So here is the deal. My goal is to manifest $25.000 every month. Now I would be more than ok with much less money but with that kinda cash I could do whatever I want (live in a luxury apartment, travel and stay at nice hotels, buy designer clothes, eat in fancy restaurants etc.) At first I set my goal at $3000 a month but then I said to myself "why limit myself and not go after what I really want!?"

But here is the "problem":

-I only have a part-time job so my income every month is around $300. (I still live with my parents)

After reading I'm not sure that I can go straight from $300 to $25.000. But on the other hand I don't want to proceed slowly (for example from $300 to $500, from $500 to $1000 etc.) It's just not my style. :D

So is it possible to go vibrationally from $300 to $25.000?

The second "problem" I have is:

-I believe that the only way to get this kind of money is if I win a lottery or a jackpot. I know I'm closing other doors with that belief so that's why I'm asking:

Should I change that belief or focus on winning the lottery?

Stingray, as always it would be great if you could answer my question (your answers truly resonate with me). As for all others your help is greatly appreciated as well. :)

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It's absolutely possible to go from $300 to any amount you want.

It's like manifesting anything else: build you energy up to a peak(with visualization, emotions, feelings etc etc, whichever technique works best for you) and then let it go completely and utterly.

But the key is in that you mustn't question how can you get 25 000$ a month. Just know that you can and that you will get them. Because anything is possible. Your phisycal mind isn't even capable to know how things will happen! Maybe you will get cheques in the mail every month, maybe you will win the lottery, maybe you'll find money in the street, maybe someone will give you money without any particular reason!! Anything is possible, there are infinite possibilities. Infinite! Don't question too much..

So don't burden yourself with the hows, whats, whens,whys..As yourself instead "why not ?"


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I'm sorry but I'm not gonna lie to you.. :P

Here's the problem.. it's your belief system..

do you really believe that tomorrow someone is just come up to you and say let me give you 25k a month?

The fact about manifesting is.. you can only manifest what you believe.. so shall we roll out this bashar quote..

q: by our thoughts are choices and our imaginings as you said "we create our reality"

b: through your beliefs and definitions you create your reality your beliefs and definitions determine what kind of feelings, and thoughts and behaviors you exhibit

that then reinforce the reality you have created with your belief

but BELIEF is the blueprint it's the first step, the definition is the key, not just the thought..

I know that some people on your planet "interchange" those concepts and say "thoughts create your reality" what they really mean is the basic fundamental belief creates the reality, what you believe is true is what you experience, then your thoughts will go hand in hand to reinforce that

bashar "15 minutes and counting" about minute 109 or minute 3 part 14

Just like the person above posted.. yah it's possible to do any amount you want.. but I don't think you are just gonna leap to 25k a month.. but you can leap to $500 and than you can make it/bridge to $1k.. you have to work within your belief system.. and that's my advice..

So here are several things you can do to manifest this..

1 have no expectations

(do not expect tomorrow or next week or next year or your just gonna get a raise and it will solve this for you..

2 set it and forget it.. means ask and be done with this.. though you can certainly do things like "rampages of appreciation etc." it's not bad ;)

3 just be open to new possibilities and new ideas.. and take action on them if it's exciting.. (if you can) in fact following bashars "follow your excitement" recipe wouldn't be to bad either ;)

4 once a day do this meditation.. (or practice the tools) know that your doing it to CLEAR belief systems.. the belief systems that can manifest in your life and make it harder for you to achieve that 25k every month so fast.. this doesn't mean you stop doing #1 NO EXPECTATIONS!!


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As @jydeda says "saturate your subconscious with the idea until it overflows, saturate your subconscious with the idea until it overflows, saturate your subconscious with the idea until it overflows" ... keep going with your plenty vibe and at the same time remain detached as to how and when it manifests into your reality, Remember that money is just a playful tool ,,, bundles of paper, stacks of metal, just numbers ,,, you're the one with all the power.

Here's a simple and practical method of saturating your subconscious with the idea until it overflows; we communicate with our subconscious using symbols:

Use this symbol

alt text

write your idea on a small piece of white card using a graphite pencil and place it on the center of the symbol.

place a photo of yourself on top of the written idea.

align the drawing with magnetic north

and let it be, let it be, let it be

this setup acts like a pump it keeps pumping the idea to the point of overflow


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Ok Timmy, lets be brutally honest here. If you were able to pull this one off you wouldn't be on here asking how to do it ...right? You would have done this and would doubtless be letting us all know how we could too. Nothing wrong with that.

Your a little too far vibrationally from the 25 the moment. But you will get there, just not in one go.

Ive been on the kind of money your on now, and I know that going from that amount to 25k a month will be one hell of a " big deal" . The amount of excess "importance" will be monumental, this will hold up the manifestation.

So how to bridge the gap? You can do this using many ways, you could use 4th dimensional methods to aid the manifestation or 3 dimensional work for it. Or you could blend the two. My strategy would be to secure some work and begin to slowly increase your earnings. This would then begin to eat into the amount of importance and " big dealness" that this large amount would generate.

They do say that " money goes to money" Timmy. Now that doesn't mean that cash magnetically draws more cash, I means that those with a little money havnt got the desperation and neediness for extra money, so as the importance is lowered the extra money flows in. It flows because the recipient isn't too worried if it comes or not, and when you get to this state of consciousness the money rolls in. In fact when you get to the " couldn't give a damn" stage, manifestation is more or less automatic.

Decrease the " leap" of amounts and you will more comfortably achieve this. Make your steps smaller and do anything and everything you can to skim off any of the dreaded importance and neediness.


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Monty Riviera

Saturate your subconscious with the idea until it overflows. Saturate your subconscious with the idea until it overflows. Saturate your subconscious with the idea until it overflows. Saturate your subconscious with the idea until it overflows.


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I'm probably too late to this conversation but here's my 0.02

I completely agree with those who said the leap from $300/mo to $25K/mo is too large and there's a few reasons why you should make that leap in more gradual ways...

  1. If you go from $300/mo to $25K/mo overnight, you'll freak out and a few things may happen. You might go on a spending spree (hello, back to being broke) as a result of not having experience with managing that kind of sum, you might start worrying about money "What if I don't make that much next month? Let's say you just got hired for a new job and the salary is steady. You might start worrying "What if they discover I'm a fraud? A nobody? What if someone better comes along and I get fired?"

  2. Since you didn't learn how to make that money, if you lose it, you don't know how to get it back and that creates a whole new level of anxiety that you're unprepared to deal with.

  3. $25K/mo isn't a lot for some people but for some people (like yourself), it's a ginormous amount that promises a life of freedom. In order for you to become a vibrational match to $25K/mo, you need to feel comfortable with that kind of sum. If you're jumping for joy and reaching for the credit card to buy new toys, you're not "comfortable". You're comfortable when that kind of money in your bank account leaves you unfazed. It's like when you start a new job. It takes a while to get comfortable with the new tasks, your co-workers, the building, etc... After a few months as you settle in, it doesn't feel new anymore. You're "comfortable". You need to reach that feeling with money too. Otherwise it's like someone hiring you for a job that requires skills way over your head. Eventually you'll crack because you can't handle it and you'll either quit or get fired.

Go gradual... $1000/mo is a big enough leap at first. Take on a 2nd part-time job if you can and start saving money... watch your bank account grow. Then aim for $2K/mo... and so on. By the time you reach $25K/mo in your mind, you will also have acquired new skills, experiences and your beliefs about money will most likely have changed as well.

Patience :)


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