How can you find your purpose in life.

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It's a great question and a difficult one to answer. not because and answer is unavailable, but because it connects to a Pandora’s box of highly suppressed knowledge that is now coming to the surface, and must be dealt with if we as a society are going to create heaven on earth, so to speak.

As to how does one know what one's purpose is, I like to default to the answers from such sources as Abraham. They all suggest the same thing. "Follow you excitement!"

It seems this feeling of excitement is the gift given to us from the creator to allows us to know at all times what it is that is most representative of who we chose to be in this lifetime.

But there are other issues here. Within your consciousness you may be able to find what excites you. But now you have to find a "fit" between that excitement and an activity that is centered on that excitement. Most of the time that falls under some type of "Job”; and if this "Job" doesn't exist, then you have to invent your own system of self employment that incorporates this "excitement".

This is not easy for most, because most people lack the self confidence required to strike out on their own. Often change comes from crisis instead of inspiration. So what excites you has to be initiated almost as a hobby while you still have to find a way to feed and shelter yourself. By using the principles of the law of attraction, over time it is possible to convert this hobby into a full time adventure.

This brings us to the Pandora’s Box. We have been convinced that we must all contribute with paying for our existence so that we can all enjoy the trappings of modern convenience such as water, electricity, gas, transportation systems etc. Our contributions are not what pay for these things. This truth is hidden even from your local elected representatives for the most part. If you really want to know what is going on, do your own research. You can start with "The creature from the Jekyll Island". It explains how Money really works.

For most of us on this forum, because of our interests, we are not primarily motivated by money. Today's society is not structured for that type of existence. Like I said, you have to pay to exist. Hopefully in the emerging future, we can craft a society, where one can truly pursuit one's excitement without any restriction as long as it does not bring harm to others. Unlike today where you can only pursue that which does not harm the monopoly of many hidden systems, primarily among which is the banking system.


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Love this question... I never knew what I wanted to do in life as a kid and I still don't know and I am over 60. But I found my purpose in life by following my in-tuition.

I discovered that my purpose in life is to support, as far as I am able, those that I come into contact with and to assist in the perfection of humanity by working real hard at my own imperfections. My God gifted 'talents' seem to be a sense of humour and an indomitable spirit.

TheSevenMan - Look at what you've got and let your 'talents' (and you DO have them) shine in a natural unforced way, don't hide them under the bushell. Then you will not have to find your purpose in life, the purpose will present itself to you.

It seems that everything in the Universe has a purpose for being. They are just discovering now that space is not empty, that the 'unused part of our brain' is usable, and that what was called 'junk' DNA is actually the software that tells the 'useful' DNA what to do.

Love your name... Sevens Shine when they are activated... and you will be Crowned for your efforts. (Little aside, odd coincidence isn't it that in a game of Checkers it is only when you are 'crowned' that you can move in all directions). Maybe that is another clue for us - if we feel trapped we should just work hard where we find ourselves. ;)

So if you are feeling like a bit of 'junk' right now... hang in there, God needs you to perform your bit (and you will discover it) of His Perfect Plan.. either that of God got it wrong.


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What inspires you?

Most people are born with a particular talent or talents that seem to come easier to you than others, which you are drawn to, which bring you joy, and bring joy to those around you, because in those talents they see God through you.

Pursue those.


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By knowing who I am, my strength, and weakness, understanding what life has to offer, following my dream, and achieving them, and using my talents, and gifts to the services of mankind.


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I think too often we spend a lot of time and energy wondering what our divine purpose is and why we are here. Only when we begin to slow down the mind can we begin to come into an understanding that our purpose here is to take each day and live it as fully as we can. Time spent doing the everyday things that we normally take for granted can become infused with a whole new meaning. The world we live in can come alive right before our eyes if we just try to stay in the'Now' moment. Walking my dogs or reading with my son now contain immense pleasure where before they were things I had to do.I think if we take the seemingly small menial tasks, and endeavour to do them fully and to the best of our ability, and we look for and accept all the little opportunities and challenges that come our way - then if there is a greater purpose, it will be revealed.

" You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.That is how important you are!" - Eckhart Tolle.


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I think there is only one purpose in life, to feel good. So, whatever it is you do or think, use your emotions as guidance and do not give attention to things that do not feel good.

Focus on things that make you happy and as Vesuvius has pointed out above, in those states of happiness, you will be inspired to do even more things that make you happy and on and on it goes.

Remember, life is a journey, not a destination. You will always have new desires, whether or not you think you have found your purpose in life.


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