I have been pondering this a while and decided to write this question.

I have been reading the "Tenth Insight" in this book it talks about our life vision and how lifetime after lifetime we come back to try to achieve some life vision purpose.

I started pondering this and came to the conclusion that whether we do or don't achieve it there is little difference in the span of eternity.

Even if we do improve the world for the future generations then we deny them the experience and opportunity to change it.

In other words we came to change the world, we came to have this word changing experience. But once we change it, no others will ever experience the world the way we did before we changed it.

They will not get to experience the joy of accomplishment of fixing that same something that was wrong in the world.

Think of it this way, you watch a good murder movie and there is a long line of people waiting to see the movie. You tell everyone as you walk out what a great movie that was and you'll never guess it was the butler that killed him in the end! Everyone would turn around and say, "Oh great thanks for ruining the end, what is the point of watching it now!"

Another example is you are playing with a toy that you plan to share but you accidentally break it before passing it to your friend. He says "oh great it is broken now, why give it to me?"

So in conclusion I have to think no matter how prefect and like Heaven we try to make life there must always be something wrong. There must always be something to fix, some bad guy to capture so someone can be a hero for capturing him.

There used to be a television show called "Fantasy Island" where people came to experience their fantasises. Thinking of Earth life and all we come to experience here I see that for to experience the full range of experience from extreme bliss to extreme terror we need to have the full range to experience. That is kind of mind blowing because it says as Shakespeare said "This world is only a play, and all the people are just the actors."

If this is truly correct no matter how much we change the world it will always need changing and not necessarily for the better. In other words we need the bandits so the sheriffs can say "Don't worry I'm on the job." In a utopian world there can be no heroes, no excitement so that experience would be denied.

A utopian world is the destruction of division, it gets rid of the polar opposites. Those would be a new world of experience of a higher caliber to experience that presently doesn't exist which puts this in a bit of a paradox! If there are people ready to move into this new world and at the same time there are many that are not, this is a paradox, both can't exist. It seems humanity will have to choose the old or new. But either way not everyone will be satisfied, many will want the old and many will want the new. But to bring the new would deny the old to be experienced by others wanting to experience that world.

So what do you surmise of this postulation? Could changing the world for the better deny those that want to experience the joy of changing the world for the better?

Without Snidly Whiplash, Penelopy could not experience the thrill of her life being in peril and the relief of being rescued by Dudly Doright. All three need each other to be able to experience the things all three experience. Remove Snidly Whiplash and Penelopy is bored and Dudly Doright has no one to rescue so he never meets Penelopy to fall in love with her. So making the world better for them by removing the bad actually made it worse.

(I know I watched too many cartoons as a kid! If that is possible, you can't ever watch too many! Lol.)

To put this in an algebraic equation, we'll call attacker A, victim V and hero H, lastly experience of all E.

A+V+H=E, E=A+V+H

To have that experience that each came to have all three must exist. The bad, the good and the one that feels tossed between helplessly, the neutral.

This is a very interesting parallel to the, electron, neutron and proton. They all need each other to be one atom.

asked 03 Jan '13, 12:34

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited 03 Jan '13, 22:24

Thousand years ago they were changing the world, and thousand years after we're changing it still. In the next thousand years from now, although already changed for over thousand times, be wanting to change the world people nonetheless will.

So I wouldn't worry about what people will miss, I too didn't get to hunt mammoths either. No regrets there.

(03 Jan '13, 14:14) CalonLan

Abraham says its all about eternal expansion ,I think the world and future gens will be just fine experiencing their contrasts of their own making @CalonLan , I believe you may have actually enjoyed the challenge of mammoths ;-)

(03 Jan '13, 19:23) Starlight

So well never get to the Golden Age, everything is perfect. No crime of any kind, no problems to solve, nothing to fix or improve. At first this sounds like Utopia, but I guess it would be more like stagnation.

(03 Jan '13, 20:22) Wade Casaldi

Would you want to live in a world where everything was predictable , sameness gets boring after a while , thats why there will always be contrast . Today I like this potato leek soup but tomorrow it could need salt , lol

(03 Jan '13, 20:41) Starlight

There are some good points here, but it does seem to argue against the ascension of the planet. Because we are here precisely to experience contrast.

(03 Jan '13, 22:09) Wade Casaldi
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we then move on in our development
realizing that we move and live in spirit
and perhaps become kosmokraters
for a new earth


answered 04 Jan '13, 20:45

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The propet Muhammad peace be upon him said that a man in Paradise will request Allah to let him grow plants, this even though he is in Jannah most flattering destination. This demonstrates how humans have the natural desire to flourish and always have aspirations in life


answered 22 Jan '13, 12:52

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edited 22 Jan '13, 12:54

Exactly a farmer or gardener would not be happy to just have his food appear fully grown to perfection ready to eat. They would want to cultivate it help it to grow, that was their joy.

(22 Jan '13, 12:59) Wade Casaldi

wade, perfection is a man made misnomer, especially the way the human intellect imagines it to be. a golden age still has much to work on, until all the weight and dross of material form is purified. it will take many of what we call earth years

(22 Jan '13, 20:16) fred

there is only one who is perfect,and this one contain all that is,is word is truth and he is truthfull,in him there is no division,but unity everlasting,in this i testify.let that be for this world the example to follow to make a world below that can represent the above.

(22 Jan '13, 23:11) white tiger
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well you came here to experience this world so the good and the bad all ready exist in truth. but you do not see how 1 relate to the other in truth. misery and failiure is always lurking at the corner. should you stop your self from making this world a better place? if i offer you shit or a nice meals for supper what is your choice? should i give you the nice meal? or say to you no you need to eat shit first to experience and know what is misery? eventually they will experience some misery and will need to find way to improve this world it is part of the experience. but if they say no we should not do that other wise people that come after us will not eat shit and will not know what is misery. then this world would be dead a long time ago. think about the age of stone where people where freezing well they hunted planted made fire. they did not say lets not do that other wise people that come after us will not experience misery. you see people that forget what you did in the future will face the same misery and will need to improve their world also.but if they do not improve their world they stay trap in the same misery and so will all the next generation after them.so let there be light,Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


answered 03 Jan '13, 22:03

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white tiger


Thank you white tiger you have just shown me my question needs to be reworded very much. But now I can experience the joy of making it better. :-)

That was the real point I was trying to make anyway.

(03 Jan '13, 22:16) Wade Casaldi

Aaah@white tiger , I cracked up laughing as I read this , still sniggering as I write , subtle in this instance you are not , but sometimes I do have difficulty understanding what you mean. All's good though, makes for an interesting mix or expansion ;-) ♥♥♥

(04 Jan '13, 00:04) Starlight

well @starlight that is exactely what i have done give answer to a level that people could understand. the subtle is still there to see if you have the eyes for it. and are able to understand.sometime there is a need to make something very simple very complex for someone to understand.if they do not have the experience they are lost and cannot understand then you need complexity to illustrate what you say.

(04 Jan '13, 01:09) white tiger

Fair comment @white tiger :-)

(04 Jan '13, 03:24) Starlight
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