From a LOA point of view, it has been said that whenever you desire something, a launch of desire is rocketed into the universe and the things that you desire are already formed and on your way to you. In term of Abraham-Hicks teachings, it's said that whenever you desire something, you place that something inside the vortex, and all you need to do is get into the vortex and you will be in vicinity of those things.. or somewhere along those lines.

So let's say I desire a huge sum of money(maybe 1 million dollars?) today, or a car. So I have placed this 1 million dollars or a car in my vortex. So all I need to do is to get into my vortex and let the things I put there come to me naturally.

But what if one week later, I decided that I don't want so much money or I dont need a car anymore? Are they in a sense, literally, removed from my vortex? Or will they still come to me eventually even if I dont want them anymore, since I originally placed (or created) them there?

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It might surprise you to know that you can never release a desire for something once you've desired it. You can only release the resistance you had to wanting it.

This is why when people finally give up chasing the thing they are after, it suddenly comes to them...and often very quickly.

What they've given up is only the resistance to it coming, not the desire.

In the moment that you wanted something, a part of you has become that thing vibrationally. You are now a person that has projected a part of themselves into that desire...and you can't go back!

Ever noticed how once someone has had a desire for something, then no matter what they do they are now never as satisfied with their life as they were before they had the desire? ("Ignorance is bliss")

Now you know why that happens...the desire has caused them to change who they are...they've expanded as a vibrational being.

Eternal ongoing expansion is the keynote of this universe.

I think a lot of people have the impression that desiring something is a sedate, gentle process akin to sitting down in a warm, cosy armchair in a darkened room with a hot cup of tea and then steadily contemplating what to desire next in some deliberate fashion.

It's not like that at all!

Just in living your everyday life, you are launching desires continually and completely automatically and there is nothing you can do to stop it. In fact, the universe exists to generate desire.

It's true that some people still try to stop themselves feeling desire, but it's like trying to turn back the tide...even the desire to be desireless is still a desire :)

Now if you decide to focus elsewhere in your life from your desire and, through your attention elsewhere, you now launch desires for other things, the universe will incrementally add these new desires into what you originally desired and you will often get, what I call, blended manifestations.

See the introduction to Manifesting Experiment 1 for some explanation of this idea.

With all of what I've said here, bear in mind that the universe is responding to the essence of your desires, not the actual language wording you think represents your desires.

For example, you may be thinking to yourself that you've launched a desire for 1 million dollars but the essence of that desire would be something like "a sense of freedom and independence". And so your vibrational matches and manifestations will usually match that essence...though it is also quite possible also that the essence will coincide with your language wording of that essence, but there's no guarantee of that.

Hope that is clear.


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So, are you saying that it is the essence of the thing we want that gets stored into our vortex and not our interpretation of what it is we want?

(06 Oct '10, 19:01) Pink Diamond

And if we change our mind and now have a conflicting desire, that both will manifest?

(06 Oct '10, 19:10) Michaela

@Michaela, can you give me an example of what you consider a conflicting desire?

(06 Oct '10, 19:14) Stingray

@Rani - yes, that's always the case. Words are irrelevant. Newborn babies launch just as much desire as anyone else and most of them are not reciting verses from Shakespeare as they are born :)

(06 Oct '10, 19:17) Stingray

Okay, say I really wanted a top of the line luxurious car and I launched a desire fo this but then before it came into manifestation I realized I no longer wanted it because my reason for wanting it was purely materialistic and a bike would satisfy, would I now manifest both the bike and the car?

(06 Oct '10, 19:59) Michaela

@Michaela: +1 for your comment, made me smile. :) Not to steal Stingray's thunder, but he is right in that the impact of the desire never really goes away completely. In my experience, I get the bike, but the echo of the desire for the luxury car is still there, in the back of my mind (although it does fade away, in time, if I don't give it mental attention). And as long as it is still an echo, opportunities for manifesting that desire physically will still appear in my experience, even if I choose not to pull the trigger.

(06 Oct '10, 20:40) Vesuvius

Thanks for the clarification Vesuvius :) I usually leave the manifesting of the 'toys' to my hubby - I don't think the bike would quite suffice :)

(06 Oct '10, 21:21) Michaela

@Michaela - absolutely you could manifest the bike and the car, or several bikes, several cars, or even car showrooms full of cars. The point is that if the universe can manifest anything you can imagine (which it can because any thought can be made dominant), how can there be such a thing as conflicting desires? Surely, you must mean limiting beliefs in that you believe you cannot have a car and a bike?

(06 Oct '10, 21:46) Stingray

@Michaela - But anyway isn't the true desire in this situation actually the one that lies behind the reason you want the car or the bike? And I would say that true desire is still exactly the same and is the one that the universe is responding to anyway, regardless of whether you think a car or bike will satisfy it. As I said, the universe manifests the essence of what we are after. Sometimes our language coincides with that essence and sometimes it doesn't but the universe itself is unaware of the difference between cars and bikes but it is aware of how you feel about each

(06 Oct '10, 22:01) Stingray

@Stingray - That's my point - If the universe is aware of how we 'feel' and I no longer 'feel good' about manifesting the car but now 'feel good' about manifesting the bike, then why would the car come into manifestation if I am predominantly feeling good about the bike. Wouldn't the desire that has the greatest 'feeling' behind it, be the one to manifest?

(07 Oct '10, 01:53) Michaela

I realize that I can have as many bikes and cars that I want but the original question was 'what happens to the original desire if we decided not to want it anymore?' The point I was making was that if we then put forth a new desire that was very different to ( I used the term 'conflicting' ) the original desire, then the one that had the greatest 'feeling' behind it would be the one to manifest. :)

(07 Oct '10, 02:19) Michaela

I think what Micheala meant is something like this : Today I desire for a partner in a relationship.(the essence behind this might be because I feel lonely, want someone else to talk to at night,etc). But after 1 or 2 weeks, I found some new friends, and realized that the desire for a partner that day was just something of a 'spur of the moment'. So I decide that I don't really need that partner anymore, and go on with my life. But the question here is- what happens to my 'partner' that I created in my vortex?

(07 Oct '10, 11:24) kakaboo

Does she or he disappear, or he or she will still come to me, except after coming to me, the universe finds that since I dont desire her anymore, it finds some other way to remove her away from my life after I manifested her?

(07 Oct '10, 11:25) kakaboo

@Stingray...It makes sense now. I like the fact that you said 'MOST of newborn babies are not reciting Shakespeare verses as they are

(07 Oct '10, 11:31) Pink Diamond

@Michaela, Kakaboo - I don't see that the desires in these cases have changed at all. All I see from your examples is that your perception of what is required to satisfy those desires has changed. Regarding Kakaboo's example of desiring a partner and then deciding that friends were good enough, you still haven't let go of whatever essence that partner represented. That essence has just been incrementally added to your Vortex. Desires, once desired, can never be un-desired. They don't go anywhere, they just get blended in with your vibrational mix. It's not something you can control

(09 Oct '10, 08:42) Stingray

@Michaela & Everyone else - I'm going to string together the original luxurious car + bike scenario in one (hopefully) coherent story here, for future readers' benefit :).

Let's say I'm merrily walking down the street and I spontaneously decide that walking is such a slow method of traveling! (launches desire for fast method of travel) I decide I need a car. I would sure love a luxurious car! (launches desire to live in luxury)...

(26 Mar '16, 06:33) WeRadiateBeauty

... But wait, I don't want others to see me as a materialistic fiend! (launches desire to be perceived as humble) I think I need a bike instead. My vortex is holding three desires... wanting to travel fast, live luxuriously, and be perceived as humble. Since I have no resistance to having a bike, I manifest it quickly (a blended manifestation of quick travel + others seeing me as humble). However, I have some resistance to having a luxurious car...

(26 Mar '16, 06:36) WeRadiateBeauty

... because I believe that I won't be perceived as humble by having such a car. The desire for luxury is still there, but there is resistance in this particular avenue (luxurious car). So, assuming I stay in my vortex, I'll get other interesting manifestations like luxurious undergarments (which noone can see, because I'd be wearing my humble clothes on top of them :D, so no fear of looking materialistic there!). Possibly a luxurious bed in the privacy of my bedroom...

(26 Mar '16, 06:39) WeRadiateBeauty

... assuming I keep staying in my vortex, or I do some vibrational work, my belief about having a luxurious car being seen as materialistic may change, or it may not. In either case, the universe always delivers through the crack of least resistance; I may see a friend of mine who I think is the most humble person in the world, and notice that he owns a luxurious car, and decide "hey, you can be humble and have a luxurious car!"...

(26 Mar '16, 06:43) WeRadiateBeauty

... or maybe I realize that I only want my close friends and family to see me as humble, and I don't care what the rest of the world thinks, and I end up finding a luxurious car brand that my friends and family don't know about, so I purchase a car from that brand in the secure knowing that my friends and family just think I'm driving any old car (so they think I'm humble), while I am quietly driving in wonderful luxury, just the way I put in my vortex :)...

(26 Mar '16, 06:45) WeRadiateBeauty

... in all cases, the essence of all my desires was delivered fully. I ended up getting the bike & the car. I might find I have no use for the bike anymore after I purchase my car because the three initial desires (quick travel, luxury, humbleness) are all taken care of by the car alone now, so I can throw away the bike :). The point is, I'm always getting the essence of all my desires, ALL THE TIME! I even got a luxurious pair of underwear b/c of my desires. Every detail is tended to...

(26 Mar '16, 06:49) WeRadiateBeauty

...even the brand of luxurious car I receive makes up my blended manifestation. If I have a desire to be fast and fun-loving, I'd get a red Ferrari; if I have a desire to be quiet and royal, I'd get a Rolls Royce; if I have a desire to be fast and quiet, I'd get... etc. You always get all of your desirous essences in lovely blended manifestations, all the time :).

(26 Mar '16, 06:55) WeRadiateBeauty

6 years since I asked the question. Feels like yesterday

(26 Mar '16, 08:52) kakaboo
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Most of us aren't adept at manifesting instantaneously, so there is a buffer of time before the manifestation actually comes into physical reality. When we focus our attention on what we desire and feel good about it, we are causing that desire to move toward us.

However, when we send out a desire contrary to what we originally wanted, we are Now giving our attention to that new desire and if done consistently the new desire will move towards us if we are feeling good about it.

I think if we send out conflicting desires, we'll end up with the one we have the most feeling about - albeit positive or negative.


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