Has anyone had any success using programs such as hypnosis or subliminals to help with the law of attraction?

I like hypnosis, and have had results with it for other areas such as confidence and self esteem, but not sure if / how it would help manifestation - i.e. like this:


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u cn read my post here.. it will b a little informative.



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I like Hypnosis. Hypnosis is perhaps the best way to install beliefs and subconscious programming- once you have those beliefs installed, your reality will change via the cirmustances, chances and events because of LOA. (but you probably knew this already). If you say you're a good looking person, via hypnosis, LOA supports this.


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Yes Hypnosis does help to install certain beliefs in the subconscious mind as the conscious is out of the way. Lets say for instance that you want to impress your subconscious with certain affirmations. This can be done via Hypnosis. It works quickly but....and its a big but Hypnoses can be extremely dangerous. Please make sure that you go to a competent and trustworthy certified practitioner for one gets many quacks these days that don't have the experience of working with the human mind and can unintentional and sometimes intentionally install dangerous commands that could be harmful more than helpful. Make sure that the Hypnotist has many years experience and has a degree in psychology that way you will be more likely to succeed. To be Hypnotized one needs total trust and unless you know for sure you can trust the Hypnotist please think carefully before attempting to let anyone near your precious mind.


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@paulina giao-very wise answer. what do you think of self hypnosis?

(25 Jul '11, 07:53) blubird two

Yes I'm all for self hypnosis as your mind is much too precious to put into unknown hands. Record yourself with what you want to impress your subconscious with and before sleep and play the recording. this will have to be done more often. Read good books on self hypnosis and dont use any negative language like the words No or Never or Not. Use only positive words like Yes, Good and so on. There are books on hypnosis on the Psi Tek site you can read to make sure you do it the right way. Tood Luck.

(25 Jul '11, 12:51) Paulina 1

One answer advised to make sure to get someone well experienced and who has the right credentials. But, what if that person had little experience but absolute belief that they were qualified? Doesn't your response contradict the principles of LOA? I feel it does.


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