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Since I was about five or six years old I have had a recurring dream where I'm walking home from school with my friends and suddenly there are army tanks rolling down my street. We all disperse and run into our homes. I run and hide behind the door only to be found by a soldier. I wake up looking at the end of the barrel of his gun.

Each time I would have this dream I would suddenly become conscious that I had been here before and would be found behind the door. So I would look for a better place to hide, like under the bed or under the dining table, only to end up behind the door and be found!

In the dream I am aged about five or six, the same age I was when I started having the dream. When I got older, I was still a young boy in the dream. I have never had the experience of seeing a tank roll down the street and have never been in a country under war.

I also have a peculiar interest in World War II and Nazi concentration camps, though I am not German, a Nazi and not Jewish.

What have been your experiences with recurring dreams? I understand they are related to past lives.

asked 19 Feb '10, 18:40

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As a kid I had a dream a couple of times that I was playing with my friends at one of their homes and a UFO landed in the yard. Then little aliens surrounded the house. I would wake up when they tried to get in.

I have no idea what this means.


answered 19 Feb '10, 20:37

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I used to have a recurring dream as a child about being inside in some kind of metallic object that was humming and spinning. The walls of it were really close in to my body, almost felt like being trapped in it. The humming was what I remembered the most. A kind of continuous low, pulsating noise.

I've not had that dream for years and haven't thought about it for years either and now, having just read what I typed, it does give the impression of a UFO-type thing, doesn't it?

Hmmmm...never thought of it like that before. Going to have to ponder that one a bit. :)


answered 19 Feb '10, 21:59

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Glad I could get the cogs turning...

(19 Feb '10, 22:11) TheSevenMan

As long as I can remember, if there is a lot of chaos in my life for some reason, or things going on that I feel I have no control over, I will dream of a tornado coming. I will see it off at a distance and know it is coming. Trying to take cover someplace, I feel it roar overhead, and for a moment I feel utter terror. A second or two and then it's over. I'm OK and no harm is done. After it's gone, I feel all right and "the storm is over" so to speak. When I wake up, I know the problem (s) are about to conclude. Storms are cleansing in some ways, after all. So the tornado dreams are symbolic for me and thankfully I was able to figure out what they mean years ago.


answered 20 Feb '10, 01:47

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LeeAnn 1

well i think if you have recurring dream you need to realize something! i know that by thinking about something before going to sleep can make you dream about it! so maybe it could be about your interest in those war! it could be pass life also! but you will dream about this until it is solve! a little trick i am going to tell you to go back to the dream if you wake up(30 to 45 minutes from waking) and want to go back just think about the dream let go and relax you will fall back in to it!sometime you will start it over! other time you will continue it! sometime you can even change it!the fact that you are lucid give you that option to change it!next time take the gun and ask him what is the problem!


answered 02 May '11, 08:34

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white tiger

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