Since I was a teenager I have had very bad acne and over the years I've seen numerous determologist. When I was about 15 I was I very heavy soda drinker I told this to my determologist at the time and she advised me to lay off the soda and see if that helps.

So I did and for awhile my face cleared up but more recently I begun to have breakouts again my mother said to me that I may have reactions to chocolate so I went to a different detemologist who advised me to stop eating chocolate for awhile and too see what happens so I did and it seemed to work for awhile but then the breakouts came back and now my breakouts are worst then ever.

I've tried everything different acne products and so on but they only help for a short amount of time. So Am I unconsciously causing my breakouts?

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Thanks guys for all of the comments I appreciate it alot.

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Well Shanta, if Inward Quest technology was capable of doing so then I would bounty this question, because I want a strong answer for this as well :)

But I will give you my knowledge for the reasons people get acne. First off, forget all about gentetics and what you eat: every disease is only a specific habitual thought and belief system.

Acne itslef is pretty much the manifestation of disgust: you are disgusted with yourself. In other words, you are not 100% capable of loving yourself to the best extent. If you dislike yourself, the universe acts like "ok, well let's give this person acne to amplify how ugly they think of themselves." See what I mean?

Now even if you were to immediatly begin loving yourself, this is not necessarily the method as to getting rid of your acne...When you wipe out negative thoughts that spiked the diease or injury, your best solution is to know get on the road to physical wellbeing again.

How? In my experience, you must be in flow with your beliefs.

If you believe eating a certain food causes acne, simply avoid it.

If you believe eating a certain food promotes healthy skin, nurture that element.

It is much easier to just go along with your belief system as opposed to changing your belief system. Man makes it easier to live on the world by going along with the belief of gravity (and there are people on this earth who can levitate, according to Bashar).

So, do your googling on what super models eat as their diet! Pretend that you have been assigned the task to make yourself a supermodel of life. Love yourself (search inward quest and google this for ways to do this), begin feeling good right now, and, as much as you can, avoid the mirror if it dosnt work for you. Rather than spending 20 minutes 'admiring' your acne, spend that time sketching some designs for the awesome clothes you're gonna buy in 2-3 weeks time!!

Following this, the importnant thing is to not get too angry and fussed about it...I used to want to get rid of my acne in hopes girls would find me alot more attractive; but I have girls chasing me now even with a little acne (that I've cleared up in the past 5 weeks). I just decided "Right!!! I've had enough of all this frustration!! From now on I don't care at all if I have acne!! I just want to FEEL GREAT! From now on life is going to be a rollercoaster for me and not a depressing survival!!" Within a few days I had a beauty therapist approach me, reccomend some products, and suggest I get into modelling.

You'll attract your own ways to demolish this. I'll hint that, unless you have already or you cannot, pick a sport you enjoy! It is in my belief system that salt water cures acne- pick up body surfing if that is a possibility!

You'll get through this. I had acne since I was in fourth grade; now, it is on the verge of gone all because of a shift in my decision about life.

Quit TRYING and start living (living=feeling amazing, regardless)


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I'm so happy Nik that you now live insead of worry. Good to know that your Acne is not a problem anymore and if that works for you carry on with the good work.

(03 Jan '12, 04:32) Paulina 1

It is possible, but I would suspect how you process food. Acne has now been connected to a micro fungus that is reactive to certain foods. Try taking Black walnut from a health food store, but always check your doctor first.


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well shanta i have 1 idee for you it might be none physical. they call it a Psychosomatic disease.physical symptoms brought on by one's mental state. Psychosomatic medicine is an interdisciplinary medical field studying the relationships of social, psychological, and behavioral factors on bodily processes and well-being in humans and animals. The influence that the mind has over physical processes — including the manifestations of physical disabilities that are based on intellectual infirmities, rather than actual injuries or physical limitations — is manifested in treatment by phrases such as the power of suggestion, the use of "positive thinking" and concepts like "mind over matter".

The academic forebear of the modern field of behavioral medicine and a part of the practice of consultation-liaison psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine integrates interdisciplinary evaluation and management involving diverse specialties including psychiatry, psychology, neurology, surgery, allergy, dermatology and psychoneuroimmunology. Clinical situations where mental processes act as a major factor affecting medical outcomes are areas where psychosomatic medicine has competence.[

so i would say to you to try to pin point what is always comming back when the acne comes back: is it stress? is it something happening in your enviromment? you are the best person to be the judge of that.


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Things that I notice contribute to acne: eating sugar; eating excess processed foods; stress; not changing pillow case often enough.


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Fairy Princess

I'm glad you mentioned changing pillow cases. I never thought of the but it makes sense.

(03 Jan '12, 16:46) Shanta

This is an interesting question. To be honest it made me laugh, because it is a problem that annoys me personally all the time.

A few important points that have been brought up already:

1: The foods you eat and how your body processes them has a large influence on your skin. If your body is not accustomed to eating sugars or greasy foods, then eating them sparingly can cause breakouts. But like mostly anything in life you can build up a tolerance.

I have some friends who live off of ultra healthy foods (even so far as eating 'fake bacon') because they believe it will help them look like a body builder. As a consequence, if they ever eat ANY bad foods at all it will literally make them sick. I pretty much eat whatever I want on a regular basis, though I stick to healthier foods when I am trying to gain muscle or do harder physical activities, and I am stronger than most of the friends in question.

2: Stress is bad! Not just for your acne, but for your physical and mental well being in general! Stress can not only cause breakouts, but actual medical conditions like ulcers or worse!

3: How you clean your body has a very strong influence on the condition of your skin. My personal experience with this is as follows:

Don't wash your face with scalding hot water while trying to 'scrape' off skin with a wash cloth, for me this irritates my skin and induces more problems than it helps. I find that putting comfortably warm water on my face for a few minutes, gently massaging the skin with a comfortably warm wash cloth, and doing facial exercises (wiggle your nose, make funny faces, etc) are the most effective ways of keeping my skin clear.

Just a few ideas that work for me, hopefully they might work for others as well. ^_^y


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I don't eat alot of greasy foods so I have noticed that when I do I tend to have a minor breakout. I have never tried any facial exercises before thanks for the advice.

(03 Jan '12, 16:55) Shanta

Dear Shanta, Certain greasy and oversweet foods and their digestion and assimilation as well as stress can make acne worse but they are not the cause of acne. The cause is hormonal in other words when one reaches puberty that is usualy when problems start. Our hormones change our skin and make it thicker and more greasy. This change causes acne problems for most teenagers. Of course how long this lasts or the intensity of acne is different for most. Some dont get it bad at all and not very long while others get it badly.

Try to cut your intake of overgreasy and processed food and keep skin clean and free of fungus and to clear internal parisites can help but most of the time this clears up on its own when the hormones eventualy settle down.


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