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Following the recent "death" of Jerry Hicks (of Abraham-Hicks), some of us (including myself) were wondering what would happen to Abraham. (Recent video of Jerry Hicks)

Well, basically, it's business as usual :)

In Esther Hicks' first solo seminar since Jerry's death (a few weeks ago), there was an additional "visitor" in addition to the non-physical Abraham group...Jerry Hicks :)

Here's a snippet of that seminar...

Guest - ...I have been, or going forward, could we hear from Jerry?

Abe - Oh, you'll hear a lot from Jerry. You'll hear a lot from him. When we looked around the room and said, "You look good," that was Jerry. (Applause, cheering) Because we've never thought you looked particularly good (fun). (Laughter) <snip> And those of you that have been hanging around, you'll recognize Jerry's input. In some cases, it will be hard to separate it because he's been hanging around with us, as you have, while physically focused, but it will be evident...

Guest - Wonderful.

Abe -...and at times, obnoxious and annoying... (fun) (Laughter)

Guest - Great. Well, that's fantastic. On that metaphor of a bridge...

Abe - ...because he is that sort of bridge. In other words, we have been Nonphysically focused and you have to understand that everything that we're going to enjoy, Esther, in her alignment, and over time... (to hotseater): Don't read your notes - listen to us.

Guest - OK (takes deep breath, looks embarrassed, puts hands on top of his head) (Laughter)

Abe - That was Jerry. (Wild laughter)

Guest - (Waving hand) Hi! (Giving both thumbs up.)

Abe - ...he wants to say...Esther in her alignment... and in her meditation through years...has managed to focus Us into a Beingness that is evident to you. Well, the same thing happens when you are born into your physical body. You focus Consciousness into a Beingness. And we want you to FEEL that. It's focusing Consciousness into a Beingness. <snip> And so, now there's this Nonphysical Consciousness, this Nonphysical Collective Consciousness, this Infinite Intelligence which YOU ALL focus into Being.

Jerry got this ball rolling in a very powerful way because he had lived so much life and had so many questions. And when he began to interact with what he knew to be Infinite Intelligence, his life had focused so much of it into Being, you see. And so, the questions began flowing.

Esther said she was glad to see you here (pointing to audience), and she was glad to see you here (pointing to guest) because she acknowledges that there are MANY who will CONTINUE that SUMMONING of Consciousness in the way that Jerry got it started. And it is SO MUCH MORE global now, because now we've laid this baseline.

People understand that, as Seth said, who got it started even before, "You create your own reality." And Jerry said, "If that is so, how is it so?" Seth said, "Your point of power is in the NOW." And Jerry said, "If that is so, how is that so?"

And so we've spent the last 26 years answering that question for Jerry and others. That's a question that we really want to talk about here today, and you are bringing it right out to the Leading Edge again because it's the FOCUSING of CONSCIOUSNESS FORWARD, you see. <snip> So now, here is Esther, she's been focusing Us into being with the help of Jerry, only in the beginning, and many like you as it began to evolve. And so now here is this Consciousness known as Abraham and you have a level of expectation about what It is. You know we're Infinite Intelligence, or at least you think we are (fun). We are. (Laughter) We are, in the sense that we have access to any thought that you activate enough to bring into focus. In other words, you are the creation of what goes on here. The Collective Consciousness and expectation of that which you are is what summons this. So you all have a sort of attitude or expectation of what the Nonphysical is.

Well, Jerry's introduction or reemergence into It adds a different dynamic, at least for Esther, because Esther doesn't want Jerry to be ABRAHAM. She's already GOT Abraham, you see. She wants HIS unique introduction to It. So what's going to make that, what's going to make, what's going to cause Esther to Jerry going to assert himself into this mix?

Guest - No, we have to keep it alive, the Essence?

Abe - No, it isn't that way at all, you don't have to, you can't help it. But is Jerry or Abraham, are we going to ASSERT our knowledge into a forum like this, or is your expectation, is your wondering, is your inquiry - are YOU the ones that focus that into Being, you see. And so, and that's unsettling, that's unsettling a bit to someone like Esther.

(Stops talking, breathes deeply, gently waving hands in front of her...)

...Waiting for the unsettling to leave...

But when she remembers what Law of Attraction is, and she remembers what power of focus is, so now, that's that bridge we were talking about. She has that unique perspective that summons specifically. That's that bridge. <snip>

Guest - But what's that unsettling about what just transpired there? If she knows, we know and we're in essence, it seems like, creating...

Abe - Practiced vibration. It's what we were talking about at the very first question. Practiced vibration. It is normal. There is no separation, but humans have practiced the feeling of it. And so, certain things trigger the feeling of separation and when the feeling of separation is there, the separation is experienced. It's really as simple as that.

Guest - So, actually communicating even to Esther his partner and so forth is actually a totally appropriate thing even though it may be unsettling, it's still to be continued that drawing and that recollecting, I mean, what are you meaning by the summoning and it's unsettling to hear about Jerry? I didn't understand what that meant.

Abe - Only unsettling for Esther at some times. In other words, because of the feeling of loss.

Guest - OK, got it. Well...

Abe - Which is BOGUS.

Guest - Yeah, totally. Yeah, but totally fine.

Abe - Normal.

Guest - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Abe - But out of the Vortex. And unnecessary. Yes.

Guest - Speaking of getting on with life. So, and bridges...

Abe - And with your questions, because they're...(gesturing to the audience)...(Laughter) We can smell the tar. (Laughter). Sniffing air. (Laughter)

From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on 10 December, 2011

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Hello Stingray

I am not quite sure what was the point of you posting this but I have seen this seminar and I have some gripes about it. And as you probably know, since AH took steps for copyright infringement I have trouble following AH again which I will talk about in another question and also another day.

Firstly, from what I understand, Abraham only comes through Esther when she is so called "in the vortex". If that is the case, how can it possibly be Abraham still speaking through Esther when Abraham feels Esther is "unsettled"?

It would sort of like you maybe for you, sitting in front of a computer and typing words which seems to be just inspired and flow (at least thats what you said chaneling felt to you) but all of a sudden you feel negative and have some negative thoughts.. I am pretty sure that flow would be broken? would it not?

Secondly, I remember there was a hotseater who asked a question about Jerry and Abraham replied that Jerry was a "bridge", and then the hotseater probed further and Abraham asked him to figure out himself. That just doesn't sound like what Abraham would do. I'm not sure whether I remember it correctly though but the actions of Abraham at that time sort of threw me off.


answered 24 Jan '12, 10:33

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@kakaboo - Clearly Abraham has become quite an out-of-the-Vortex topic for you. You gotta love the irony of my last sentence :) So, I'm not really sure what you want me to say. I thought that last seminar was really leading-edge (there were parts that made my head spin) and the interaction you seem concerned about just seemed like jokey repartee to me. The "unsettling" part did appear to me to break the connection which is why there was a delay while Abraham re-established themselves

(24 Jan '12, 17:34) Stingray

@Stingray - You dont really have to say anything. Actually if without the knowledge you have contributed generously on this site I would probably have given up on Abraham long ago. Because apart from you, I have yet to come across another person who seemed to offer so much clarity and success with Abraham's teachings..

(24 Jan '12, 20:04) kakaboo

I was on Abeforum for a few weeks and I can simply say that most of them are simply nutcases and the heavy censorship there disgusted me and made me feel that there was something else going behind the scenes. It was like, a sort of cult-like behavior for most of them. Guess Im just ranting over here :) I do have to admit though the Dec 2011 seminar was quite different from the rest.. have you seen the San diego one recently? I thought that one was pretty boring.

(24 Jan '12, 20:05) kakaboo

or maybe thats cause I am out of the vortex when I was watching it ...

(24 Jan '12, 20:06) kakaboo

@kakaboo - Regarding the Abraham interaction with the individual you are talking about, it occurred to me just now to highlight something to you because it's something I've experienced directly myself having sat in the Abraham "hot-seat". When Abraham are answering a question, the answer that is given is primarily aimed at the questioner. They have an amazing ability to make those answers also blend in with many questions that others are holding but primarily the answer is for the individual

(25 Jan '12, 06:22) Stingray

@kakaboo - What that means is many of the comments that may seem surprising to onlookers actually make perfect sense to the person in the hot seat. I experienced this when I spoke to them. There were some quite personal comments addressed directly to me and my life situation and I've no idea what others would have made of them... but they made sense to me. I think that "bridge" comment to that questioner falls into that category. If you notice his reaction to it, it was quite positive.

(25 Jan '12, 06:24) Stingray

@kakaboo - Regarding the AbeForums, well, I don't wish to be critical of the choices others make so let's just say that there are reasons that I'm here (on IQ) and not there and leave it at that :) I've missed out on quite a few Abraham seminars last year because I've just been a bit busy with other things so I haven't seen the San Deigo one. Interesting that my own hiatus from them seem to tie in exactly with Jerry's illness and transition and my own interest has rekindled following Esther...

(25 Jan '12, 06:31) Stingray

@kakaboo - ...finding her own balance again and restarting the workshops by herself (with a non-physical Jerry). It's fascinating how all these synchronicities seem to occur. Can't speak for others but that's what I experienced personally.

(25 Jan '12, 06:33) Stingray

@Stingray - yep , thanks for your insights and comments. Guess I will just take a break from Abraham from a while maybe and just live my life :) Also, I just realized an observation - many people who start on this self help journey seem to face something like me at some point such as Wade : haha!

(25 Jan '12, 06:59) kakaboo

One last question though - would like your opinion on why do some people go to such great extreme lengths to put down somebody? As you probably know, there is a probably a person or a group of people who goes to great extreme lengths to put down Abraham and Esther Hicks for some reason.. even though they dont get anything back in return. Wont link to any of them here as it would just be a bit negative for most other people reading this :)

(25 Jan '12, 07:01) kakaboo

@kakaboo - I've noticed that our lives tend to unfold in spirals rather than straight lines. What I mean by that is that we may investigate a subject a little bit then back off from it, go do other things which cause a change in our perspective, and then return again to that subject from that new perspective. And we may do this many, many times returning to the...

(25 Jan '12, 07:52) Stingray

@kakaboo - ...same subjects but from widely differing perspectives. Nothing wrong with that :) Regarding the Abraham critics, you say they don't get anything in return. I'm not so sure. I tend to think that nobody does anything unless they are getting something in return, even if it's not obvious what it is. I'm guessing there's elements of insecurity about what they personally believe, perhaps a desire to "free" others from the Abraham cult:) ...don't know really, I think you'd have to ask them

(25 Jan '12, 07:55) Stingray
(25 Jan '12, 08:18) ursixx

@ursixx - love the link "everyday is a winding road" it really resonates with me ... thanks :)

(25 Jan '12, 08:24) blubird two

thanks Stingray, that did help me to clear some things up. and that is a great song ursixx !

(25 Jan '12, 11:22) kakaboo
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