My mum was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and in February this year was told the doctors couldn't do anything else and that she had 2 months to live.three months on she is still with us but in immense pain. I am a Christian and we prayed and believe she is healed. When we see her in pain it places doubt it our minds.

What can I do. Do I continue visualising her well or what can I do. Please explain to me as you would a child as I need to learn step by step. If you can give me scenarios or testimonies of similar experiences that would really help me too.

At a time like this it is hard to be strong but I need to have to be strong.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Do I command the cancer to go away or do I visualise her well. It's kind of having faith for someone else.

I just need clear cut instructions as it were on how to go about this. She refuses to eat properly and that's another worry as she needs to eat to give her strength. Do I visualise her getting well or visualise her in her youthful days. I don't know where to begin

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Hello wash96a59a, at best only personal thoughts (feelings) and actions can be controlled, focus on that and let all else go. The universe automatically takes good care of results and outcomes. Distinguish between the flow of feelings and the perceived human situation, just as when reading a book the feelings triggered by the text are totally separate from the story

(04 Jun '15, 00:54) jaz

in other words ... be happy and love her

(09 Jun '15, 08:49) jaz
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Life is a journey. It is one of importance and what is most important is respect for our loved ones journey. Please do not take this in the wrong way, but this is her journey and the best thing you can do is love her, respect her decision, and support her in all ways.

"The (over)soul only requires experience. It doesn't care if you murder or are murdered. It is not important (for the oversoul) to distinguish the difference of good; bad, happy; sad, positive or negative. It is neutral from a standpoint of only desiring the experience that you to create." ~Aridif

The fact is we all create our own experience and we should be seen as a sovereign, strong, and capable creators. This is the ONLY way to truly help the ones we love. I understand the fact that watching the ones you love suffer is the worst feeling ever. The only way to take that pain away from you is to know we all are eternal and it is ok to be sad. It is ok for her to be scared and you too, but loving her, and sharing your love with no expectations is the best way to help her. If she needs to experience healing herself, she will. I love you and if u wanna contact me hit me up.I honor both you and your mother for being brave enough to go through this together.
Love to you. ps look at this too. It might help. HERE


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14.0k21578 is this Markus super guru.

I'd have her do 1 or 2 enemas per day, or colon hydrotherapy several times a week. I'd find a cancer center that does cleansing and raw juice fasts. I think there's one in San Francisco I'm sure you can find one anywhere. I think she needs detoxification from meat/cheese/processed foods, she should consider eating only raw and vegan immediately, water fasting, find someone who does this. Good luck this sounds very sad.

(12 Jun '15, 03:31) duckie-duck

Hot sauna to cold water shower is very good too. If you find a raw foods cancer center they would know all these things.

(12 Jun '15, 03:32) duckie-duck

p'au darco is a tree bark from the amazon and it's very inexpensive, get it at a health food store. You should find someone to supervise all this. Doctors are lying to us, in my opinion, they want to sell drugs for profits. I don't know your situation, I'm just lending my opinion generally. There are cures in nature.

(12 Jun '15, 03:41) duckie-duck

find the wild weed dvd from markus rothkrantz or there's a trailer on youtube, they reference flowers in the desert that can beat cancer. I don't work for Markus I'm just passing along the link.

(12 Jun '15, 03:42) duckie-duck

I just remember in the wild weeds DVD they know of a flower that can break up cancer cells. I would ask Markus Rothkrantz on Facebook or James Sloan how to get it. They publish a DVD on wild plants.

you can probably track down these people somehow through links

James Sloane: or just type James Sloane into youtube

(12 Jun '15, 03:52) duckie-duck

@duckie-duckie why not add all of this to your answer above? This is a great addition n could help allot of people. They might not see it as a response to my answer. LOVE

(12 Jun '15, 04:22) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Dear @wash96a59a, I'm not an expert in 'reality creation' and so you will have to wait for others to help you with your specific questions, but I am a medic. I have some experience with hypnotherapy for pain and it seems to be helpful for most people. Have you tried this for your mum? It may help to reduce her pain levels. All hypnotherapy is, is putting people in a more relaxed state, and giving them positive encouragement to see themselves better and with problems with pain to also help them to visualise their pain changed or gone. It would be best to find a trained hypnotherapist who works with pain. There are also of course some audios on the web for pain relief that might be helpful. I wish you strength in this situation with your mum.


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Inner Beauty

This is a very good question because as you have mentioned, there are so many methods.

A film I could recommend to help with faith is a film called "The Finger of God." This film is all about the miracles of today's healings going on right now around the world.

I have seen other ways as in watching a film by Gregg Braden that talked about how a woman was healed by a group of people round about her saying over and over with authority and conviction, "already healed."

If you look up "already healed" in a search on Duck duck go, you will find ebooks that can be downloaded free that show this is what is taught in the Bible.

Claim it and cast out doubt, We have to pray in and thankfulness to God that our prayer has been heard, it is done.

I know how this can be hard to do when you are so close. I have achieved incredible healing for people hundreds or even thousands of miles away that I could not see. But those I can see like my Jai I feel I fail her, I have tried so many times.

It is too easy to lose faith when you see a loved one suffering. It is easier to heal an unattached stranger I have found. Maybe this is part of what Jesus meant by, "A master can do no miracles in his own town."


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Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Maybe this is part of what Jesus meant by, "A master can do no miracles in his own town." Best interpretation I've heard so far. Sounds right to me, and I've always wondered what was intended by that one. :)

(04 Jun '15, 12:13) Grace

Read Anita Moorjani's Near Death Experience

It may be helpful to you. She explains how she got rid of cancer at the last stages after 4 years of trying to get rid of it and how she discovered that self-love heals and our beliefs create our reality.

I wish you the best. Source/God/The Light always sees the better picture. You are never lost. Try to relax and find peace and keep your mother feeling peaceful.


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This is really sad and why are you on a message board? Organic raw juice cleanse with constant colon hydrotherapy and enemas. Remove all food, cooked food, meat, dairy and processed food. Vegan raw diets are known to stop cancer and many diseases. I do not work or promote this person (MarkusRothkranz) but he has many solutions for all problems and conditions with the raw vegan diet. Get a juicer and find someone who heals her condition with raw organic juice fasts. All she should eat is organic raw juice, and wild weeds, i.e. plants on your lawn, they are 100x that of food you buy in the organic store. This is very sad and I wish you luck. The doctors are not reliable most times and she is believing a placebo effect that she has this time left. Find a cancer center that does raw juice cleanses with colon hydrotherapy.


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I can't post links but google markus rothkranz on google as well as on youtube.

(12 Jun '15, 02:53) duckie-duck

"markus rothkranz" ... thanks for this interesting link ... and I enjoy the refreshing way you communicate @duckie-duck :)

(12 Jun '15, 03:17) jaz
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One of the gifts I can give to someone who is terminally ill is to listen to our loved ones- just listen. Ask leading questions, if need be, to start conversation... and then, listen. When he or she stops for a second, just let the silence hang there... because it is very seldom that they will not go on, once they see that you will listen. It is often the case that the dying know that they are dying, and get to acceptance much more quickly than do their loved ones. Do not be afraid to ask questions of these people- such as, "Do you really believe in Heaven, Mom?" or "Do you think you will be able to see me once you have passed over, Dad?" Most people who are at the end of their lives desire to leave something good behind them- good memories, good laughter, good advice. This is the good stuff of life.

We actually taped-recorded my grandmother before she died. We asked her about her family history in Norway, about the relatives that passed in her childhood, of all her good memories... These tapes are priceless to us now. (Which reminds me that I need to convert them to disc before cassette tapes are a thing of the past!) Even if you have heard the stories a thousand times, putting them on tape says that you value this life, and that you value his or her memories. Again, this is a gift that you give to them- but you also reap after they pass.

Death is often shrouded in darkness and fear. Talking about it helps tear away the shroud and brings light to the process. Be sure you do not exclude any children from these talks. Kids need to know that death is part of life, and nothing to fear.

I treasure all the people who have passed, and I try to talk about them often, as if they are still with us. Hearing these end stories and having these conversations helps bridge the gap between life and death.

Thanks for asking this brave question! I will pray for you and your mom.




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@Inner Beauty- TY for this recommendation. It looks good. ♥

(09 Jun '15, 02:33) Jaianniah

Do you know the work of Louise Hay? She has written many books about the causes of disease. She's had cancer herself and healed herself without medication and doctors, practicing forgiveness and self love. Cancer, like any other disease, has always a specific cause (for example anger, grief, etc.) Those emotions and feelings are usually subconscious and the sick person is not aware of them. I recommend you the books of Louise Hay and the answers concerning disease here on Inward Quest.


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