According to a lot of spiritual literature, there is nowhere to go and nothing to get because in our essence we already are perfect -we just haven't realized it.If this is so,what then is the purpose of growth and expansion? What is the purpose of goals and dreams? Isn't it really just all about self realization?

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Pink Diamond

Michaela, I have a slightly different angle. It's mostly the same answer as everybody else, except for the original premise of perfection, against which you are measuring the pointlessness of our adventures.

I have used this same analogy in another answer, but I can't remember it.

You are assuming that "perfection" includes everything, and in a way it does. What if what we are referring to as "God's Perfection" is actually the sum total of all that is up to this point. But this doesn't take into account everything that has never been yet.

How much more is there, that has never been yet? What if this is what God is trying to discover and we are his instruments of discovery. Could this be why we are rarely excited about repeating somebody else’s "way" of doing something, but when we try something that has never been done before, there is so much excitement and a sense purpose and not to mention a good dose of fear associated with it; and we feel "alive" with the manifesting of that idea into reality.

So perfection is like a big ball of play dough. All the shapes that have ever been created represent the present state of perfection. The shapes that are yet to be discovered and played with are the new possibilities that God needs us for. But from a theoretical perspective the lump of play dough already contains every possible shape that can ever come out of it, and it is therefore perfect.


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The Traveller


Thank you - you have really given me a new possibility to consider here :-)

(28 Feb '10, 02:41) Michaela

Excellent point! I like it. namaste

(22 Sep '10, 08:03) daniele

what if i tell you that all the possibility are there in the eternal! but god make you make the choice using free will in the present so that you grow experiance and learn!

(02 May '11, 09:38) white tiger
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It is the journey, not the destination, that is important.

I am reminded of a time when I was involved in a financial services company. Once, a couple came into the office wanting to get involved. The way to get involved was to sign a contract, and begin developing a clientele. The goal for working with clients was to protect them financially, and show them how to invest in retirement, based on risk factors such as their age and income.

It was apparent that this couple didn't need the income. They were already financially independent. There were two things that struck me about them. The first was that they were relatively free of stress. Financial independence has a way of doing that.

The second was, they were slightly bored. Now that they had achieved financial independence, they needed a new goal, a new purpose. For them, I believe that their new purpose was to show others how they could also achieve financial independence.


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I get that it's the journey and all about learning the lessons and growing along the way, but what I'm having a hard time reconciling is that, if we are already perfect at the core of our being,what's the point of it all? - how can we improve on perfectionism? doesn't it make sense to just spend more time in self-contemplation until we reach self-realization? -I'm probably coming across as a little bit frustrated right now:-)

(26 Feb '10, 17:42) Michaela

The purpose of life is to exercise that perfectionism, to create works with our faith, to prove the efficacy of our knowledge, and to expand that knowledge into new manifestations. The artist already knows how to paint, but until he has created a new painting, that knowledge remains dormant. His knowledge about brushstrokes and techniques is eternal, but there are an infinite number of possibilities for new paintings, and they are uniquely his. You don't find that exciting?

(26 Feb '10, 17:46) Vesuvius

See also

(26 Feb '10, 17:48) Vesuvius

Now it's getting clearer - it's the translation of the individual perfectionism, when we tap into it, that creates the diversity and expansion or sometimes manifests as genius - I think? If I've got it right,then yes it is exciting:-)

(26 Feb '10, 17:58) Michaela

Thanks Vesuvius:-)

(26 Feb '10, 18:03) Michaela

@Vezuvius. Your example referring to the artist, is very inspired, revealing the ideea of inner need of developping.

(24 Mar '10, 23:35) Gleam
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Michaela,Here is a little food for thought.A baby may be and is often thought of as a perfect baby,but in order to fulfill it's purpose it must grow ,physically,mentally,emotionally and spiritualy etc. As an infant all of these exist only as potential possibilities and can only be reached through growth, expansion and progression through experience.I personally believe that as a divine creation of God we are perfect,but as a human being perfection, in the broader sense, is our ultimate goal and purpose and may never be attained in this lifetime.But like others have suggested in other posts on IQ, I cannot bring myself to believe that this lifetime is the final step but only one of many steps leading to the fullfilment of God's plan for man.It is possible that every living soul is at a different level of attainment,but no less on course than any other.There may very well be some ahead and some behind you or me just as there was in school,while the ultimate goal or destination is the same for all. Godspeed and Godbless. Don V.


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Don V

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Thanks Don - Your answers always have a great sense of wisdom within them :)

(24 Sep '10, 16:37) Michaela

Maybe I am looking at this wrong, but as I see it, that literature is referring to us in our spirit form, when of course there is nothing we need. But on this material Earth plane, there are ways we want to be, things we want to have, happy emotions we want to feel, people we wish to be with. Abraham says there is nothing we can't be, do or have here, and that yearning for more is a journey we should enjoy, accomplishment is something we should take joy in. I am paraphrasing, of course! You statement is food for thought though....


answered 26 Feb '10, 15:36

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LeeAnn 1

I get what you're saying LeeAnn but isn't the purpose then really just to align with our perfection,in spirit form, within as opposed to chasing goals and dreams on the outsidr?

(26 Feb '10, 17:10) Michaela

I think we enjoy wishing and wanting, so that would be part of our perfection.

(26 Feb '10, 18:36) LeeAnn 1

I am reminded of a saying, "If you want to make God laugh tell God your plans." I think the point of goals and dreams are to help you align with your higher self and God.


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Is God laughing at the fact that we're chasing after something we already are?

(26 Feb '10, 17:15) Michaela

@Michaela: Perhaps. One of my favorite Richard Bach quotes is: "Learning is remembering what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is showing others that they know as well as you."

(26 Feb '10, 18:19) Vesuvius

I think God laughs because God is happy for you either way you go. What ever you plan or dream is in alignment with you, and God knows your journey is important.

(26 Feb '10, 18:36) Brian

Thanks Guys :-)

(27 Feb '10, 03:26) Michaela

the child can believe he is the same height as the father even if he think he is the same! there is a small difference that make alot of difference!

(02 May '11, 09:45) white tiger
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It is through the setting and achieving of goals that we will find out more about ourselves, what we are capable of and realize our true potential. Those goals need not be material goals, but could for example be the goal of maintaining silence for a week or a month of a decade etc.

We will come to a point of self-realization when we recognize that we are masters of our domain, both in our physical and spiritual presence.


answered 26 Feb '10, 16:44

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Hmm!So some goals may help us on our journey to self -realization while materialistic ones won't?

(26 Feb '10, 17:15) Michaela

@Michaela - I'm not sure NP74 meant that materialistic goals won't lead to self-realization, but they don't have to be materialistic.

(26 Feb '10, 17:45) TheSevenMan

I think both materialistic and non-materialistic goals will lead us toward self-realization, but the non-materialistic will likely be more efficient, since the self-realization will not be incidental, but more of the focus.

(02 Mar '10, 20:58) NP74
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If we think of microcosm and macrocosm let's compare to playing a game for example. We spend time playing a game of mini golf, it takes a half hour to play. What was the purpose of that, what did it achieve? You might say it wasted a half hour of time and was good for nothing after all you are no different than you were before playing miniature golf, nothing has changed in your life from before playing mini golf.

Could it be it was enjoyable and that it self was the purpose?

I really believe the purpose of being is experience and yes even experiencing the joy of something so trivial as being able to play a game of miniature golf once in a while too.


answered 26 Feb '10, 23:29

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Wade Casaldi

Something new to consider - just being for the experience of it.Thanks Wade:-)

(26 Feb '10, 23:45) Michaela

Yes I really believe we were created for something to do and experience just like when we go to sleep we dream adventures instead of just shut down into darkness.

(27 Feb '10, 05:11) Wade Casaldi

when youn realize that all matter is all that there is, your experiences are sharred with all around you, though differred to your unfoldment; when receptive


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Thank you Fred :)

(16 May '11, 23:39) Michaela

It says that to not evolve isn't only stagnation, but just regression.

Maybe it appears to be a paradox, but the perfection is "perfectible". The human was created perfect as potential, as well as the living on the whole. Perfect was the human being also in the primitive communal system and perfect will over 10,000 years; but the utterance of this perfect potential isnt the same.

We don't need to improve our perfect potential. We need learn to manifest our perfect potential. Without manifesting it, we scatter this potential; the result is the suffering, the unfulfilled feeling, the unhappiness.

Manifesting more and more from our perfect potential is an unlimited processus, is our unlimited evolution.


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Thanks Gleam :)

(16 May '11, 23:39) Michaela

to grow experiance and learn!you are perfect because you are a child god! and you need to grow to your full potential!and because we are infinite being you will always experiance and learn! and you are not all that is you are connected to everything but you are not everything!


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white tiger

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Thanks white tiger :)

(16 May '11, 23:39) Michaela

Spiritually you are all that is and that will never change, physically, you are seeking spiritual growth for expansion, and enlightenment; you are also seeking the material aspect of things in your life that will enhance your life experience, journey, and expectations to basically fulfill your materialistic desires!

So having dreams and setting goals are all plans that we make to set into motion and to manifest our own self-fulfillment, profits, and entertainment in perfection!


answered 09 Jun '11, 06:40

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you Vee :)

(11 Jun '11, 12:17) Michaela
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