I think there are some questions which are better left for God to be answered. A reason why there are frequent rifts among people (which I believe) is not knowing the answers to life's many mysteries, thinking some random thing to be true and then formulating theories of own to prove them. Though I am not including any questions here, I have many. What are your thoughts on this?

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I think there are some questions which are better left for God to be answered.

Considering that we are all aspects of that Universal/Divine Consciousness that some label as God, and we are all focused here synergistically combining the results of our thinking into something greater than the sum of our individual thoughts...

...are you really so sure that God is not answering? :)


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Well, it might be as you say, but as god is not likely to reply himself directly to us (no offense intended), my thought is that each and all of us do our best to communicate our experiences in this plane in the hope that someone finds our advice useful, as humble as it could be. In the worst of cases we are doing it with the best of intentions.



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I think best of intentions is key here...

(02 Nov '10, 18:23) Back2Basics

Since the dawn of civilization, there have been people who have buried their heads in the sand, and tried to exert control over others by burying their heads in the sand.

It has never worked.

I will share something with you that I was thinking about this morning. It occurred to me that I don't really know anything about Jihadist philosophy. Why do they hate us so much? I honestly don't know.

And I'm not going to find out, either. Do you know why? Because I'm afraid that if I surf the internet looking for information about that, men in black suits will knock down my door at 2 in the morning.

Does that seem paranoid? Maybe. All I know is that free speech is only free until it becomes inconvenient for somebody.

The only real path is truth, and the pursuit of it.


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perhaps that is a blessing in disguise...stopping you from giving any time and energy to find out about a hateful philosophy and give it more power....

(02 Nov '10, 18:25) Back2Basics

I'm with Stingray on this - I think God is answering and he's doing it through us.

And I agree with you that the only reason there are frequent rifts among people is because of ignorance or fear.


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I do agree that a lot of people disagree because of their beliefs. But I do also think that we are living in this let's say uncertainty of what the truth actually is because we wanted to experience some sort of contrast on earth.

I believe that the Law of Attraction is the universal truth and I think ultimately in a few hundred years, a lot more of the world if not all of the world will believe in it.

However, the fact that there are currently other people with other beliefs is all part of the process of experiencing contrast, having a preference, and then launching the desire for that preference.

If we were all born knowing about the Law of Attraction, then this would ruin the journey.

The journey is more exciting when there is contrast, from which we can then launch our desires.


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Pink Diamond

I see what you mean. Sometimes we may cause more problems for humanity by these strong beliefs.

Instead of not answering, it may still be helpful if we answered with statements that start with, "in my opinion" or "personally I believe". Or some wy to keep eveyone on the same level or field.

This way we can reduce the "us" vs. "them" mentality (i.e. "they" don't believe in a higher source vs. "those" who do.

So all in all, I think we should answer but perhaps our methods and the way we deliver them can be improved.


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the playing field has been set in the devine plan,
and do not believe the inventor has any secrets we should not in time know;
again, as achild grows to master seeing, walking, talking and so on to a functioning adult
as present capacity or development allows. are we in this to unfold or to stage a premature departure?


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