I have been intensively watching some videos from Derren Brown these days and would like to know what do you think, which techniques he uses? it is very interesting to watch him, how he uses his mind. I know that he studied Hypnosis. I wish I could hypnotise myself! :) He does it so quickly with people. So I want to know what are you thinking about his abilities.

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  • Derren Brown

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Hello Jasmina ,

Its interesting that you mention on hipnosis and Mentalism ( that is what Derren Brown does) because i work with it alot and use it everyday in my daily routines.

Derren Brown uses alot of tools at his disposal , he is a very good performer... some of the skills he practice are : NLP , Mentalism(kinda of illusions for the mind like a magician) , Hipnosis and Energy Projection.

I dont know if you saw one of his videos where he was in the horse tracks with a loosing ticket he would hipnotise the Girl there with only his energy projection and Mentalist tricks and the lady would think the ticket he had would be the Winning one and gave him all the money... powerfull thing isnt it? :)

If you want to explore more i will get you all of his works to the date :)



answered 10 Oct '09, 20:44

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Oh, yes, please :) So, how do you use these techniques, I mean for what?

(11 Oct '09, 07:40) Jasmina
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