Hello everyone, I have something which i am choosing to see as very funny:) I shall try to explain it step by step for total clarity on this issue. I have not yet tried any of Stingrays amazing manifestation techniques but I am planning to very soon so maybe this question is totally unnecessary but i had this feeling i should...and you know, never ignore a hunch

so here it is:

  1. I have my desire.

  2. I think about it= visualize before bedtime, but my main technique is i act out conversations of me having a talk with Oprah about me having this particular thing or event already in my possesion- and talking about it like im on the Oprah Show and Oprah and the world have a real big urgency about me talking about gaining more confidence or getting my imac or about my boyfriend who is already my husband and how much he loves me and yes i even visualize as if there are like mini-videos where Oprah does the voiceover and photos of me with the thing i have come up ( i am not making this up lol it works like a charm)

  3. when i achieve the feeling of me having it and make it larger and larger within myself- im like 3 hours in the vortex just reveling in that feeling- just doing everything and actually at that moment- it is mine- its mine and i can feel it and i know i have it and its amazing- orgasmic delicious feeling it truly is better than anything in the world.

  4. here comes the but- SOMETIMES i, as any other human person here, get a case of the doubts- no real serious reason other than my ego trying to squeek something which my unaligned self on a good day handles quite good with several tapping and spinning techniques- and on a bad day it can trigger the doubts like for a couple of hours sometimes days...and this has never become a problem because i would a. release my attachment to it- tell oprah that i dont even * want it anymore and explaining to her why its totally unimportant to me- OR i would a hundred percent root out the doubt look at the reason for the doubt make a game out of it for myself- this is usually when i cant detach so i try to make it SO MUCH FUN that my ego is cheering me on in getting it (the first method is preferred because my ego is not so easy to please i have come to understand).

  5. What has happened now is the dilemma, and i really need your advice- even just plain curious how you would solve this.

So i want this thing, when im aligned and vortexing its like heaven is a place on earth and when im not its like welcome to Satans Holiday Inn- so what do i do? Well easy i apply the let that shhh go technique- so when im not aligned and i can feel the doubt i say: i dont want it anymore- i release it- i understand that if im doubting it i dont freaking need it at all-and thats what ill do- ill let go thats it- whatever i dont really need it anyways i can have thousands of other manifestations where that came from!


when im in the vortex the good feeling thoughts keep popping up and i know its gonna feel sooo goood i mean even now thinking about it and i tell myself no- you let it go you dont need it and i smile to myself and to be honest- i still feel like i have it- i still feel like i have it and it feels good and i dont know how to get rid of it because it feels so good and its mine so i dont know what to do

IN the vortex i cant NOT believe that its NOT mine that feels off and weird

and then i get out of the vortex and its 'noo its never gonna work' or 'will it i dont know' logically it doesnt make sense

So i come back to what I said before- I want to release it- yet, i want to have it, yet i want to let go, yet i cant let go because when im in the vortex its real and im living it yet when im not its giving me doubt and that kills the whole thing ughh

Im going crazy here i really dont know what to do- because if this goes on manifestation will never occur and shall i be stuck like this for eternity to come cause we all damn know we dont die

It is something about another person so i cant even take physical action like just go buy the damn ipad or i dont know some relief- its not in my hands i just know that this is meant to be- only when im not in the vortex i keep remembering that its never sure with a person- because of free will and stuff- so i cant have my 10000 percent certainty like for example with the ipad- so the smart thing is let go- if that person is meant to be he will stay in your life forever and nothing can change that- Yet the 'me' thats IN the vortex- believes its already manifested and it feels amazing and just perfection and i dont really know what to do then if i have to let go and detach? even though something better for me could be coming- something even better and im down with that i mean better is better so i start just talking to Oprah about him my nameless soulmate and its just i SNAP into the feeling of the person thats not sure- because thats what love means to me right now and i dont know how another person would feel and i dont mean physical but emotional- the feeling of love and ***- is connected to him so i end up with him and its starts all over again..i feel like im the dog in Pavlovs experiments :(

What would YOU do?

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Hello Januaryfeelings, unfortunately, I don't have a super good advice for you, but I can say that I relate with you. I go back and forth between believing (when in the vortex) and doubting (when out of the vortex). It's a vicious cycle and it annoys :) But I think the only solution for this is to ignore the thing you want and just getting aligned because of the good feeling the alignment will bring. That's how I do it and it works. I know for sure that I am on my way to everything that I want and for now, that's enough for me.

I stopped trying to force a manifestation. It's a tricky thing because you know that the manifestation is yours and so it's tempting to "try to make it happen because you know you can" but every time I do it I end up looking for my manifestation and that's one of the biggest manifestation killer.

I also remind myself that I won't necessarily be happier when the "big" stuff arrives, so that soothes me a lot when I find myself yearning for those things. I also remind myself of the fact that the longer I practice vortex alignment, the less important and urgent become my desires and the easier it is for me, to be unconditionally aligned. In the end, it's never about the physical manifestations, anyway.

So, just try to relax and find wonders in your every day life. How good the food tastes that you eat, how much fun it is to laugh, how wonderful your friends are and how miraculous this life really is...

That is my approach these days and it is so much fun even though I still don't have the manifestations that I want so much, but as I said, I know they will come. In their own way and in their own timing. Until then, I enjoy life because that's all what it's all about, anyway. :)

I hope you can find some relief from this post.


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Get yourself grounded!

We all float in and out of the vortex- (well, most of us do...) In the vortex, we feel that we can accomplish anything. But when just a smidgen of doubt creeps in, we pop out fast. And then come the questions. I find it best to just try and stay centered in myself, and "keep my eyes on the prize".

Grounding for me is the key. I cannot float around assuming that magicians are going to wash my kitchen floor, so, when I get away from my center, I try to not think about the problem/dilemma/request, and do the next right thing, which may be the very thing that will bring me back to center- like washing the kitchen floor.

There are some really good tricks to ground or center oneself quickly. Get your feet on the Earth. Get outside, and walk. Sit against an old tree, and imagine all the years the tree has seen while it has quietly grown to maturity. The tree has not let anything disturb it- storms, seasons, winds, drought or rain- all things are "normal" for the tree. Try to imagine your life this way: that each "conflict" is but another part of your life, and "this too shall pass".

I am also always amazed at how my desires change over time. What I wished for most ardently ten years ago I can barely remember today. Try not to lose your center in this fleeting moment. Do not hang onto the ebbs and flows that are all part of living....Watch them go by from outside yourself.

it is the person wwho does not really know who they are or what they want that cause themselves the most conflict in their lives. What I am craving more and more is just Peace. Seek peace. The rest will come with time.



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