I am starting to think that this is a possibility. Psychopaths seem to inhibit a nature about themselves that projects the ability to not have a soul. They are great at mimicking sincerity but a look in their eyes reveals that they might be quite empty.

Can one live without a soul?

asked 01 May '11, 17:43

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Have you considered the possibility that what you call a psycopath is simply an enlightened human being and you/we are the one "mimicking" sincerity, while they are the only honest ones around?

(31 Jan '13, 09:51) flowsurfer

now that's what i call feedback! :)

(31 Jan '13, 10:48) blubird two
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I believe that every human being has a soul but unfortunately, due to some sort of psychological wounding, some are totally unaware of their soul.

I think the psychopath has merely bought into the illusion of their ego and has become so identified with it that they create a reality to corroborate this... they fully believe and identify with those voices in their head. I think when the ego is left to run amok it can become a very cunning aspect of the psyche convincing the individual, and maybe even other less aware individuals, of it's sincerity. Those with a heightened sense of awareness will not be fooled by the psychopath and as your last sentence hints at Michael... the eyes really are the window to the soul. When those eyes look empty, the person has merely lost touch with their soul.

A life lived without soul, is a life not worth living.


answered 01 May '11, 18:36

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Now is a soul without empathy, totally void of empathy and sympathy, actually a soul? Or a soul that is lacking, or a soul not realized? Oohh this could get tricky :)

(01 May '11, 18:56) you

I'd say you're referring to a soul not realized. Someone without empathy or compassion has lost touch with their soul or could be referred to as a 'lost soul'. However, I don't think any soul is ever really 'lost'... they've just temporarily gone astray, but always have the ability to find their way back to centre. Some just take more than one lifetime to do so :)

(01 May '11, 19:06) Michaela

The question itself is based on a misconception. Now don’t get all jumpy on me, lol, it’s just that you can’t lose what you really are. Yes, we are primarily our soul which is the spiritual aspect of us. That’s my perspective because it’s what feels right to me.

So coming from the perspective of who we really are; a spiritual being, soul or true self that’s having a temporary physical experience; what difference does it really make to our true self what we do or don't do in this particular physical life experience?

We get it right or we get it wrong, so what? Again those terms apply to the idea of coming here to explore a theme. So getting it right means we did what served us best and getting it wrong means we didn’t do what served us best, so what? There’s no judgment because there’s no judge! And that’s why I maintain the view that ultimately there’s no right or wrong.

In this particular life we allowed our ego-self to take over our mind and control us. Thus, we became insane, a psychopath or a mumbling ninny with no real conscious awareness for 50 years, so what?

Consciousness at large still has full awareness of every aspect of itself and thus can always direct and use each aspect in ways that serve the whole. The doctors, nurses, caring people and even the victims of insane acts maybe get to experience what they came here to in this particular life experience.

From this perspective, we know that after the physical death of our body we’ll wake up and return to the full knowledge of who we really are and who we’ve always been. Sure, we can miss our mark of achieving or experiencing certain things that we set out to do, but so what? We have eternity to get it right.

Can you see how freeing this perspective is? We can spend lifetimes arguing about things here in physicality, but from our higher perspective we can just say, so what?


answered 03 May '11, 02:46

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Great answer Eddie. Jumpy lulz! I get you now. It's all good. But when I look into some peoples eyes, they just seem not there. This I have a hard time getting.

(03 May '11, 02:50) you

Thanks Michael. I've not really noticed what you've observed, so will look a bit closer to see if I see it as well.

(04 May '11, 02:07) Eddie

it has been said that everyone has a soul,
yet there are those who have become lost souls


answered 02 May '11, 01:51

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Depends what the term soul means.

Im of the opinion that were all predominantly spirit.We come from God/I AM/Source and must be spirit.Of course we also have a body to clothe us on this part of our journey.

Thers a lot of teaching about spirit,sould and body.It can be a little confusing.I tend towards the simple idea that were part physical and part spiritual.

So we all "ARE " spirit.

Now i see your point about the soul thing,some humans seem to be lacking in a certain respect in something that most of us seem to have.Theres a certain something "missing" from a minority of people.

Im not sure what that something is,but im as sure as i can be that there still spirit and still connected to their source/creator.



answered 02 May '11, 10:37

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Monty Riviera

Everyone does, thought i did not, but after i stopped using drugs and feeding the ego, i found it! That's what makes people seem like they do not, it's the ego and addiction, a great tool of the ego. I have it now and i am so happy i re-connected to it!

love n light,



answered 02 May '11, 20:02

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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blubird two

I don't think so. I think they are so blocked from it that they are disconnected. EFT would probably help. I wouldn't attempt this on my own. They would need help from a Matrix Reimprinting specialist or something. The issues are probably from the first six years and pre birth, as this is when we download all of the information from the environment, unfiltered. This is the "lense" we see through and experience the rest of our lives through. Unless we do something about it, like EFT.


answered 02 May '11, 04:36

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Fairy Princess

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