Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?

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Yoseph Alene

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Let me first preface my answer by saying that I don't believe any human being can really accurately answer this question. Our physical and spiritual senses are so immature as to not even to be able to grasp why The Source, The Infinite Intelligence put us here. How could we know that?

However I do believe one or two things in which most of my belief rests upon. One of my key beliefs is "As above so below". The Laws we see in Nature (below), are a reflection of The Infinite Intelligence (above). And the Law works both ways. I believe that our physical bodies are also a reflection of The Infinite Intelligence.

When I look at my body, I realize I have billions of cells. What purpose do these cells serve me? They serve me by (being very self sufficient ) allowing me to interact with this physical world. I experience things in this world primarily thru my physical body and my non-physical senses. And I crave to experience things>>> new sights, new experiences, new relationships, new things, visiting new places, learning, etc, etc. I could not bear to live my whole life sitting on a couch with nothing to do.

I kind of see The Infinite Intelligence (Supreme Being) in a similar vein. It was just "there"... doing nothing (because in it's potential state ... it is All things..hence "Nothing"). But that is like just a Big Huge Brain (non physical) sitting on a couch with nothing to do but think! After awhile, thinking was boring.... I think The Infinite Intelligence wanted to experience things. So, with thought, the Supreme Intelligence, creates physical things (Universes and Galaxies) in which to experience things thru. I think This Universe and it's Planets are just nerve endings and cells of The Infinite Intelligence. We as humans on this planet serve a purpose (our existence) as a vehicle in which The Infinite Intelligence seeks to experience unlimited potentials as it relates to a human/plant/animal/mineral kingdom on a planet with this type of density. Trying to realize or re-connect with It's "Unlimitedness" in a physical (limited) realm or place (planet earth). Very much a different experience than what is going on in another part of the galaxy or some alternate universe.

I believe that The Infinite Intelligence made us all and we are the same as the Infinite Intelligence at our core. I mean the planets and vegetable, animal kingdoms are all from the Infinite Intelligence and that is why I believe in reincarnation or recycling of the physical! Nothing new, or created... just recycled energy (physical matter is just condensed energy). I mean how could Infinite Intelligence allow a Holocaust or Tsunami to wipe out millions of lives? Unless it is not really about the physical body at all. There has to be a reason why this was allowed to happen>... This also further supports my "Why do we Exist?" theory. It's an experience. For Whom? That which created us. That which Lives within us.


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Just for the experience for the creator is an deep thought and you are right no one knows this answer completely we are all taking an good guess and your answer gives an lot of thought to ponder just for the experience. Have an nice day stree santo.

(27 Oct '09, 05:50) flowingwater

The purpose is spiritual evolution in the cycle of reincarnation, and eventually union with God.


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Update: the purpose of life is what you want to be its purpose.

(11 Sep '11, 10:23) Asklepios

existence as a gift emmanating from the breathe of life; sets us on a journey to find/solve the riddle of who we are, where we came from, and where will we be going


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fred 2

We are the Infinites way of expressing itself. Why does it do that? Because it doesn't know everything. What it knows lays in the part of the "known" which is everything that has ever happened. But their is also the "unknown" which is everything that hasn't yet happened. Now the only way to change the unknopwn into known is thru physical reality. In fact that is what it was created for, to change the unknown to known thru experience of physicality. So we are A reflection of creation teaching it about itself as we experience more and more life.


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It is all very diffrant fr each of us, example my sons life is a great example for thsi,, i used this partialy from a previous post............

My son has c.p. (cerebral palsy), this is his life. It goes to what the soul needs... the soul needs all experiences.THIS SI WHAT LIFE IN PYSICAL REALM IS!! THATS ALL IT IS!! My son was a warrior( in his past life). He used his body in his whole life, he NEVER used his heart to love. In this life he is handicapped BUt he loves unlike any other can. Those who have a loved one with this understand, he NEEDED to do this, his soul REQUIRED this experience so that he could feel lack of body and an overabundance of love. I used to HATE the fact that he was haniycapped until I adopted my new belief system from my source. It aplies with child abuse, murder and all other "bad" things to kids. I see my 8 years of HORRIBLE drug use and the deep depression and violence that went with it BUT now I understand that if I would have never experienced this, no matter how horrible of a time I had in it, I now know that my soul required it so that I could help others . How could I have EVER helped those in the deepest darkest parts of their life if I didnt know how to get out of it??? It is my path and this is my life's work... to channel and help others learn... to teach. I could have NEVER walked this path unless I had these "bad" experiences. After you realize that a "bad " experience is only a point of view and 99.9% of all "bad" experiences you can find either good, a lesson , or experience out of these, then they do not seem so bad...do they ??? I hope this helped.


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TReb Bor yit-NE

The purpose of our existance is to apply the law of relativity to its fullest, in keeping that we live in a world of duality. Bad/good, high/low, painful/joyful, etc... we all live to ultimately enjoy some pleasure regardless of the realm that help produce that resulting feeling( some of draw a lot of pleasure from giving to people and others from taking from people)..., ..., ... You get the picture.


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user-32 (yahoo)

I agree with asklepios we are here on an spiritiual journey of life which was given to us by God our creator and we are to learn of him and love him if we so chose which is where free will (we chose) comes into play or reject him. Also learn about ourselves and envolve an improve upon ourselves love and help one another on their journey of an spiritual and physical life and yes ultimately rewinding back with the God source who created us which mine is God that I am that I am.

Doing this process we have the opportunity to enjoy so many things and feel so many feelings as an human being. If we would just stop and look and enjoy the journey; see the beauty in mother earth, others and our selves. See how much God really do love us "The good" that is there the good that we can do to help keep mother earth striving which will supply us with all of the beneficial things we need like good clean water, clean air, good furtile soil, the sun, moon and stars and their contribution to us and how we are suppose to care about one another and remember and learn of God and all of his love and power that he made us in his own image and that we are children of God and an heir to his throne!

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According to a 'psychic', my Purpose in life is to accumulate knowledge. This I am doing, and when I'm reading, there aren't enough hours in the day.

I begrudge any time taken away from my beloved books.


answered 08 Oct '09, 07:23

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While you are acvcumulating knowledge and that is fine but please don't forget to live as well. Take time and smell the roses you are passing by and enjoy your day you have been given as an gift from God and exercise your free will of taking your time and choosing psywarrior.

(11 Nov '09, 05:17) flowingwater

It is to function or not to function. It is to create or not to create. It is to be good or not to be good. It is to be or not be. It is to be poor or to be rich. All is from the Power that let you function and do other things in certain ways. It is always. Life is always. It is the meaning and it is not the meaning. The meaning of life is you and the universe. What has been discovered and what to be or not is life. e.g the plants, fish, humans, stones, air, sight, spirit, soul, body etc. these are meanings and purpose of life.


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The purpose of ones existence to get Nirvana from the cycle of birth and death, which is possible when you constantly remind your self that you are soul-your part of the super soul ie PARAMATMA ,you are not a physical body and free your self from the lust and desires and look inside yourself


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No body really knows the answer to this question, yet. we can only guess .. pick whatever guess answer that you feel is right. my opinion, is that, somethings are known and realized without questions, questions would only take us away from the answer. maybe not because there is no answer, but because our minds wouldn't understand it. it needs a different messenger or medium. thinking about it as an answer to a question, would only complicate it and keep us away from it. the most amazing things in our lives happen, while we are busy with something else. for example, if you are playing a football game, and get busy with winning, you will not. but if you get busy playing, you may win. however, if you completely forgot about winning or losing and only focus on playing .. you will win. so my suggestion would be, get busy living, and you will know why you are alive.


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i would say that your mind could understand it. but not all the detail. as for being busy it occupie you but being relax and not busy is when you can experience things more deeply try meditation. experience and enjoy.

(12 Sep '11, 02:51) white tiger

There is no purpose but the purpose we choose to have. Everything is information and we are free within that information to pick and choose what we want to experience and learn.

Being without a purpose is a blessing, it is like being a child in a candy store we can pick what ever we want, unlike having a purpose going in to the store and being told we can only buy this or that regardless of everything there and what we may want.


answered 05 Jan '10, 06:56

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Wade Casaldi

If we are all connected and part of the same Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresent life essence. And life is about growth and proggress and evolving into something. Then it would stand that the meaning of life is to improve and evolve our being. Which we are physical, mental and spiritual. These three aspects make up our character. In a nut shell, the meaning of life is to improve and evolve our character. Now what is our character? Thats another question. What is the meaning of life


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Our purpose is to find our purpose.

We all have a unique purpose.

Your purpose is different than mine.

Your purpose is to help the development of human kind.

Maybe yours is to teach.

Maybe yours is to serve.

Maybe yours is to teach by example.

Investigate yourself.

Do not compare your purpose to another.

Your purpose is to find your purpose.

Good luck and be vigilant.

We have faith in you.


answered 10 May '11, 04:15

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I think our purpose is to realize the answer to those questions... maybe only to discover that we really didn't need to ask them in the first place.


answered 10 May '11, 10:24

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We are here, because we are the off spring of Adam and Eve. The first man, and woman that God created from the dust, and breathe his breath of life into them. We are here to celebrate life, in a physical, material, and spiritual way. We are going back to the dust, from whence we came, because our fore parents Adam and Eve disbeyed God in the Garden of Eden, and the wages of sin is death. From the earth we came, and to the earth we shall return. It is the same fate for everyone that has received the gift of life, no one is spared. Jesus died on the cross to save us all from sin, and hell.


answered 06 Jan '10, 00:14

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Inactive User ♦♦

we are here to experience and enjoy life to learn and to grow so that eventually the sons can become like the father. so experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Sep '11, 02:38

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white tiger

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