Knowing that you have the Power/God within you. Be the change you want to see in the world. An expanded me equals an expanded world.

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I would say...

Just be who you REALLY are and you'll play your part perfectly.

Don't try to conform to what anyone else thinks you should be, do or have.

And don't waste your time trying to make others conform to what you think they should be, do or have.

They'll never know the real YOU and you'll never know the real THEM. Just blaze out your own unique path in your physical world and allow others to do the same.

Just be YOU joyfully and eternally, and never, never, never apologize for being that YOU...because in being the unique joyful YOU that you really are, you will perfectly fulfill the role you intended to play in this transformation from your Broader Perspective - even if you never physically know what that role was.


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"Be the change you wish to see in the world" has always been one of my favourite quotes. I'd like to add to it: Focus on the change you wish to see in the world. I have a friend who used to constantly fret about the environment. She'd go online and read articles about forests being cut down, pollution, things like that. I kept suggesting to her to look for good news instead - read stories where species have successfully been brought off the 'endangered' list, stories about communities re-planting forests, etc. The more focus you put on these good things, the more you will notice them in the world around you. If more and more people do this, those stories will increase.

This is why I don't watch the news, and why I don't like advertisements for charity organisations that focus on guilting us into giving them money. I don't want to see an advert of millions of dying people - it makes me feel impotent and depressed, thinking "Well even if I gave money, what good is my meagre donation going to do? Plus the world sucks for having such injustice and now I'm depressed so I'm going to spend my money on getting blind drunk so I don't have to think about it any more" (lol, extreme example but you get the gist). Instead, show me an ad that shows how, with a bit of help from donors, an orphaned girl from Africa has been able to go to school, and is now a doctor saving lives. This makes me feel proud of my fellow humans who have helped achieve this, it makes me feel like I want to be a part of making such changes in the world.

It's just like Abraham Hicks says - if you want to improve your relationship with someone, or feel that their negative traits are getting to you, put as much focus as you can on their positive traits. It may be hard at first, but just try to notice the things you like about someone. Many people who have tried this find that the more they notice, the more a person starts acting in that way. The reverse is true too. The more someone's negative trait bugs you, the more situations in which their negative trait will manifest itself for you.

So I'd suggest - focus on the stories you read about people becoming enlightened. Notice how people are starting to wake up. When someone who is not usually spiritual says something that even suggests in the least bit that they are starting to 'wake up', pay attention to it, praise it, feel gratitude for it. Gratitude is another key. It's such a powerful energy. Simply imagining mass transformation and feeling gratitude to that imagined situation helps.


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