To begin, let me know what sort of energy you pick up from this question. To put is obvious, I am raging angry right now, and I feel powerful and good as the Hulk.

I was feeling really, really depressed about an hour ago. I decided to use EFT to tap on what I was upset and fearful about. I even started pouring out crying after I did the initial EFT tapping (mini question)- is this a good indicator that something has shifted in me?

I know I cannot get inspired action/ thoughts in this emotional state compared with joy. And I could use some answers over this subject that made me depressed in the first place.

Likewise, as discussed in how do I stop manifesting frustration, this is the core subject I feel which is creating a negative ripple effect in my life- I keep manifesting frustration in all aspects of my life, and it is so bloody annoying.

Now, I've gone from depressed to mega angry...And I feel quite powerful in it, and it feels so much better than being upset or confused.

The question is, now that I'm in anger over something, how do I move up the Emotional Guidance Scale ever further? I don't really want to remain in anger, yet I defiantly don't want to be dragged back into depression. I am totally at loss here, because I cannot authentically do a positive aspects, focus block, or rampage of appreciation in this state.

I don't think this question has been dealt with/ asked/ talked about in this particular, specific manner before, so I apologise if there is already information on IQ that I just haven't read or attracted.

What do I do now that I'm in anger?

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For the benefit of newcomers to IQ who might be wondering if getting angry is really an appropriate response in all situations, I thought it might be worth providing a bit of background.

Abraham Emotional Guidance Scale

In the vibrational scale above, it only makes sense to get Angry (which also includes feelings of Revenge, Hatred, Rage) when you are feeling lower than #19 (Hatred/Rage) on the scale regarding a topic.

That is, it only makes sense to get Angry when you are in Jealousy (#20), Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness (#21) or Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness (#22).

The reason it makes sense is because in getting angry in those situations, you are moving up the scale from where you currently are.

To get angry when, for example, you are feeling Boredom (#8) would be a step down the scale and would not be advisable.

With that in mind, the next chart will tell you what to do after getting angry...

Abraham-Hicks chart of vibrational processes

Click here to see the chart at full-size

Once you have settled at the Hatred-Anger area (which covers Levels 17-19), you can now look sideways along the chart and see what Abraham processes will take you further up the scale.

So, for example, if you are only purely in Anger (#17) - and not Revenge (#18) or Hatred/Rage (#19) - then you can see that you can have the following choices of process from the "Ask & It Is Given" book to apply:

  • Meditation (#6)
  • Evaluating Dreams (#7)
  • Which Thought Feels Better (#13)
  • Clearing Clutter For Clarity (#14)
  • Pivoting (#16)
  • Focus Wheels (#17) - or, my own version, Focus Blocks, which is a similar idea in a different format
  • Finding The Feeling Place (#18)
  • Releasing Resistance To Become Free of Debt (#19)
  • Turning It Over To The Universal Manager (#20) - similar to Manifesting Experiment 1
  • Reclaiming One's Natural State of Health (#21)

So really, once you get yourself up into Anger, you have quite a few choices :)

You can also apply some of the various energy therapies like EFT, Faster EFT, Quantum Entrainment, Midline Process (Chinese Energetics) to springboard you straight to the neutral area of the scale (around Boredom/Contentment, #7 & #8).

And if you have built up some experience with these energy therapy processes, I've found you can apply them at any negative part of the emotional scale to get you to neutral quickly.

The problem with every process, though, is usually that when you are feeling bad, you are out of vibrational range of the knowledge that you should use the process.

In other words...

When you are feeling bad, you forget to use the very thing that would help you the most

...or, to put it bluntly, you are stupid when not in the Vortex :)

So that's why I keep pushing Abraham's idea of 'Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else' because in your "dumb state" you can easily get distracted in doing "dumb things" (things that you think will help, but won't) so by committing to remember only one thing when feeling bad (i.e. Get Into The Vortex First ), you give your "dumb self" a fighting chance to remember what it really should be doing at those moments :)

As a basic rule of thumb, everything you do from within the Vortex is the right thing to do in your life at that moment, and everything you do from outside the Vortex (except trying to get back into the Vortex) is...well...just don't even bother :)

As a final point, the process of getting Angry in preference to getting depressed, fearful etc. is just an application of Abraham's process #22 (Moving Up The Emotional Scale) which stops being quite as effective just at the Anger point (#17), which is why you then need another process to take over.


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@Stingray- Great answer and insights here. I also agree on what you say about the energy therapy processes. I have found that consistant use of QE and One Moment meditation has trained my mind, or even created a groove for my mind to slip into this Nuetral state very quickly:)

(01 Sep '12, 07:25) Satori

@Stingray- Thankyou x 100. Just quickly, when doing EFT I sometimes start crying (that is, when I'm using it on ultra sad/ lonely topics). Good sign, or not even relevant?

(01 Sep '12, 10:39) Nikulas

@Stingray- And, c'mon, in the Abraham processes, I disagree that the evaluating dreams activity is even a method! I've listened to the recording, and, to sum it up, all Abraham says is that your dreams are self constructed imagery to let you know where you are vibrationally.

(01 Sep '12, 10:42) Nikulas

@Satori - I think the use of the word "consistent" is the key here - I've noticed that you are on a whole other level compared to say when I first came across you on this site. Do you feel that?

(01 Sep '12, 13:54) Catherine

@Stingray your clarity is awe inspiring .. thank you so much.

(01 Sep '12, 13:55) Catherine

@Nikulas - Crying is emotional release ( so I guess it would make you feel better. If, however, you keep on repeatedly crying when returning to a particular subject then it might possibly indicate you haven't really shifted your vibrational setpoint. i.e. you keep finding it necessary to release the same thing again and again through crying. Admittedly, I'm probably not the best person to ask regarding crying. Not much experience in the area. Sorry :)

(01 Sep '12, 15:35) Stingray

@Nikulas - Regarding the Evaluating Dreams process, I'm really just demonstrating with my answer how you can analyze which vibrational process to use at any particular point on the emotional scale. Abraham listed that as a process in the book so I included it. It's up to you to decide whether you feel it is valuable or not :)

(01 Sep '12, 15:37) Stingray

@Catherine - You're welcome, and I agree with you, Mr @Satori has evolved into quite a vibrational guru :)

(01 Sep '12, 15:39) Stingray

@Catherine-@Stingray- Thank you both for the kind word's. Thanks to IQ and applying Stingray's excellent Manifesting Experiment's I do find myself in a good place more of the time. But I also see evidence of positive changes in people all around me everyday. These are Good times:)

(01 Sep '12, 17:16) Satori

@Satori - agreed these are good times. And you are quite the vibrational guru these days, I agree with that too. It's inspiring to watch this happen, and a lot of fun to see you enjoying yourself and your own progress. Good for you!

(01 Sep '12, 17:37) Grace

@Grace- Thanks very much Grace.I think we are all headed in the right direction here:)

(01 Sep '12, 17:42) Satori
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Get a pen and paper and start writing. Express your anger through the pen and paper, writing down whatever comes into your head. Keep going until you find relief. You will. Then from there find another statement that feels better and so on.


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Hehe, pen and paper. I wonder how that would work for me. When I used to get angry, at certain degree of that anger, I smashed whatever solid object in my environment without thinking - a wall, tree, pole, the ground - and the immediate physical pain I felt afterwards left me ever wondering, why the heck I let that anger get me in the first place.

As rough as it might be for some to hear, ANGER is result of small-mindedness and narrowed vision. Not seeing another way around.

(03 Sep '12, 04:10) CalonLan

@CalonLan- I can certainly understand what your saying here. In anger we would be inspired more towards those actions.

(03 Sep '12, 05:27) Satori

Hi Nikulas , read your question and then my eye was caught by Ursixx , over in the live chat thing on the left , oops that's the "other left >>>>" it reads:

"In the moment you turn your attention to what you want , the negative attraction will stop; and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin. And - in that moment - your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling better "

hope this helps in the moment , I don't believe in co-incidences, do you ?

Love and Light ♥♥♥


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yes beautiful @Starlight ... in practice there are only two kinds of vibrations, positive and negative. in the following video Michael Losier gives a clear explanation

(14 Feb '14, 03:16) jaz
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According to Dr. John Sarno in Healing Back Pain, Anger is the cause of most pain. He says that the sophisticated parent in us can't handle the out of control childish feeling of anger and so distracts us with pain that is acceptable to our age and society. For example kids get chronic strep or impeteigo, etc... but adults get back pain, migraines, etc...

I don't agree with everything he says. I do believe other emotions are at play in pain and ailments, especially fear. I think fear is the underlying emotion that is pulling down the emotional scale. However, my point is that anger creates hormones that create pain and ailments.

I have come up with a way to reduce/eliminate fear, anxiety, stress, hiccups, ADHD, etc... and to find that place of peace. Two Hands Touching is very quick and easy. It can be done by itself for quick relief, or with affirmations.


answered 01 Sep '12, 09:35

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Fairy Princess


In a spiritual book.."messages from the masters"..i read.."anger is rooted in judgement"..., when you judge people you get angry. so, to control anger..better dont judge in the first place. we hold others to some standard that we have somehow fantasized, chosen and applied to them. they may not even know about these standards, but that does not matter to us.

anger is a defense of ego, defense against fear.

anger is pernicious n useless emotion. it is dissolved by understanding n by love.

when you feel angry, the healthy response is to learn what caused the anger, to rectify the situation if that is possible and then, to let go of the anger.

we are all connected. we are all the same. we are all rowing the same boat.

there is often a sadness underneath our anger, as if anger were a protective coating for our despair. have you noticed how people in love are far less angry ? they appear in different rhythm altogether , and anger is not of this rhythm. nor is sadness of this rhythm. the rhythm of love is of a different sort, and the energies of anger and despair do not resonate with it.

so, to sum up..i would say..the two remedies for anger are.. "understanding" and " love"...and not to judge others. when we don't judge , we don't react. when we don't react, we don't get angry...simple.. ;)

love, light and blessings to you all...

supergirl :))


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This depends on how this anger is used. If we use this anger to transform and thus say, "I am angry and do not want to be depressed anymore I am angry enough to do something about this!" then we do something to change this anger we have used this to raise up out of our current situation.

But I must warn you angry can lead downwards very easy and into, "I am so angry I am in this situation I hate this and and hate life nothing is working for me!" This is letting anger eat at you until you are deeper and deeper in the hold of this anger.

Let the anger be as a fire of motivation that you want to move you want to do something to change this for the better. People have already been angered enough to say, "I have had it! Enough is enough! This is not working! I am going to do something about this that I never tried before! I am going to pray to God and accept Jesus! I am going to turn this all over to him because it is too much for me! I believe he died for me and has taken all of this with him, I am forgiven!" Then in that moment you feel you have been set free because you chose to change what wasn't working for a different way. You feel the joy of the risen Christ right there in your heart and the knowledge that you are no longer angry but feel set free.

Think for a moment of when Jesus became angry with the money changers in front of the temple of God. He overthrew the tables and whipped the people that were defiling the represented house of our father. He did this to change what was for the better, he did this to show what they were doing wrong. They had to be corrected and he let his anger move him to correction as a parent that must give a child a spanking or time-out to tech a child right from wrong, this is for the greater benefit of the child as he grows to be a man.

He did not let his anger overtake him to feel like, "What is the point of teaching these people! They still get it wrong! They wont listen to me, I give up!" Moses did not let his anger destroy him when he came down off the mountain and found his people worshiping some gold bull. He was very angry but he still did not give up on his people or God because of his anger.

Do not let your anger destroy you but motivate you to decide to change!


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Wade Casaldi

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according to Rishidev sri Narendranji, anger is a state of attachment of unhealthy energy. One has to be free from that unhealthy energy for ever. Jiva Yoga is found to be the best MEDICTATION regimen for eliminating ANGER.


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Anger is an expression of one's EGO sathyan muttambalam

(09 Feb '14, 10:47) sathyanji

Anger is an expression of one's EGO sathyan muttambalam

(09 Feb '14, 10:47) sathyanji

what is jiva yoga?

(09 Feb '14, 12:29) supergirl
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Like fear, anger is a VERY strong emotional energy, capable of following up with instant manifestations. When something makes us angry we often think in retrospect that we became misaligned with our preferred resonance. Actually, becoming angry puts us MORE in alignment with our preferred resonance, as the anger is naturally triggered by a vibration that is not in alignment with our preferred resonance. Nothing wrong with getting angry. However, staying in the frequency of anger will put one in a vibrational match to the very thing that triggered the anger.


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Be generous in life, focus on helping others rather than self-centeredness and when you stop focusing on yourself, you'll feel happy and be proud of yourself for helping humanity.


answered 13 Feb '14, 18:26

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