Be honest. Have you ever had the feeling or thought that you really don't know at all what's going on, who and what you are, what the hell you are doing here, and what this experience of life is all about?

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

Everyday. haha no really, I always have lots of questions like that. I remember when I was younger and I didn't. Not sure which was way is better or more correct.

(28 Jan '11, 01:10) Back2Basics
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I used to.

But I knew, always knew I had a different outlook on how the game of life is played. I in NO WAY assume to know anything for that matter, but I do FEEL very genuine. IN the past year some have actually said to me "i would read a book that you wrote" or "What are you working here for? You should be giving speeches somewhere." Genuine is hard to fake. There is nothing fraudulent about any of the people here either, regardless of how we may portray ourselves. I have grown the most in the past year (thanks to the prior 15 years and you) then I can remember.

From another point of view, yes, I very well literally know nothing. But thats just fine because HOW I FEEL is so much more important than being right.

Every day I let go more and more. Give more of myself and try to stop strangling reality with the hands of "what Michael thinks should be happening".

Im free and every day a new label goes away.

thee ya go with that HELLo word again (wink wink)

You are all goo Mr G Luv Ya

Michael I think I am sleep typing


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jim 10

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i once had the feeling that i DID know what the experience of life was all quickly passed, though, and i was relieved to have recovered....


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I dont know fully the meaning of life. I may never know it fully.

But i can feel the thrill of it.

I can taste this life.

I can smell this life.

I can see this life.

I can love this life.

Thats enough for me...i will settle for that.



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Monty Riviera

I had that feeling when I was a child. I was stuck in a port-city ravaged by civil war, strife, and foreign invasions. None of the horror made sense. Physical pain was always welcome, it helped lift out some of the fogginess in my brain. But you know what, I survived all of this. And I'm able to look back now at it with compassion for all those participants. It was an experience that helped me be a better me. A more loving, kinder me and am grateful for it. The point is, whatever it is that you're going through at this time, say a hardship of sorts, it is there to enrich you even though you can't figure out how it's supposed to serve you yet.

Thank you, namaste


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The feeling of fraud is now in the garbage can. I am a seeker, and I am enlightened to truth, and I know that the truth is different for everyone; nonetheless there is only one truth, regardless of our beliefs! The Bible is a good reference of one learning the truth about creation and life, or you can study and read metaphysics books to learn the nature of how things work in our life!


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how could the truth possibly be different for everyone?

(09 Dec '10, 09:20) mr.g

If you look at a mountain from one side ( west) and then travel to look at it from the East side it will look different. Same mountain..different viewpoint. Both truth.

(09 Dec '10, 12:27) Monty Riviera

truth may be subjective, relative, objetive or absolute, we work on theories of it until the light brightens

(10 Dec '10, 01:33) fred

@ mr.g We are a diverse group of people on this site, with different beliefs, and values, yet we have all become one group of people sharing with each other, even if our point of view, or opinions are different. Some of us are Christians, and some of us are none- Christians, but as it appears we must all have something in common that has brought us together here on this site to learn from each other. There is only one truth, but people may have different point of views to the meaning of truth!

(10 Dec '10, 06:06) Inactive User ♦♦
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feelings are often sent to our mind, triggered by sensations,
how long does it take to choose a plan... the one made by others or
of your intuition;
at one time very little made sense


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