In many sites about the Law of Attraction or self-development it appears an assertion:

The Darkness is only the absence of light, or nothing, or vacuum, or is empty.

Is this true?

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Well, Wikipedia says that it is. :)

In the case of light itself (photons impinging on a surface), the solution is obvious. Take away the light, and you have the absence of light, or darkness.

However, I assume that you are not looking for the trivial solution, and are instead referring to darkness metaphorically, as in the presence of evil or depression. In this context, it is again true that the presence of light eliminates the darkness.


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There is a saying: behind every dark cloud, there is silver lining. So where there is darkness, there is light. The two always goes together as a whole. Light is of darkness, as darkness is of light.

Evil or Satan is referred to as darkness, or the dark side of things. People with mental illness, are looked upon as having evil forces upon them. There is good and evil in the world, in the same token, as there is light, and darkness in the world.


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alright-thats it-now we have ''dr. elsa'' claiming that people with mental illness haveevil forces upon them? what is this-the 10th century. what medical school did she graduate from.this type of thinking is what led to the salem witch trials-when ignorance of this depth reaches a sitelike inward quest, then we know how backward humanity still is-


answered 03 Feb '10, 03:41

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It appears the term used by Elsa was "looked upon" and not necessarily implying "it is so", and besides believing in God is as much 10th century as believing that illness is the effect of evil. Yet today most of society, including doctors, still believes in God without any physical evidence that God actually exists. I think Elsa was trying to make a point, and not necessarily presenting a new theory of relativity to be scrutinized by a panel of peers.

(04 Feb '10, 08:31) The Traveller
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