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I have always been wondering if there is any kind of method or technique which allows you to shift your emotion quickly from negative to general then to positive? I know Abraham Hicks have been talking about creating the grid by just feel the feeling, but sometimes I just failed to shift my emotion successfully and it took me quite some time. I know EFT but I can't just use it anytime and I found myself a bit reluctant to use them when I am in slighly negativity because it requires some effort...

I am now reading up some materials on Sedona method because it seems to be another kind of emotional releasing method. However I am looking for method which help to shift my emotion quickly if there is any?

I also saw the chinese energetic method in inward quest but I was not sure if I used the method properly because sometimes it worked for me but sometimes it didn't...I don't mind re-study the materials if majority think this is the best one

Would you guys please share some insights or modalities that can quickly help shift your emotion or energy? I am very open minded to try any method.

Thanks in advance!

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(26 Sep '13, 08:07) CalonLan

good idea, but i prefer KFC haha

(30 Sep '13, 16:28) Chiun
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Every clearing technique focuses your attention on your problem + something that feels good or neutral. That way your brain drops the bad feeling and replaces it by a neutral or good feeling state instead.

  • EFT uses the touch of your fingers on your skin as a neutral feeling. And tapping on the meridian points releases subtle good feelings in the body.
  • With the Sedona Method you ask a question. The question and thinking about the answer causes you to blank out your thinking process for a split second. This millisecond of thoughtless space within you creates the neutral feeling that releases the bad feeling of your problem.
  • Chinese Energetics uses the midline as the neutral point.

They do all work. But to make them work, you have to consider some subtleties. Or they simply won't work. The simple rules are: (1.) aim, (2.) draw your bow and finally (3.) shoot at your target.

alt text

  1. "Aim at your target". IOW, notice how you know you have a problem. Do you feel it somewhere in your body? Do you see an image in your mind? Do you hear something in your head? Do you smell something? Whatever it is, just notice how you know you have a problem.
  2. "Draw your bow", meaning amplify your problem. If it's a feeling, make it stronger. If it's a picture, make it more vivid and bigger. If you look at yourself from the outside in that picture, step into your body instead to amplify the feeling. If you hear something, make it louder etc. Make some worst case scenerios up. Do anything you can to make your problem more intense.
  3. "Shoot at your target", meaning focus on your neutral trigger. If it's EFT focus on your fingers. If it's the Sedona Method, focus on the question. If it's Chinese Energetics, focus on your midline (for a split second).

The subtle secret to Chinese Energetics is to first focus on your problem... and then focus on your midline for a millisecond, and immediately bring your focus back to your problem (body feeling, picture, sound etc).

So it goes like this

Focus on problem --> Focus on midline for half a second or less --> Focus on problem again --> repeat...

Don't do it like this

Focus on problem --> Focus on midline and stay there --> Ask your self if the problem is gone or if it feels better now

Instead of using the midline, you can also use another neutral focusing point. For example, I often use the neutral feeling of my hands or feet. Usually they feel neutral even if I feel a huge problem.

Focus on problem --> Focus on hands/feet for a millisecond --> Focus on problem again

You can also make one up. The one I like is the vastness of the Universe.

Focus on problem --> Focus on the vastness of the Universe for half a second or less --> Focus on problem again

And repeat until the problem is gone completely.


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edited 26 Sep '13, 03:40

wow your insight is profound...thanks for the awesome answer..I am glad i ask the question in inwardquest Because what i tend to do in chinese energetic is to imagine a line from my lower chakra to my crown chakra and i thought i will really need a clear imagination of a straight line to have an effect... i guess i misunderstood chinese energetic a little bit, it is not about focusing on whole chakra line but the neutral point :D i guess i will try to practice them again ~

(26 Sep '13, 22:06) Chiun

besides, i use to hear the guy in chinese energetic mentioned about focusing the midline (neutral point) and the problem consecutively, even though I found that it was hard to focus 2 things at the same time, but do you think this is necessary?

(26 Sep '13, 22:10) Chiun

@Chiun You are welcome. I think imagination of the midline is fine as long as it helps to feel the midline and its neutrality. The way I do it is to feel the midline and it's neutral nature. I don't imagine anything. I guess I've used a wrong word here. "Neutral point" isn't accurate. Because the midline is a line, not a point :). So the correct word would be neutral line.

(27 Sep '13, 03:12) releaser99

"I found that it was hard to focus 2 things at the same time" It's not possible for anyone to focus on 2 things at once. When you try it, it might seem as if you can. But actually you are just switching rapidly. And this can be practiced and the method works faster then. But it's not necessary for the method to work for you. The following process should be enough:

Focus on problem as long as you want --> Focus on midline for half a second or less --> Focus on problem again --> repeat...

(27 Sep '13, 03:13) releaser99

Thanks again! So the point is just to feel the center in the body not necessarily a straight line and it doesn't matter if i think it is short or long?

(30 Sep '13, 16:31) Chiun
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for me ..'meditation" followed by 'quick gratitude" works best. with meditation our negative feelings are neutralised and ...gratitude then..takes us towards positivity. this is the best method that resonates with me.

hope this helps..

lots of love,light and blessings to you..

supergirl :))


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haven't thought about meditate then do quick gratitude, i have a feeling this might be another good way for me to practice, thanks for the sharing!

(26 Sep '13, 02:37) Chiun

yip...chiun..- my pleasure..:)) it really works.., cos..wen we are short of cosmic energy we feel negative and after meditation.., we gain that added energy from cosmos and tht's why our negative feelings are neutralised.

(26 Sep '13, 02:45) supergirl

I love your cosmo's analogy comment & your answer @supergirl connecting with cosmic energy is good enough to steal.. Will be using that phrase in the future.. I like it better than connecting with source energy.. Good thinking, sweetie..

(26 Sep '13, 02:51) ele

@ele..thank you darling.. :)))

(26 Sep '13, 03:02) supergirl

@supergirl cosmic spiritual energy - awesome..

(26 Sep '13, 05:33) ele
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The quickest way? See everything around you as thought, the problems you're having is a thought bundle, your body is a thought bundle, your annoying girlfriend is a thought bundle, the thing you think you want is a thought. You see our past is a thought, our future is a thought. If there is any kind of judgement of present it's a thought. What the thought! You see when you're feeling sad you just need to come back to present and see everything as thought. That inadequacy you feel now because you 'think' that you want something that'll somehow make you whole or somehow add happiness in your life. And when you're one with that thought it becomes real, because your self is engaged in that thought and giving it all it's power to pseudo-manifest the feeling or energy even if the thing you're worrying about is not real yet.

Miracle happens when instead of being involved you see everything around you as thought. Without fear you can let self-incriminating thoughts or some future failure thought come and go. You don't judge them or try to resist them. When you see them not be them, they have no power attached to them so don't worry they won't manifest. On the other hand if you're seeing them and judging them it means they're real for you otherwise why would you try to fend them off. So when you're a seer you see every thought as it comes and goes without doing anything. And all on it's own the thought drops. And you feel amazing bliss, like you've never felt before. It only goes up from there. See? Aren't you feeling amazing just by reading this answer? Isn't your emotional point raised to the highest? Bless you for asking such question. :)


answered 26 Sep '13, 05:20

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Pankaj Pal

thanks for the answer, i knew everything is thought form, which is also energy, but I keep forgetting about this. I guess I should remind myself everyday :)

(26 Sep '13, 22:15) Chiun
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