How is hypnotic regression done? Is it a risky thing to do? Can it cause harm?

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In order to answer this question, one needs to know how the mind is set up. You have a conscious mind which you use to focus your attention and which has the ability to make choices . You also have an unconscious mind which is everything about you that you are not presently aware of. The unconscious is impartial. It accepts anything that the conscious mind recognizes or accepts as the truth.

The states of our mind or brain wave frequencies are constantly changing and moving in cycles. These states are referred to as beta (Brain wave frequency is measured at 14 - 40 cycles per second.Fully awake and alert,generally associated with left brain thinking activity, conscious mind), alpha (8 - 13 cps. relaxed, day dreaming,generally associated with right brain thinking activity, sub-conscious mind), theta (4 - 7 cps.deeply relaxed, dreaming, generally associated with right brain thinking activity, deeper sub conscious to super conscious.) and delta (0.5 - 3.5 cps. Dreamless, generally associated with no thinking. Unconscious/super conscious.) The more relaxed you are, the slower the frequencies of your brain waves.

You are in a state of hypnosis whenever you are in the states of alpha, theta or delta. Therefore, hypnosis is naturally occurring. You move into a state of hypnosis everyday. When you are just talking to yourself, you are in a state of self-hypnosis. As your brain waves slow down, the conscious mind becomes less active and the unconscious mind becomes more susceptible to suggestions. (so be careful what you allow yourself to watch on TV.)

It is possible to be aware of what is going on within you and your external environment as you become more and more relaxed and it is impossible for anyone to hypnotize you if you don't want to be hypnotized. Working with a hypnotherapist can be a powerful way to facilitate positive transformation, reach goals and resourceful states, and let go of unwanted behaviors and beliefs as they will work with the unconscious aspect of you that controls all of your unconscious processes( such as how you respond to certain situations). The only risk is the integrity of the hypnotherapist that you choose to work with. Ask your unconscious or inner self to guide you to the right one for you and make sure they genuinely want to help you.


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The risk depends a lot on the hypnotherapist. There have been many cases where the hypnotist has planted ideas into the mind of the person undergoing the hypnotic regression, and has caused false memories. This is certainly risky. In a court of law, an attorney is not supposed to engage in "leading the witness", but this is precisely what some unscrupulous (or ignorant) hypnotherapists do. Under the right conditions, though, hypnotic regression can be a helpful procedure.

From Wikipedia, please note the article on past-life regression, and the very informative, comprehensive article on hypnotherapy.


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I agree with John about I believe it depends on the hypnotherapist. like with anything else the uniform or the outfit does not make a person. You are who you are before you put own an uniform or outfit. Certain dress of clothing make people trust people more like doctor uniform, fireman, policeman, judge robe, priest robe, lawyer attire, nurse or doctor uniform. But in order to trust some one you must go past there cloths and their credentials and into there persoanality or into their soul.

If you try this be very very careful for you probably want remember whatever was done to you. So you will have to take the word of the hyponotherapist.

But like any profession all apples are not bad nor are all apples good either.


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It can be..choose your therapist with care


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