I feel I need to give you all thanks for praying for me when I was in the hospital. Real improvement has occurred and although I am home and hooked to a wound pump and IVs, I am very happy with the results of your prayers. Thank you!

This got me to thinking about how to say "thank you" in general. Have you ever received a favor that you returned with an unusual thanks? And how about God? How do you say , "Thanks!" to Him?

Thankful Blessings, Jai February 21, 2010

asked 21 Feb '10, 18:39

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The best way you can say "Thank You" is to continue taking care of yourself and getting better every day.

(22 Feb '10, 21:11) Vesuvius

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I think the most powerful way of saying thank you is to pay it forward. When we have been the recipient of a good deed, it is nice to acknowledge it and say thank you to the giver, but I think real gratitude happens when we are able to share or pass on the benefit to another - by giving we learn that we receive more than we can ever give. As for God he doesn't need our thanks - when we thank or help another we are in fact thanking Him.Glad you're improving Jai:-)


answered 21 Feb '10, 19:51

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I think the power of the words 'thank you' is vastly underestimated.

"Thank you God" - affects me much more than something like "all honour and glory and power to you O Lord". It is heart felt.

A nice, and true, story for you. Last week someone confessed to ripping off a little old lady with roof insulation. The little old lady was so genuinely grateful that he was there to help that she hugged him as she said thank you. Those words and actions played on his mind so much he came back to confess what he did and asked that she allow him to repay her some way or t'other.

She did.. I rather think that she may have found 'a son' and he 'a mother'.

Bad things happen for good reasons sometimes.


answered 22 Feb '10, 02:59

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The beauty about a simple story like this is that it helps restore all our faith in humanity - thanks for sharing:-)

(22 Feb '10, 12:54) Michaela
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