I ask, because I have tried to play it many times, and every time after a while the game became an unbearable chore, so I stopped.

It is usually fun while buying some fancy stuff initially, but sooner or later I run out of things to buy around a given price range. As an example if you are looking at the sub-£50,000 range, then there are only so many gold coins, Mont Blanc pens and top-of the-range cameras you can buy. But I have to keep buying every day, and soon I am buying things I never wanted and never will, just to make up the numbers.

The other problem is the time it takes to research. You have to search for the products you want, and record realistic prices. I found that it often takes more than 30-45 minutes just to get through one day... and gets harder when you have nothing to buy really, but forcing yourself to fill your daily quota.

As the days progress and the daily amounts increase, you are looking at longer time to research. An ideal kitchen, or a new swimming pool - if you are playing realistically - takes time to find at the right price (as you cannot go over your daily limit). And once you have done the kitchen and medium-sized car, what are you going to buy until you have reached the level of buying a new house? I often had to spend hours buying a dozen small (unnecessary) things because I have run out of ideas in that money range, and I am nowhere near buying a house or a supercar.

I think the premise of the game is flawed. I don't think people want more money so they can buy new stuff every day. People want more money so they can buy what they want when they want. Compared to ten years ago, my net worth is now more than ten times what it was back then. I own less physical objects today than I did then.

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The Prosperity Game is an old Abraham process - early 2000's I would guess.

When it first came out, I probably played it for several months in a row and I quite enjoyed it. When it eventually became boring, I stopped playing.

Some points about the game...

  • If you are not finding it fun to spend the money, it is doing nothing for you, vibrationally. You are doing nothing more than a boring accounting exercise :) The game is valuable for (among other things) making you feel light and free about spending money

  • The bringing-more-prosperity to your life aspect of the game is actually secondary. The primary purpose of the game is more of an exercise in imagination. If you can't think of things you want money for, you are going to find it more difficult to find reasons to attract it...desire always comes first.

  • If you are playing the game properly, it will be virtually impossible for anyone else to tell whether you are talking about the game or instead physical reality when you tell them things like "I bought a new Ferrari today"...I used to do this quite a bit to other people :)

  • Because it's an old process, there are more elegant ways these days to achieve the same emotional effect that the game offers. Today, I would just generate a Prosperity Grid instead - in a fraction of the time - and it comes with the added bonus that you are not inadvertently retriggering any resistance about money because you are starting from a pure vibrational place

  • Because the game requires little understanding of metaphysical principles, it's a good introductory-level exercise for newcomers to reality creation ideas. Perhaps it feels a bit too basic/simplistic for you, which is why you might find it frustrating to play.

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Thanks, makes sense. This is I guess another example where a method of alignment becomes less potent over time.

(07 Nov '17, 04:28) cod2

@cod2 - "method of alignment becomes less potent over time" - I think it's more that the mass consciousness (which includes consciousnesses like mine and yours) has evolved to be able to understand more refined approaches. A few decades ago, many people believed saying/writing dozens of affirmations a day was the way to go (I used to do it myself). Now just conjuring up a quick emotion on demand and pointing it at your desire is just (if not far more) effective.

(07 Nov '17, 11:18) Stingray
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