We make many choices during the day and I think one of the more decisive choices we make is the money we spend. We decide who's going to stay in business and who isn't. Thank you for your thoughts.

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The most powerful way to spend your dollar is to give it to someone who needs it.




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At first I scoffed this question as not spiritual and not on topic but the more I considered it I have come to agree it actually is. This is the issue that holds us back from growing is money, it is why so much on Inward Quest is on manifesting.

It is the principle that should be taught in school but never gets taught. I remember listening to Brian Tracy saying how the one thing schools should teach they never teach! If the majority of society knows nothing of how to grow money then the majority of society is constantly poor and miserable wondering how to make ends meet.

You can not search for spiritual happiness when you are buried in debt wondering what can you do to survive.

So the question of how to multiply that one dollar comes to mind that if we could understand how to multiply that one dollar on this small scale we can then apply it to larger scale. Five dollars, Ten dollars, Twenty Dollars, Fifty dollars, each time using a higher bill until we are using thousand dollar bills multiplying them.

Until we can handle money and grow it we struggle and can not even think of spiritual happiness.

In the book "The richest man in Babylon." a boy is asked if he wants a book or a bag of gold. The boy at once says, "I'll take the bag of gold!" Most people would say so too. King Solomon was very wealthy, he chose wisdom as the thing he wanted to gain.

The question then comes what wisdom? You can learn very much and still never learn how to grow money. I think it is the wisdom of how money grows. There is a story Jesus said of a father giving coins to his sons, two sons invested and grew the money and the third son buried the money it did not grow at all.


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I think the most powerful way to spend a dollar is to purchase organic locally grown foods. Food is a basic need for most of us on Earth. For us to function at our peak we have to look at those basic needs like food and water. The more Life force energy/Chi your food has, the more energy you will have. By purchasing and growing fresh organic food we are empowering ourselves at a very basic and profound level and we are giving our body and mind the nutrients and energy it was designed to run on.
Also, by just buying fresh organic local food we could create a significant change here on Earth. We would lessen the need for fossil fuels, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, and doctor visits. We would also give ourselves the best scenario for feeling good, great even.



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