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Why does it matter that you are alive? How can you find your purpose in life?

Our friend @Mojo asked a question do you believe in purpose of Life?. Many of us agree that we have some kind or purpose or value. However, this question led me to think of another.

How do you "find" your (individual) personal purpose in life? How can we be sure that we are fulfilling our purpose in life ? Just from how we feel ?

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What are you good at?

What is the one thing that you enjoy so much, you would be willing to do it for free?


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you take the time to research that which does not 'sit right',
weigh the facts, then measure the validity (your game plan) by natures yard stick.
and sometimes, it takes most of this lifetime to find it at balance.


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Follow your intuition, and be opened to opportunity that is presented to you in a particular way, or that you have a specific interest in!


answered 09 Jun '11, 06:56

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