No one wants to encounter adversity, but sometimes, it happens to us.

2011 was a record-breaking year for bad weather and especially tornadoes, for example.

We here in NE Pennsylvania had to deal with the flooding of the Susquehanna River, which destroyed the main street of Bloomsburg, PA and many other towns. We are still dealing with the side-effects of the flood; the air is full of mold and everyone is sick with a variety of sinus and bronchial infections. The flood was thanks to two storm systems- Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Irene. (I find it ironic that I thought I left such storms behind in Mississippi, and got bombed with them anyway!)

But I was reminded of Hurricane Katrina when I toured the flooding, and I felt so bad for all the people everywhere who lost everything. It made me think about how we all face adversity- the town of Berwick (pop. 13,000) raised about $400,000 for the flood victims, which is amazing! Considering the economy, it is doubly amazing.

Adversity can both hurt us, and also, bring out the best in us. I know that my manifesting friends will say that adversity comes because we create it-I don't know about that- but in either case, it is part of the human experience. How we deal with it is a measure of our character and courage and ingenuity. Some people get totally flattened by adversity, and never seem to pull out of it; others seem to rise above it, and not only cope, but learn lessons and help others besides. I went through a time not long ago where I had no refrigerator for some months. I ending up writing an article about it called,"The Broken Refrigerator Diet". You can read the article here if you would like.

Have you been through a tough time? How did you get through it? Please share your experience, strength, and hope!



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The more I am getting back into my online book "IS." I am remembering how all things are one, all people are one.

We should rejoice at the gains and joy of our brother and sisters of humanity but as well do what we must to alleviate the pains of our brothers and sisters of humanity. The joys of our brothers and sisters of humanity are our joys and their miseries and sorrows are as well our own.

All are one. We should want for our brother and sisters of humanity what we as well want for ourselves. We do not want the worst or last left so why would we want to give the worst or least of what we can give to help?

We need to give as we would like to be given as if it were us in their place of need. We would want someone in good cheer helping us so we must be so accommodating to them. Treat other as we would like to be treated because as we all are one we are treating ourselves. As we heal others we heal the whole of humanity just as we heal ourselves.

We need ask God, "Father what will you have me learn from this, reveal the lesson to me as I know all things are for the good ultimately." The lesson could be to remember we are not separate and we are our brother's keeper and our brothers are ours because we are all God's family, and as we take care of each other we get taken care of as well.

All may be lifted together united there is a great strength, sometimes the lesson is simply that we need to know we will be helped if we seek it and not try to do it all ourselves. So the lesson can be many, but will be revealed if we look at, "How does this make a better person of me?"


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Wade Casaldi

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Lovely, poetic answer, Wade! Thanks! Love. Jai

(10 Jan '12, 15:07) Jaianniah

excellent wade.

(16 Jan '12, 10:16) white tiger

we experience the down side
of the cycle,
though it may be culturally unpopular
learning to grow and unfold,
as our consciousness gets jolted

the required numbers of respondent
characters reminds me of a college
class in Englich composition
that wanted to stuff all words
into a sausage casing


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experience up and experience down(learn something from the down) travel light. fred i like you even if you often don't think so. your comment are often short and try to cummunicate lots of stuff.

(12 Jan '12, 01:18) white tiger

white tiger, yes, what kind of god would it be that knew nothing of the material half of the universe

(16 Jan '12, 08:30) fred

what you can learn from adversity? the one that win can loose and the one that loose can win. if you learn why you loose you can turn it around to win. every adversity you face is because something is not working. it is also in adversity that people unite and can get over their ego for a common goal. their is always some positive even in the negative. also you see that you can be rich one day and poor the next. so if you can help someone help them because one day it could be you that will need help. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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