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Hi All,

Can you help me with some ideas or quick processes to let go of doubt regarding what I want? Something which is quick and permanent.

I find doubt to be the biggest manifestation killer for me.

Would love to benefit from your experiences.

Thanks so much :)

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The best way I have found to stop doubting is to completely let go of what you want to manifest. The asking is already done and the Universe is not going to forget, so all you need to do is allow it into your experience. The more you think about it not being there or happening the more resistance you are creating which in effect keeps you from seeing the manifestation in physical form. So distract yourself with thoughts and activites that feel good any way you can, that way you are raising your vibration to match what is in your vortex. In your vortex IT IS DONE! You just need to allow it. It does take practice but once you have complete trust that it is going to show up you will be able to let go.


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yes you can get rid of doubt through faith. has for quick and permanent it is in opposition. quick and temporary. and long and permanent. you do not think this is true. when you build a house it takes a long time and will last a long time. if you put a tent it is quick and is for a short time. experience and enjoy.

i will add this people that rush to a goal did not enjoy the journey. people that enjoyed the journey did not rush to a goal. yet in this world one needs to be in the middle (over duality) of those 2 opposite to enjoy this world. experience and enjoy.


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