To put it literally:

Usually I will do breathing exercises to calm myself when someone is trying my patience, and usually it is pretty quick and effective.

But at the moment I am finding myself in a mood where literally everything and everyone I come across just infuriates me (unjustly so), and attempts at meditating are actually making me more angry, to absolutely absurd degrees.

Happy music is pissing me off, angry music is pissing me off, absolute silence is pissing me off.. I've going through every single thing that I can think of for calming myself down and they are all either being completely ineffective or making it worse.

Even people who are offering and trying to make me feel better are just making me mad.. It's ridiculous. I can even look at myself and say "You're being stupid. There is no reason for this." But I can't shake this feeling no matter what I try.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated...

asked 02 Jan '12, 20:54

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Now you know the reason for this.

(02 Jan '12, 23:10) white tiger

The reason you are angry is because you are not happy. Meditating and energy exercises can be calming, but alot of times they just amplify what is already there. Endevor towards the life that you desire, because your happiness comes first and who cares about anybody else right now. I would just change your focus. Instead of why am I so pissed?, try What makes me happy? Shifting your focus to what you want instead of what you don't want can be very liberating.

Peace and Happiness


answered 03 Jan '12, 05:19

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he does not want to see that he is not happy. he is not ready to see the truth. your way is not to bad brian. the only flaw in it is that by not seing what cause you problem you are not fixing it and it will come back stronger eventually.

(03 Jan '12, 15:04) white tiger

Hello Snow ... try listening to this shamanic drumming ;

give it a couple of minutes to start ...

have fun :)


answered 03 Jan '12, 23:27

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blubird two

Definitely a different style than what I'm used to. An interesting point, exposing myself to something 'new' that doesn't immediately make me dislike it definitely helps distract me from my own melodramatics. Thanks =)

(04 Jan '12, 14:06) Snow

Yes Snow, and it fits in with Brians answer ... :)

(05 Jan '12, 00:21) blubird two

Gio you are in a mood because of depression. I know this because I can get this way myself. When I am feeling "lousy" I don't want to do anything spiritual, happy people remind me I am not happy. I get to the point that reading peoples spiritual answers makes me feel like "I know all this stuff, it just keeps repeating the same old baloney! Doesn't anyone have an original thought here?"

I have been there, the last time this happened to me I fell into a deep depression and was very well known on another spiritual site. I dropped out of not only that site, I also turned to sites that had absolutely nothing to do with spiritual stuff. For a year or more I just hacked old Atari 2600 video games into new games, (changed the graphics and a few times the sounds but sound was rare for me). There is a website for that I think it was called Atari Age or Zone something like that.

It took a long time for me to get back into the spiritual, a friend searched me out and found me that missed me from SDDlightworkers. So I came back after I had forgotten what pain I was in. Then Inward Quest came along and I have been here ever since. There are times when I nearly left here feeling that same "What is the point?" feeling. Also, I have felt that "I don't need to see HAPPY PEOPLE!!!!!!" feeling. Movies with happy endings just remind me of what I don't have. Happy people, especially ones that say it is so easy or look at me I don't have any problems also remind me of the fact I don't have it.

So in conclusion I can really understand why anything that is suppose to help you be happy feels more like scratching fingernails on a chalk board while you have a migraine. The "Don't worry be happy guy" you feel like pounding and saying "Are you still happy or are you worried I am going to beat you some more now?" It just feels like "Don't worry be happy??? Are you kidding have you seen my bills everyone wants my money and I can't pay and you want me to be happy!!!" (Actually when I am depressed, I wouldn't beat anyone except myself emotionally and mentally)

I do know what is going on. I used to watch movies with happy endings and feel like "That is a pack of lies!!!!! Life is not like that! What about the next day when they have an argument, or when he gets put in jail for all the city damage he caused and the innocent people that were in all those accidents as he chased the bad guy to save the day! Then what kind of hero will he be!!! His girl leaves him because he has all these fines and goes to jail, that is more real now but who wants to watch a movie with that kind of real ending.

So I can see where movies even music bother you, it is something within that is the point that is causing this feeling. I have found it takes time to forget and get back to where you once were.

If you feel you must leave I will understand as I already showed you I do understand as I have experienced it myself many times past.


answered 04 Jan '12, 11:22

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Wade Casaldi

edited 04 Jan '12, 11:36


I have no interest or desire to leave, I enjoy it here. Thank you for your answer, I appreciate it. It was very helpful. I find your reference to nerdyness particularly amusing, being a giant nerd myself. There are a lot of things you said here that very strongly spoke to me for one reason or another. Thanks again.

(04 Jan '12, 13:52) Snow

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique really helps me when I feel this way. If you are so wound up that you don't even know what to tap on, do the FasterEFT, which is basically the same, but you say, "Let it go" instead of the EFT scripts. Drink some water before you start and again afterward.

I could suggest that it is hormones that cause this. I could suggest several different hormones and different reasons these hormones might be out of wack. I could suggest that it has to do with the stage of sleep you were in when you woke up. I could suggest that something happened that triggered a memory that got you all out of whack. I could suggest that it is depression, or a food allergy, or a toxic buildup in your system, or your diet.

Regardless of what the reason is, the bottom line is that emotion is at the root of any of those and the EFT or FasterEFT will change your vibration in the now and also concerning past issues or fears and limiting beliefs, etc...


answered 04 Jan '12, 12:05

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Fairy Princess

Yea.. the hormones bit made me laugh especially, because that was definitely an astute conclusion. (as are the other points you brought up) Thanks. =)

(04 Jan '12, 14:13) Snow

You're welcome. I hope it helps. :)

(04 Jan '12, 14:53) Fairy Princess

well snow you are looking at it from the wrong point of view that is why this happens. you say everything and every one i came across infuriates me. i told you before about judgement you will be judge to the same mesure. those things that you do not like about others are in you. and that is why it bothers you. but you are seing it from the point of view of the ego it is in them and not in me. if it would not be in you it would not bother you to that point. you would know what is in you and what is in them. Now if you are able to understand this do you think that anger fear jealousy have place in this life? or are they only going in extremes when you are seing them from the ego point of view. if you do not see it yet look at when peter used is sword to protect jesus: yes peter was thinking of doing a good action. but he hurt a innocent and is action did not help jesus. negativity brings negativity. how could peter be so blind in is action? because he was not over is ego yet. if he would have been over is ego he would have saw that the slave was innocent. and that judas was the traitor and that the high priest where still under the ego and that is why they did those action. if jesus was able to not fall under is ego to the point of forgiving them and hope they would change. forgive them father they do not know what they are doing. then can you not do the same and go over ego and duality? and accept the truth? no one is perfect in this world and the one that think they are and get mad because of their ego and let their ego control them are they has perfect has they think they are? snow who is in control of you? yes i know right now you must be pretty mad but why are you mad? who is in control? experience and enjoy.


answered 02 Jan '12, 23:08

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white tiger

I tried to explain that there is and was literally NO reason for any of it to bother me.. I'm aware when I'm irritated by things that others do because they are traits I share. The mood I'm referring to was completely unjustified, and aimed at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, even inanimate objects.

I am considerably better now, because of some very simple input from a friend, but I am still trying to figure out what put me into that mood in the first place or why I couldn't shake it off.

I understand the psychology you refer to, but I don't personally believe that it was the cause here.

(03 Jan '12, 00:01) Snow

another thing about he go he add promess to follow jesus in jail and in death.well snow you might like to watch this video:

(04 Jan '12, 16:55) white tiger
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Simple. You stop. Maybe it feels effortful right at this moment.


answered 03 Jan '12, 06:01

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you cannot stop something that you do not understand. he needs to understand the meaning first.

(03 Jan '12, 14:58) white tiger
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