I am currently reading the book Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen. I came across the following section that talks about hypnosis. The sentence (I put in bold type) in the third paragraph is what made me want to ask this question.


Now, you may ask, why is it that a perfect stranger can tell your Subconscious when you are under hypnosis that you have no feeling in your arm and forth with you have no feeling in your arm, while if you, yourself, in a normally conscious state say that you have no feeling in your arm, the feeling is just as lively as ever?

You are not able to accomplish this cessation of feeling because you think as well as speak. You are not simply telling your Subconscious that you have no feeling in your arm. You are forming the words in your mind or speaking them aloud, but this thought is accompanied by a dozen others, such as "This is silly, I know it won't work," "This, of course, is impossible," "I have normal feeling in my arm because I am aware of feeling now." In other words, you have so accustomed yourself to having feeling in your right arm that even when you say, "I have no feeling in my arm," a dozen others of your own thoughts are directed to your Subconscious to assure that you still actually have feeling there.

There is positively no other explanation for the fact that the hypnotist can accomplish what you can't. The very primary fact that he must put your Conscious Mind out of the way is all the proof we need. The Conscious Mind then, being asleep, cannot say "don't" or "it isn't possible." The Conscious Mind can do nothing. And the Subconscious Mind seizes on the suggestion of the hypnotist and attempts to turn it into truth.

All three paragraphs (especially the bold sentence) really made me wonder if indeed a hypnotist or hypnotherapist is the human physical equivalent to the processes that we call releasing resistance or letting go.

They take the physical conscious mind out of the way that opens up the door to the universal subconscious mind. When that door is opened, we pretty much believe anything that comes through it. In my opinion that sounds a whole lot like what we strive to do everyday to better our lives and that is to let go of resistance.

So do you think a hypnotist in the "physical solid earthly sense" could be compared to the concept of releasing resistance in the "non-physical sense?"

Could we literally slap a shirt on these people that says "I am a master of helping people let go of resistance, I can help you accomplish anything that you desire in your life with ease?"

Now I understand hypnosis may not work the same way for everyone but this question is geared more towards the overall general concept of how therapeutic and stage hypnosis works.

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i was refering to this part cory.You are not able to accomplish this cessation of feeling because you think as well as speak. what feeling you add when you said: i never said i could not do it?

(09 Dec '11, 01:36) white tiger

I must have misunderstood what you meant to say in your answer. Yes I agree, there has to be an internal allowing in order for the process to work and that is pretty much the point of my question. It seems like certain individuals may greatly benefit from a professional hypnotherapist if they struggle day to day with trying to release resistance on their own. Thanks for clearing up the answer you gave me.

(09 Dec '11, 05:02) Cory

and why did you misunderstand? is it because you did not understand what i was talking about ? or was it because you have took it personnal? and needed to say: i never said i could not do it.

(09 Dec '11, 19:04) white tiger

No my friend, I did not take it personal at all. Usually when I hear the word "you" in a sentence, that is an answer to a question that I ask, I usually take it as the person is directly speaking to me, and not in a general sense. Your answer was not specific enough for me to understand the context of what you meant, but since you explained it in another comment, I now understand what your meaning was. Thank you for your insights on the subject. :)

(09 Dec '11, 19:47) Cory
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Hello Cory, only you can put your conscious mind out of the way ... there are many ways of doing this described on this site ... the hypnotist only has as much power that we allow him to have ... hypnotism acts in the same way as a guided meditation or subliminal tape, that is, we relax and allow words to influence our deeper selves.

have a great day


answered 08 Dec '11, 10:06

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blubird two

You are right Bluebird we can only be hypnotized by another person if our conscious mind gives permission.

(09 Dec '11, 05:58) Paulina 1

well cory to answer your question the fact that you are not able to do it means that you do not know yourself enuff. the hypnotist can only put you in a trance if you agree to let him take control. look at people that walk in the fire or pierce their body etc. they meditate before the event. to feel no pain.


answered 08 Dec '11, 23:43

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white tiger

I never said I couldn't do it (releasing resistance/letting go.) This was just a general question I wanted to ask because the two subjects seemed so similar and I never really thought about it quite this way before.

(09 Dec '11, 00:40) Cory

Hi Cory, Hypnosis is almost like a miracle tool for bypassing the coinscious mind and yes it is the conscious mind that gives permission to be hypnotised for without it's agreement hypnosis is imposible. Once the conscious mind is in agreement to be hypnotised then and only then is what you call release obtained.

Most of the time the majority of people can do self hypnosis Which I much prefere to allowing others accsess with something as precius as a human mind. One small mistake by a person that doesn't understand the workings of the subconscious mind can ruin a persons life. Sometimes inadvertantly negative comands are given which will have a negative outcome.

Please promise that if you are going to a hypnotherapist go to a well known person of many years experiance that defiantely has a degree in psychology or psychiatry. Dont just allow anyone near your precious mind. Guard your mind with all your might.

There are other ways to bypass the subconscious like subliminal programing. Works just as well and you have more control. If you buy a subliminal programing software do your own stuff and not hundreds at a time. Hope this helps.


answered 09 Dec '11, 06:21

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Paulina 1

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