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Why would you like to meet and converse with these people? (Assume they all speak English.)

asked 18 Feb '10, 18:55

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Jesus - Because I'd like to experience being in the presence of a truly enlightened Being

The Dalai Lama - For much the same reason ( although he himself claims not to be fully enlightened ) but he emanates such peace and tranquility.

Albert Einstein - because of his genius mind and quirky personality

Ellen Degeneres - because she comes across as completely authentic and also funny (and we all need more humour in our lives)

Helen Keller - To discover where her amazing drive for life and self expansion, in the face of such diversity, came from.


answered 18 Feb '10, 21:07

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Nice list. :)

(18 Feb '10, 21:15) Vesuvius

Michaela, I especially like Helen Keller in your list. So much has been written about her life it would be incredible to meet someone that has such a belief in herself that she can accomplish the seemingly impossible.

(18 Feb '10, 21:34) TheSevenMan

alt text

Pie Chart of the Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents

Well, if it's a dinner party then I presume the guests will be talking to each other too. So based upon the above diagram, I would love to host a discussion between...

  • Jesus - representing Christianity

  • Mohammed - representing Islam

  • Buddha - representing Buddhism

  • Lao Tzu - representing Taoism/Chinese Traditional

  • Bill Hicks - Non-religious, but pro-spirituality, comic genius

(Unfortunately, Hinduism has no founder so there would be nowhere to send the invite)

Why? Because I have a sneaky feeling they would all discover that they had quite a bit in common.


answered 18 Feb '10, 22:06

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I like it Stingray!

(18 Feb '10, 22:19) TheSevenMan

Pie chart is brilliant. Bill Hicks is on my list too. His comedy is too good...

(19 Feb '10, 11:22) Pink Diamond

Speaking for the Hindus, We will bring the chutney & samosas and serve it with a fine cup of masala chai (spicy tea), and invite the rest of you to sing along in a lively round of "Hare Rama Hare Krishna".

(25 Feb '10, 03:46) The Traveller

Stingray, you could replace Bill Hicks with Jerry Seinfeld - then you get a representative for Judaism and you get your comedian!

(26 Feb '10, 16:27) TheSevenMan

@TheSevenMan - indeed, but those 16% of non-believers will feel slightly under-represented :)

(26 Feb '10, 18:41) Stingray

lol@traveller! I had join in and bring the tea :)

(14 Mar '11, 13:54) Nikki777
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Jesus, so he could tell me what he really meant.

Isaac Newton, so he can teach me calculus (it's probably the only way I'm ever going to learn it).

Abraham, of Abraham-Hicks fame, just to make sure there really is something behind the talking head.

Richard Bach, because I find his mind interesting.

Mozart (Hey, you gotta have entertainment at a dinner party. Just kidding. Real reason: to touch the musical divine).


answered 18 Feb '10, 19:38

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You and I only share one common guest - Jesus. I'd never thought of Newton, and now I'll have to reconsider my guest list.

(18 Feb '10, 19:50) TheSevenMan

Nice list Vesuvius.

(19 Feb '10, 11:23) Pink Diamond

An alien being from another planet!;

St. Theresa because she had a long spiritual "dry spell", and I think it would be very interesting to talk with her and see how she made it through that;

Albert Einstein, because he played his violin while he thought about his physics- I play, too, and it would be neat to hear his thoughts on music and its connection to thinking and the brain;

Jesus (of course!) (And I hope He says, "I hope you do not mind, but I brought my Mom to your party (lol) (Obviously, I could not pick between Mary and Her Son!)

My great-grandmother Morken- she picked up roots and came to America, learned to read and write perfect English...and was forced to be right-handed like I was, had migraines like me, and also because I think she was a woman of great courage.

It's a crazy list, but that's me!

Blessings, Jai


answered 18 Feb '10, 22:53

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I like that you invited a relative!

(18 Feb '10, 22:58) TheSevenMan
  1. Jesus
  2. Father of my bloodline
  3. Adam (father of humanity)
  4. satan
  5. Me (my spirit)

it would be very intersting if i could speak to these people. this would be a GREAT way to find out what was truth;)



answered 19 Feb '10, 07:36

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it was 5, not 4:)

(10 Feb '11, 22:34) Milanz

I have learnt so much from the teachings of Abraham so I will start with them.

My list would go something like:

1. Esther Hicks (Chaneller and allower of Abraham Hicks teachings)

2. Jerry Hicks (Ultimate question asker for the Abraham Hicks teachings)

3. Bill Hicks (I love stand up comedy and he is my favourite)

4. Mozart or Beethoven (I love classical music)

5. My Inner Being (The non-physical part of me. Although,as the no-physical part of me is not visible in physical form, I am not sure how I am going to know whether they have turned up to the party or not! :-))


answered 19 Feb '10, 11:31

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Pink Diamond

edited 20 Feb '10, 15:44

It would be great if John Lennon would bring an appetizer.

I'd really like to try a salad created by Lao Tzu.

I see Sylvia Browne with a vision of a wonderful soup.

I Am sure Wayne Dyer would bring a well chosen fish dish.

And Abraham is responsible for desert.

And that would leave me searching for the perfect bottle of "WHYn".

Go figure, I made myself hungry :)

Love and Light


answered 20 Feb '10, 04:58

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edited 20 Feb '10, 05:13

:) ... loved your reason for inviting Abraham. Jesus is good with wine ;)

(25 Feb '10, 02:41) Inactive User ♦♦



Compte de St Germain

St Joseph of Cupertino

Whoopi Goldberg

et moi!


answered 23 Feb '10, 05:44

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Inactive User ♦♦

Jesus, Buddha, Patanjali, Mother Teresa, Ghandi


answered 25 Feb '10, 01:17

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Jesus- Because theres so much more that could be learned from him.

Leonardo da Vinci- To ask how he managed to create theoretical inventions centuries before their time.

George Washington- Because he is the father of the United States and because I can't help but think he was pretty enlightened.

Sun Tzu- Author of The Art of War, and so I could learn first hand the strategies and tactics he developed.

Jon Stewart- To entertain everyone and because I love his perspective on things.


answered 19 Feb '10, 00:30

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Michael 1

It seems Jesus gets a seat at everyone's table! I like your choice of Da Vinci... mow there's a thinker! Can't say I'd put Jon Stewart in the same company though...

(19 Feb '10, 05:06) TheSevenMan

Jesus Christ - for obvious reasons

Napoleon Hill - the first person to write about the law of attraction - Think and Grow Rich

Leonardo Da Vinci - the Renaissance Man

Andrew Carnegie - the richest man of all time, philanthropist and the one who accomplished the most on the human level

Confucius - to get one more quote!

It might be interesting to invite Adolf Hitler as somemone who was able to command so many and motivate a nation, but I would fear for Jesus' safety when the steak knives come out!


answered 19 Feb '10, 20:30

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The prophets Jesus and Mohammad---I would love to discuss their true messages and meet them, and learn from them. Esther Hicks to give me personal input from Abraham, Earlyne Cheney of Astara, and Bill Gates. I would love to hear from Bill Gates himself if he indeed used the "The Master Key" as a young man, and I would also like some business advice to balance out the spiritually minded guests. It was fun to think about this.


answered 25 Feb '10, 03:29

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LeeAnn 1


  1. JESUS
  2. Helen Keller
  3. Martin Luther King
  4. Albert Einstein
  5. Adolf Hitler

answered 09 Feb '11, 00:49

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Caleb 2

If I were to have a dinner party, I will allow the first five guests to arrive first to be my special guests, and to sit with me at my dinner table! These guests are: God the father, Mary the mother, Jesus the son, Adam and Eve the first humans, and Satan an Angel of God!


answered 09 Feb '11, 03:21

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Inactive User ♦♦

Dali Lama

Adolf Hitler

Richard Feynman

MC Escher

Charlie Chaplin watch this


answered 09 Feb '11, 04:43

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jim 10

edited 09 Feb '11, 08:26

Jesus, there would be so much to learn from.

Nicola Tesla

Albert Einstein

Mark Hamilton

Kevin Trudeau


answered 09 Feb '11, 06:13

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Wade Casaldi

If I had to invite 5 people to a dinner party I would not just keep the knowledge of the company to myself but record it and upload it on youtube so that the world could benefit from their wisdom. My guest list would be:

Moses, Jesus and Mohammad the founders of the 3 monotheistic religions so that they can once and for all tell those who fight in their name that the Universal Truth does not change and that they are progressions of the same message.

The Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops) so that he could finally let us know how the Great Pyramid was built and why it was built. The answer would put a lot of people out of work probably!

My last guest be Noah because I really want to know when and where did the Great Flood happen and what happened to his Ark? Again I know a lot of people would lose the objective of their life long mission, but isnt it better to have an answer rather than keep searching for generations without really knowing? I'm sure they would be able to find another mystery soon to occupy themselves.

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answered 09 Feb '11, 10:37

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I Think Therefore I Am

god jesus buddha bodhidharma dalai lama and i would ask them if we all have the same god why is the teaching that you give different or did men alther it and wich part? i would ask them also when i have seen god where weer you? it is always said that you are next to god and none of you came to say hi!i would also ask if god add anny part to play with those holy men? and finally i would ask them to all come back on earth to give 1 message that is the truth for all and that men could never corrupt anny more! 1 message that would be the truth so there is no more fight or war!

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answered 28 May '11, 17:11

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white tiger

Helen Keller's teacher, Annie Sullivan


Albert E.

Ayn Rand

Beryl Markham, Author, ("West With the Night"),pilot, equestrian...the real person that Merly Streep's character in "Out of Africa" wished she could be.

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answered 19 Nov '11, 06:37

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