There was something I really wanted to do last year, which I managed to do this year and I believed I had found my purpose and developed a gift which I was able to put into practice.

Everything was glorious. Then, out of the blue, it was gone.

The only way I can describe it is; it was like being able to hear and then suddenly going deaf. I haven’t panicked, I keep trying but I was wondering if anybody had anything similar happen to them?

If, so, did the "gift" return? Or should I be moving on and looking for another purpose?


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See also and

(21 Sep '10, 14:40) Vesuvius

@Flame: What was the gift?

(21 Sep '10, 15:56) Back2Basics

Thanks Vesuvius I will go and have a look at those.

(22 Sep '10, 09:44) Flame

@Back2Basics : I'd rather not discuss it at this stage

(22 Sep '10, 09:45) Flame
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Sometimes temporary gifts are given but when we get too wrapped up in them, they're taken away from us for they start getting in the way of our life paths. You are seeking a purpose. If you're too agitated to meditate, contemplate, spend time with God and ask for a purpose then the next best thing is to recall who you wanted to grow up to be as a child.

For me personally, I see auras and am ashamed to say I used to use it to judge others, and there came a time when I thought I lost that gift, then on one of my month long trips to the mediterranean, there came a day where I saw the sea's aura and knew it was back.

Thanks, namaste


answered 22 Sep '10, 08:52

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For most people, having a gift or talent means spending a lifetime of time and effort learning how to develop that talent into a highly-refined skill, and using that skill to earn money or make the world better in some way (hopefully both).

My wife is very talented at dancing. She danced for many years in Ireland, and has won many medals in competitions. Despite that, she has never been able to make a living at it, and doesn't understand why God gave her this gift if it was not to be her calling.

Today, she is studying to be a clerical assistant, and is quite happy working in an office environment; she likes the structure, and seems to be very good at it. She has found a new calling.


answered 21 Sep '10, 14:48

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