Any one have any success with transferring thoughts to others?

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Jules Enea

The TELEPATHY itself, defined as mind-to-mind thought transference. Well, it does take two minds or two brains to “interact” so as to communicate “impressions of any kind from or between one mind to another independently of recognized [the five physical] channels of sense.”

So, in this sense we have TWO interacting minds, let us say Mind A and Mind B, both being thought of as independent of each other.

Might we not think that Mind A is in possession of its versions of the ten elements laboriously listed above?

Might we not think that Mind B is in possession of its own versions of same? If so, might we not might dare to think that the Mind A and the Mind B versions might be different, differently arranged, ordered, or disordered, differently constituted, differently founded upon different intellectual and awareness thresholds, and other such whatnots?

One doesn’t want to consider that these A and B versions of minds might be quite messy, because such is often all to obvious anyway.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, we did, in our family and with some of friends, who are in Energy Therapies.


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user-105 (yahoo)

Yes, I have had a complete line in the grocery store turn all at once and look at me when I was trying to get one man to notice me. I was trying to show my oldest daughter how to transfer thoughts. She was impressed.

I was teaching her exercises from the book "Secrets of Shamanism" By Jose Stevens Ph.D


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Very good was it easy to learn how to transfer thoughts? Wanda. Have an nice day.

(30 Oct '09, 04:54) flowingwater

Wanda what is your opinion on thought transfer now that you have complete the book, only answer if you want to and only tell what you want to tell.

(07 Feb '11, 04:11) flowingwater

why is this necessary????


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My experience - When there is a raport between two people, thought transference is automatic. When we need to transfer thought to a person who is not in raport with us, we need to be in some way in contact with that person. Either physical presence, a mail, a letter, a reference... is enough... provided our thoughts are clear... and our intentions are rock solid...


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The principle and standard idea of TELEPATHY consists of conceptualizing it in terms of “mind-to-mind,” or, somewhat redundantly, as “mental telepathy.” So when one sees a graphic illustration of it, one is usually looking at a visual-aid set-up of two heads separated by a distance Whose “minds” are supposed to be in process of interacting in unknown ways that transfer information from one to the other.

The mind sending the information is usually described as the “sender,” the one receiving the information is the “receiver.” Quite imaginative, don’t you think?


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