In their book "Money and the LAW OF ATTRACTION", ABRAHAM say:

The reason that Esther was able to allow that fuller perspective of Abraham to flow through her, providing her with such a delicious experience, was because she had begun that day by day by looking for reasons to feel good.

She looked for the first thing to feel good about while she was still lying in her bed, and that good feeling attracted another and another and another, until by the time she reached the gate (Which was approximately two hours later) ,by virtue of he deliberate frequency to a level that was close enough to matching that of her inner Being that her Inner Being was able to easily interact with her

Do we can say that ABRAHAMS are Inner being of Esther Hicks instead of separate spritual entities?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

It seems as though Esther is speaking from the perspective of her total being. So I think we can say that Esther's inner being, higher self or higher mind is the translator of the messages of the collective consciousness known to us as Abraham; bearing in mind that higher consciousness doesn't communicate using the same kind of language as us physical beings.

It makes sense when you think about it, because without an interpreter who understands both physical and spiritual languages, how could we communicate with clarity and certainty? Indeed, I believe that the part of us which feels pulled towards Abraham's messages is our higher self or inner being, because it recognizes clarity and truth in the messages.

And it seems as though our rational mind needs concepts and labels before it will allow this kind of information to be considered and then, maybe, accepted. So use whatever label works for you. In my view, the important thing is to examine the information from the messages and if it feels right, to prove to yourself if it is valid or not. And if it doesn’t feel good, for whatever reason, look for something that does and go deeply into that :)


answered 09 Feb '11, 15:59

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I personally do not think the Hicks are sincere. My gut tells me they are more into marketing than spirituality. I own all of their books:)

Thank goodness that this is a website where people do not get "flamed" for their opinions.



answered 09 Feb '11, 08:21

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jim 10

With Abraham as the marketing director of course you own all of the books. As do I and anyone else who's given their self permission to remember :)

(09 Feb '11, 16:05) Eddie

I'm not convinced there is an Abraham. So I feel slightly duped. Thankful for some of the information I got from the books but certainly not all of it. To me focusing on our relationships is more important than acquiring riches. That's just me.

(09 Feb '11, 17:56) jim 10

Your "gut" presumably also told you to buy all their books ;)

(09 Feb '11, 19:15) Stingray

@ Stingray, No I was very curious. But as I have said before, some of their content resonates strong with me. Sometimes I do not care who the messenger is as long as I get the info. Disingenuous or not is irrelevant to me.

(09 Feb '11, 20:16) jim 10

@Michael - isn't that the beauty of the idea of info from non-physical beings; we always have a choice of whether we believe it actually comes from that source or not? We can believe it does or that it comes from Esther or her higher self or whatever, it's all the same, so if the info sounds right and feels good you can still use it without feeling duped :)

(11 Feb '11, 05:32) Eddie

yes Eddie, I also get info from non physical beings. it is always nurturing, calming and loving, never about obtaining things. My 'angels" constantly reassure me about emptiness and understanding :)))

(11 Feb '11, 23:53) jim 10

@Michael - No I was very curious - So your implication is that the inner impulse of curiosity came from a different gut? :) I've noticed you always seem to equate manifesting with things and riches. I'm not sure where you got that idea from but Abraham (and myself as well) have never said that. I like fast sports cars (and I own a red one) so I always tend to give examples of manifesting red, fast sports cars but it could equally be manifesting relationships, feelings or "world peace". But any thought can become a dominant thought...

(14 Feb '11, 08:10) Stingray

Absolutely, I have intellectual curiosity and "gut" attractions and I see the differences. I feel you being a little defensive when you are using "You always equate..."Actually I do not ALWAYS and have said so (yes me being defensive) that I have personally used and enjoy using manifesting for "good feelings" and that is where I end it. Red sports cars do not fit in with my spiritual growth. But thats me :). So lets make this clear. Lets say I was attracted to AH either it be to learn manifesting or to learn a lesson in marketing, in the beginning I did NOT know why. So after all is said and

(14 Feb '11, 16:58) jim 10

done for me on the subject, and seeing a lot of people here struggling to "get" what they "desire", I have decided that chasing after things and grasping at things like monkeys in a tree, that THAT actually hinders our spiritual growth. I am starting to see that LOA (for material things) is in direct contrast to my PERSONAL spirituality. Now for all of those who find joy and peace in this practice, I am VERY happy for them. For me it does not apply. FOR ME:) Now Stingray, let me ask you what it is you feel you need to defend by these comments. (all in fun but a serious question.)

(14 Feb '11, 17:03) jim 10
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My juries out on this one. Ive read a lot of her work and listened to most of the stuff on U tube.

I must say that a lot of what she says resonates with me.Her views on slowly and incrementally increasing statements of faith make a lot of sense.Also her method of always reaching for a better feeling thought ( sometimes only a bit better ) makes good sense too.

Ive been a little confused because i believe were all one with source and yet Esther deals with an intermediate entity or group. My personal belief is that she gets her inspiration DIRECTLY from her creator whether she realises this or not.Now ive got to stress thats my point of view and ive no proof either way.

When i think of Esther i think also of the many writers of the book we call the bible and indeed all the other spiritual works. How do we really know that everything written by ..lets say the apostle Paul is absolutely 100% from God. Was absolutely every single word written done so by the express orders and inspiration of Source? And can anyone actually prove that?

Is the book of Mormon inspird by Source to any extent? Its adherants would claim it was just as inspired as the regular cannon of scripture.Many would disagree .

I tend to read everything put in front of me. If it resonates i study and use it.If it doesnt i discard it. If 50% of something resonates then a take the 50% and leave the rest.

Of couse the acid test is , does this work in any way for me.Does it produce results on the within and the without.

We can only test these things for ourselves and decide for ourselves. For what its worth i would say the majority of Hicks work IS inspired.To what extent im not entirely sure, and of course its only MY gut feeling.



answered 09 Feb '11, 14:27

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Monty Riviera

I believe that Abraham is the innerbeing for all of us. I have my own conversations with Abraham and I feel their guidance in my life all the time.


answered 11 Feb '11, 22:45

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That's great Drham

(14 Feb '11, 08:37) Zee
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