someone with unfinished business. Like the reluctant spirits in "Ghost Whisperer," they can't find the light because they are consumed with the lingering darkness.

In our earthly life, a lost soul is someone who has no direction in their life, no apparent purpose. They have many acquaintances but few friends. Those who do know this person think them a little strange, or socially awkward. Perhaps some of them are psychopaths, people who lack empathy. But sometimes they are just misunderstood. In our modern day and age, one might characterize them as "off the grid."

These are people who are not engaged with the world, or the people in it. They wander throughout life, neither touching nor being touched. When they pass, few notice. Occasionally, one of them will explode into our consciousness, as they did in the Columbine incident.

These people do exist. It's a shame that we are so preoccupied with our own little worlds that we can't rescue some of them.


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Nice answer Vesuvius. We are so often caught up in our own world that we don't notice a lot of these 'lost souls' but fortunately when we do begin to wake up empathy and compassion for others does become a big part of our journey so at least we are trying to become more aware of these 'lost souls' but there is also the fact that we can only help those who want to be helped. Growing up catholic we were always taught that 'lost souls' went to purgatory which I guess falls into what you said about being trapped between heaven and earth - I'm not sure, anymore, such a place exists.

(07 Feb '10, 21:40) Michaela

Like your answer Vesuvius.

(08 Feb '10, 09:22) flowingwater

you describe jesus there.

(18 Nov '11, 02:20) white tiger
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I think they mean when they see someone who is way out of alignment with their Source, but they can never become completely lost because the connection can never become totally severed. So although they may seem to be lost they are merely off track and always have the ability to get back on course or come into alignment again if they just make the decision to do so. The Universe, God Or Source NEVER deserts us - we sometimes get 'lost' due to the choices we make but we can ALWAYS find our way home - no exceptions.


answered 07 Feb '10, 19:02

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So correct out of alignment with their Source which I say is God/Jesus Christ others may have a different name for him like Universal Consciousness.

(08 Feb '10, 09:10) flowingwater

To be Lost means you have to be going somewhere.So if your going somewhere the path you choose,the crossroads you turn at, the High road or the Low road. It is Your choice. To follow or not to follow those paths. Its your choice to follow the map that is in the glove-box, to after a description that someone else gave you written down on a match book cover.or just drive and see where you end up. Breakdowns do happen along the way.A flat tire, a broken water hose,or an engine failure. Most of us can fix or get these fixed.Some might take longer than others.Some might just give up the car and stick out their thumbs. But a few become Stranded.The destination remains but the trip is halted.It is these few Stranded that we need to look at,give a kind word,give a dollar, give directions ,give a ride.

Life is a Journey. Take it and enjoy!


answered 08 Feb '10, 07:50

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You are correct life sure is a journey but sometimes it sure can be a bumpy ride. But all roads are not smooth and paved some are less traveled on and keep up. Sometimes as you have said it is not even the road it is the vehicle we are traveling in or the directions we are given are we found that is either broken down, incorrect or incomplete. Great way of putting your answer ursixx.

(08 Feb '10, 09:05) flowingwater

Maybe people who are not at all interested in having a soul whatsoever? Everyone does not try to be a good person..... I suppose they are lost when they don´t even want to try to be good?


answered 07 Feb '10, 18:14

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You are right there are some who don't even want to be a good person or even try. I have had people tell me that they were born bad and therefore they are bad. There is no remorse in them doing wrong for some. Some you would think have no conscious awareness of doing right or wrong. Some wants to just do pure evil as though they hate all humans including themselves.

(08 Feb '10, 09:14) flowingwater

I agree,and some of them just want to do bad things because that´s their kind of fun. As I heard some of them are born that way, and we just have to avoid them.

(08 Feb '10, 15:27) tryingirl

When you say "having a soul," do you really mean, "Having a conscience?"

(08 Feb '10, 19:45) Vesuvius
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What do people mean when they refer to others as 'Lost Souls'?

An observation by one individual of another individual's seeming lack of connection to the observer, to others, an idea or to Source.

Fundamentalists, Christians or otherwise, would consider that anyone who does not worship their chosen deity are lost souls.

Bottom line for me is that no-one, any where, any time, can be lost.. for nothing can exist outside of All That Is (?) If God is Omnipresent how can God lose part of Himself?


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Inactive User ♦♦

I always thought a lost soul was someone who had not ask Jesus Christ into their hearts and life and was taken over by a entity of evil sources. A soul is something you are given at birth or you are born with but the bible tells you that you can gain the whole world and lose your very own soul. So, therefore I think a lost soul is someone without God. That person has not sought to have God in his or her life. The bible speaks of a man in the cemetery who had so many demons in him that Jesus had to cast them out and their names were legion because they were so many. He was running around in the grave yard hurting himself because the demons that were in him did not care anything about him.

Don't get me wrong now many people have received Jesus into their hearts and soul and have fallen, side step but they prayed and received help from God, angels, others and their spirit was strengthen and so they were pick up and they were able to carry on for all have fallen short of the glory on our own mere works and faith.

A soul that a demon or the devil has taken over this person soul, mind, and body. The person does not think or act on his own only on the negative, evil or bad entity that has invalided his/her body.


answered 08 Feb '10, 09:26

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It depends on one's point of reference. I was, maybe still am, considered one of those lost souls. I was brought up atheist by my atheist parents. As a child, other family members would worry over my poor lost soul. The more daring types would go behind my parents' back to initiate me and my brothers into religion. I say daring because no one wanted to incure my father's wrath. My young cousin would take advantage of my visit to introduce me to god. They loved me too much to want me suffer in the bowls of Hell! I'd humor them and go along repeating whatever they said, agreeing with it because I could see their tender love and that's what I responded to. Religion wasn't for me. Still isn't. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to worship anyone or anything. Later, as a grown woman, my husband tried to turn me catholic. Officially I am one since I humored him.

So am I still a lost soul having been baptized for my husband's sake into religion? Well to my muslim family members, being catholic is better than being atheist though not quite! Can't please everyone.

thank you, namaste


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Without a doubt daniele, you are definitely not a 'lost soul' :)

(20 Mar '11, 00:54) Michaela

Thank you Michaela :)

(20 Mar '11, 11:46) daniele

Lost Soul: Basically, you are missing out on some pertinent information, that in essence you should have been aware of before now!


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I have met people like this...I always felt some very definite feelings about these people:

1. They do not seem to have any spirituality. If they do, it is usually something really ethereal and off-beat, and nothing that you can even understand.

2. These poor souls seem to be constantly in trouble.They never know peace; they never seem to have freedom from strife. They just tumble from one bad event to the next, without thinking.

3. These people often are loners; if they do find a "niche", it is with other "lost souls".

4. The vast majority of the "lost souls" I have met are into mood-altering one way or the other.They do alcohol; they do drugs. Or...an alternative- they are workaholics who are never home, always buried in their job, never doing anything but work, work, work. My ex was just such a person. There never seemed to be anything "real" to him except work and his drinking. Period. It can be heart-breaking.

5. These people never seem "grounded" in anything "real".They are the people who sit at their computers, and play World of Warcraft all day, every day (for example-I don't mean to disparage the game!). Or they shop...or eat and watch TV all day...They "hide" from life. They do not seem to be able to make lasting connections with the world.

Do you think YOU are a lost soul??? Then drop everything and run, run, run, to a pastor or counselor, and re-connect. Ask for help.

It is never too late.

Blessings, Jaianniah


answered 19 Nov '11, 16:39

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If you don't know where you are going you can never get lost.

I think that is why I wander.


answered 22 Mar '11, 05:08

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well i have always though that a lost soul was someone that did not believe in annything and did not have faith in annything. and that is why he is a lost soul.


answered 18 Nov '11, 02:22

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white tiger

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