I'm well versed in the Law of Attraction, and right now I'm working hard on putting what I've learnt over the years into practice. My natural inclination is towards being over-emotional and casting myself as the 'victim' of life, but every day I'm making efforts to go against habit and instead appreciate and feel gratitude, and it's paying off in manifestations (albeit slowly).

What I'm mainly looking for, I guess, is a way to re-frame this thought of myself that I have - that I'm too emotional and hypersensitive at times (mostly around other people, which has made me want to withdraw into myself completely and be unsocial), and that I think things to death, making me neurotic about the smallest things. I need some way to sort of tackle this whole thing head-on rather than just feeling better bit by bit.

If it sounds vague, it's because I'm not 100% sure what I'm really asking, but any input is appreciated!

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Barry Allen ♦♦

cassiopeia, glance away from the mirror, look at what others of so called 'less fortune' could use to remediate undo suffering. not to be judge, but seeing through the eyes of your heart and reacting on such

(20 Jan '12, 20:05) fred

"re-frame the thought" ... in other words what thoughts do I need to let go of

(30 Apr '15, 03:44) jaz
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Here's a way to re-frame that thought....

Being hyper-sensitive is a blessing, not a curse :)

It means you can read vibrations at a subtler level than other "normal" people.

It means you can pick up on the vibrational direction of thoughts you are thinking long before they even get a chance to "get a hold" in your physical reality.

It also means that you on the verge (if you are not already there) of taking the next step and begin "reading vibration directly" (beyond emotional restrictions) which is an enormous benefit in everyday life.

The problem is not your hyper-sensitivity, it's what you are giving your attention to that is triggering it off earlier than most people.

As Abraham often imply, if you have your hand on a hot stove that is burning your flesh, wouldn't it be better to know earlier rather than later? :)

There is more information in: How can I develop "thick skin"? I feel that I am too sensitive, and it interferes with my objectivity.


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This is awesome, exactly what I was looking for! I've often put myself down for over-sensitivity so it's nice to be able to see it as a good thing instead.

(20 Jan '12, 12:40) cassiopeia

Thanks for the link, Stingray. Excellent post.

(20 Jan '12, 13:15) Snow

@Stingray - yes, as cassiopeia says "awesome"

(20 Jan '12, 13:29) blubird two

Stingray, I know this may be a difficult thing to describe in words, but could you tell me a bit more what it feels like when you 'read vibrations directly'?

(20 Jan '12, 14:36) cassiopeia

Wow Stingray I love this. You have turned a victim mind into something wonderful and in such a positive way. Love your stuff.

(20 Jan '12, 16:24) Paulina 1

You're all welcome, of course :) @cassiopeia - For me, the best word to use would probably be knowing. What tells me the car in front is about to brake before it happens? I just know. What tells me the phone is about to ring and who is calling? I just know. It's kind of one step up from intuition, or a hunch, it's like having absolute certainty...there's no room for doubt. When it happens it comes with a sense of obvious-ness. Not sure if that helps you :)

(20 Jan '12, 17:42) Stingray

@Stingray - yes ok, knowing by direct intuition is fine , however what to do if the signal is a double-bind ... like heads i win tails you lose ?

(21 Jan '12, 00:33) blubird two

@blubird two - I'm not sure what you mean. There's no "signal". These are not predictions - they are snapshots of existing vibration that you haven't perceived with your physical senses yet.

(21 Jan '12, 03:47) Stingray

@Stingray - here is an example of a double-bind signal situation ... your employer tells you to do a job, but doesn't allow enough time for you to do it, and you are in danger of losing your job if you question the situation ... for more info. http://www.psychotherapy.com.au/TheDoubleBindTheory.pdf ... :)

(21 Jan '12, 04:22) blubird two

@blubird two - Okay, but I still don't see how this is related to perception of vibration. If someone is about to say something to put you in a tricky situation then it's irrelevant whether you perceive it vibrationally just as they say it or whether you perceive it through sound waves impinging on your physical ears. What you are bringing up appears to be a separate issue related to the content of what they are saying rather than mode of perception.

(21 Jan '12, 04:58) Stingray

@Stingray - for me cassiopeia's question is indefinite ... she says herself "if it sounds vague, it's because i'm not 100% sure of what i'm asking" ... she further says that it is people around that "has made me want to withdraw into myself completely and be unsocial" ... this is the description of someone in emotional turmoil ... emotional turmoil leads to more emotional turmoil - it's a downward loop, a double-bind situation ... discordant vibrations mask the guiding source.

(21 Jan '12, 09:28) blubird two

@Stingray - so what to do if the signal is a double bind ? ... go outside the box ...........

(21 Jan '12, 14:30) blubird two

@blubird two - "go outside the box" - No, go into the Vortex :)

(21 Jan '12, 17:49) Stingray

@Stingray - thanks for the precision :)

(22 Jan '12, 02:40) blubird two
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A really good question! An issue I have lots of trouble with myself.

I got a lot of help on this subject from a book called The Four Agreements. It's very good for adjusting the way you look at life, if you're willing and have a desire to do so.

Ooh Ooh! I get to post the 4 agreements picture again... Here is a short summary of the four agreements if you're interested to get you started.

The Four Agreements


answered 12 Jan '12, 19:26

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Somebody recently told me about this book. My first thought was that these are things that I have discovered and was already doing or working on. Then, another person gave me a bookmark with these four statements on it. When I read it like this, I thought, wow, I have been teaching this to my son already. I had him read the bookmark and he said that I had been teaching him those things. Thanks for sharing. It would certainly be a better world if everybody lived by those rules.

(12 Jan '12, 22:18) Fairy Princess

It's amazing to me how often 'the wise' from many different origins have similar things to say. =)

(13 Jan '12, 00:17) Snow

This is a brilliant answer to a brilliant question ... thanks cassiopeia and Snow :)

(13 Jan '12, 00:39) blubird two

I've actually read this book, one of my old flatmates had it. it's a beautiful book, and I enjoyed it, but I find the four agreements to be kind of difficult to follow, because they sound easier to do than they really are. But they are good guidelines.

(20 Jan '12, 12:44) cassiopeia

Of course, it is always a case of easier said than done. =) But because of the many different ways these agreements can be applied it is very difficult to try and address problems one can experience. Perhaps if you encounter a particular topic that you are having complications with you could ask a question on it specifically.

I'm sure my personal topics of sensitivity are very different and probably would be unusual to you, so getting down to specifics without a little more to go on is hard.

(20 Jan '12, 13:12) Snow

Ok, being more specific: I know that I can change my beliefs about myself by consistently re-affirming specific thoughts, but first I have to know which new belief I want to adopt. So that instead of seeing myself as an over-emotional mess, I can re-frame this into something more positive. I don't necessarily want to be less sensitive, but to turn it into something positive.

(20 Jan '12, 14:35) cassiopeia

Love the four agreements. Thanks Snow.

(20 Jan '12, 16:29) Paulina 1
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Imagine yourself as the emotionally balanced person you want to me. When you think a thought, you release a chemical reaction, which in turn affects the 100 trillion cells in your body to take action accordingly. You start to feel. How you feel affects what you think. It turns into a loop. When the body becomes the mind, you've developed a habit. In time -- in 30 days -- you will become this new person, this emotionally balanced person. It takes work.

Keep it up.

Keep visualizing yourself being the person you wish to be. You are who you are right now because you've been subconsciously incorporating these steps your whole life, influenced by those around you -- your environment. It's time for a new influence: Be conscious of where you are right now, of who you want to be. Do the work. Think. Make it a habit to always remember who you want to be. Live the new you in this moment. And always remember the Law of Attraction...that circumstances don't matter. Only your state of being matters.




answered 20 Jan '12, 13:35

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@raym - welcome to inward quest :)

(20 Jan '12, 13:47) blubird two

Thanks! It's great being around like-minded people ^_^

I've actually been visualizing myself being in a place where I can share spiritual concepts. Well, well, well. The universe responded!

(20 Jan '12, 13:57) raym

@raym - yes i know the feeling :)

(20 Jan '12, 14:12) blubird two

Great answer. This is the advice that I would have given had anybody else asked this question... But I often forget my own advice, so it's good to be reminded :)

(20 Jan '12, 14:38) cassiopeia

Great answer Raym and welcome.

(20 Jan '12, 16:32) Paulina 1
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EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique - is an excellent tool to eliminate negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety, etc... It is very easy to learn, there are many resources on line including videos at youtube and posts here on inwardquest.


answered 12 Jan '12, 21:04

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Fairy Princess

My success rates with EFT aren't that great... and not for lack of trying, I've been doing it for years, have read all I could find on techniques on the net and have even seen two different EFT therapists in the past. It has been very helpful, miraculous even sometimes, but for me it's very hit-and-miss. That said, I still tap sometimes.

(20 Jan '12, 12:46) cassiopeia

i will say this: 1: know your self. 2:you have free will and are responsible of it.3: know others. 4: make your choice.

i know you will say this is to simple. if you think this it is because you do not know your self fully and you need to go deepper in your self to understand your though and emotion, your choice, and how other people fits in all of this.

also the best way to go deepper in one self is doing meditation with a pointed mind in awareness and concentration. if you do that you will gain insight of your self and will be able to remove the veils of the mind. i give you this link if you want to read about meditation i find it is a good one to describe it but i will stay with my own method that i have done has a child. http://swamij.com/witnessing.htm

has for being social or unsocial it is a duality and a label.

you might have your reason to be how you are. and you have free will like every one else. experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Jan '12, 21:28

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white tiger

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Thanks for your reply white tiger. But I wouldn't say that what you're saying is too simple, more the opposite! It is something that I try to do, though, but it's mroe of a long-term goal than an easily attainable short-term goal.

(20 Jan '12, 12:48) cassiopeia

each journey of a thousand miles start with on step. so make the first step and keep on walking. experience and enjoy.

(20 Jan '12, 13:24) white tiger

Love those words "Know thyself".

(20 Jan '12, 16:36) Paulina 1

well cassiopeia the best way is to not go in extremes or opposite it does not serve you. if you see a fork and need to make a choice follow the middle path. if you understand your left and right hand you can use them together. everything that is worth it is more long look at life it is long it endure yet it is so natural and simple. you can have a balence and harmonious life you have free will. experience and enjoy.

(21 Jan '12, 15:49) white tiger
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I also used to think that being hyper sensitive was a curse that I tried for a number of years to get rid of. Picking up on all and saundry is no fun especialy in the beginning when you have no idea that you are picking up on others.

Sometimes I would be bothered by the most bizare thoughts that had nothing to do with my life only to get a call or bump into someone that would repeat those thoughts word for word. It was than that I realized OK some of this stuff going on in my mind is nothing to do with me. I have a feeling the same happens to you so be vigilent when others talk or if you hear something or see something if that wasnt in your thoughts for a while beforehand.

Needless to say what you resist persists so resisting is the wrong way to go for it will only get worse. Accept the fact that you have a gift and that it was given to you for a reason no matter how awful it makes you sometimes feel. You can learn to utilize this gift to help others as in healing for it is a great healers tool.

The important thing here is to learn how to swith off and that comes with time as you realize and observe yourself you will eventualy come to the conclusion that you dont have to feel others stuff unless you want to. The best help for me was to live in the moment and to keep all electrical or battery operated appliences out of the bedroom especialy cell phones, TV's, computers and such. If possible unplugg them and get EMF protection which does wonders. It is since theese gadgets become commonplace that people from all walks of life seem to be becoming psychick. Of course that isnt the only reason but it is a major issue. Wishing you peace of mind.


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Being over-emotional and hypersensitive, in the way you describe it in your question, is an ego thing.

The ego is very fragile; show me someone who brags about everything they do, and I will show you someone who is deeply insecure about themselves.

There is a part of you in the center of your being, a white light of consciousness that is indestructible. You are part of God. Not the vengeful, hateful God of the Old Testament, but the compassionate, loving God of the New. Tap into that center, be more at one with it, and I think you will find that the fleeting words and actions of others will bother you less.

The best way that I can think of to tap into that center more fully is to be of service to others, and to give thanks and have gratitude for the abundance that surrounds us. Meditation also works.


answered 20 Jan '12, 16:55

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