My son has a nasty ingrown toenail. I have taken him to the doctor twice with no resolve. He resists any work I try to do with him, or show him how to do. I showed him EFT and fasterEFT and other mind talking stuff, but he just growls at me and wants nothing to do with it. It's confusing too, because one minute he is telling me about his psychic abilities, but he won't have anything to do with EFT. I tap on myself for the frustration, but I want to be able to heal him, even if he doesn't want to do the work. He soaks his toe, I know he wants it to go away, but he won't do the work. Thanks

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

This morning, I did some visualization combined with tapping and sending healing to his toe. When he got up, he said he slept well and had done my trick for falling asleep. I did get him to do the fasterEFT with me on an issue, we did the let it go, while feeling the negative and holding the negative image. Then when we got that down from an 8 to a 1, we switched over to a positive image of what he wanted to see and feel, and tapped on that while saying, fun-a word he picked. Then when I asked him how he felt about the original issue, he smiled with a relieved look on his face and said, "Zero"

(09 Mar '11, 17:10) Fairy Princess

You need to take your son to a podiatrist to be treated. The podiatrist will numb the foot, and cut out the side of the nail.

Good luck...Jai


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I have taken him to a doctor and he cut off the side of the nail. It keeps coming back.

(09 Mar '11, 05:25) Fairy Princess

Try " Pranic Healing ". I don,t knowhow were you live , but look at internet. Love Esse


answered 09 Mar '11, 08:52

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Esse-Riekje Agter

Thank you Esse, I will look into it.

(09 Mar '11, 13:12) Fairy Princess

yes, thank you Esse-Riekje Agter!

(09 Mar '11, 16:40) daniele

Use your healing energy to believe that your son’s ingrown toe nail will be healed, and within perfect timing it will be healed!

Perhaps your son will not be healed by the same influences that you are practicing, but through medical intervention at the proper time. Give your son some space to deal with his own pain, and you can continue your private practice in sending out healing energy to him!

I strongly encourage you to have patience, and to allow your son to make his own decisions, and you should have faith that all will be well with him within perfect timing!


answered 11 Mar '11, 06:21

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Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you Vee. I talked to my mom and she found a medicine for it online and I boughti t at Walmart. He said he would do what it requires. I will keep doing my thing though. Thanks for the encouragement.

(11 Mar '11, 14:08) Fairy Princess

It sounds as if your sons very much his own man. This is good.

He will have to do now what we all do.Create our own reality,sift thru things and decide what to believe and ultimately be master of our own destiny."Even" if this means rejecting firmly held family beliefs/lifestyles and healing methods!

This is Gods will.the way the universe works and is the most natural thing in the world.

Rejoice that your son has his own set of beliefs,rejoice even when he rejects yours.

Its good to be free.



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Monty Riviera

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Graham, that was absolutely beautiful! thank you

(09 Mar '11, 10:12) daniele

Thankyou Daniele.

(09 Mar '11, 10:36) Monty Riviera

That doesn't help his toe. The goal is to get the toe to heal. It's one thing to heal myself, and quite another to heal another person.

(09 Mar '11, 13:12) Fairy Princess

I agree Juniper,doing things for ourselves is often easier than doing things for others.I realise the goal may be to get the toe healed,however im glad you realise that your sons freedom to participate or not in the healing process is important too.I sincerely hope his toe improves,and i hope even more that he stays his own man and chooses his own beliefs and spiritual methods. Its good that you have bought him up to be an independant thinker.

(09 Mar '11, 15:19) Monty Riviera

So, I gave him an ulitimatum, Do my thing or go back to the doctor. He said he would do my thing, and then my mom told us about IT pain reliever that should help. Thanks for your support.

(11 Mar '11, 14:09) Fairy Princess
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well maybe this is something that he needs to deal on is own!(you tried it did not work he as free will also) stop trying to heal every one if someone deserve to be heal he will be heal!for ingrow nail sometime you need surgery! well good luck with the nail!


answered 21 May '11, 03:58

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white tiger

Stop trying to heal everyone?

(21 May '11, 12:44) Fairy Princess

you said it yourself: he resist anny work i try to do with him! if you have a car down a hill and booth push in opposite direction will the car go up the hill?

(21 May '11, 14:23) white tiger

Time has passed and now he does some tapping and stuff. He has changed quite a bit since I discovered the power of the mind. So, I would have worded things differenty had I written the question today. Maybe if you had asked how my son was doing, that would have been friendly. To tell me to stop trying to heal everyone is 1. unfriendly, especially on this site where we discuss things like distance healing 2. you assume I am trying to heal everybody. My son is one person, not everybody. If I was trying to heal everybody, that would include me trying to heal you too.

(22 May '11, 11:52) Fairy Princess
  1. If I were trying to heal everybody, that would be good for everybody. This world sorely needs healing. 4. I wasn't asking permission to heal anybody. I want to know how, because there are people on this site who have practiced distance healing, I figured somebody could help me.
(22 May '11, 11:54) Fairy Princess

i said that to explain something to you that you did not understand yet! well you will eventually! i did not attack you in anny way why do you say it is unfriendly! it is friendly i told you the truth about something to help you out! i have helped you but you did not see it poor fairy princess! well eventually you will!

(22 May '11, 16:37) white tiger
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