Ok, hey everyone! I'm fairly new here - have been stalking for maybe a week or two - but am quite familiar with the LOA.

My question is quite simple how to just overcome my fear. I've found that the fear stems from domestic violence I experienced as a child, aspects of the religion I was doused in - the fear of Armageddon or not being 'saved', abandonment by my father, and being raised as a codependent. I've found that I feel I am unworthy of many things, mainly love, whatever I am passionate about, etc. And then from that fear sprouts anger and I find myself angry at every little thing. Whatever projects I start I give up; relationships seem to end as soon as they begin. If I try to prolong them, it seems as though the world ends. Ok, maybe an exaggeration, but stuff comes crumbling down.

Since discovering LOA, I've been able to manifest what some would call 'small things', i.e. parking spots, green lights. I thought I'd be able to dive deeper into LOA by practicing ThetaHealing and The One Command - I'm not sure if any are familiar with it, but you generally lower the frequency of your levels to theta i.e. God's presence and state a command which you have faith to be fulfilled. Well, I've done that multiple times, to no avail. I was starting to doubt that I was going deep enough and not getting to theta, but then I had the telltale signs that I was - REM, no other thoughts, feelings of serenity and bliss.

So now I'm stuck wondering WTH!!! I just wanted to feel unobstructed, capable of manifesting whatever I desire and I just can't. I mean the positive feelings will be there for some time, but they go away in the twinkling of an eye. I just feel like there is a huge wall in front of me that I can't fly over, dig under, walk around, straight through, NOTHING.

I don't mean to go on a seemingly endless rant. I just really, seriously need some help here. Any answers and advice are greatly appreciated.


asked 16 Jan '12, 12:03

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there is no fear but fear it self.fear is the only darkness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRSjzY0s0SM&feature=related be in the light of truth have faith and trust in god. you are in god and god is in you. experience and enjoy.

(16 Jan '12, 12:53) white tiger

@RaVonn - when we see a wall blocking the path just keep hammering it with all your strength till one or the other crumbles ... have fun :)

(16 Jan '12, 13:17) blubird two

@white tiger: I absolutely love that quote! I guess yesterday, I'd gotten really down and let lower vibrations overshadow my optimism. @bluebird: Thanks for the vibrational buffer. I really needed it.

(17 Jan '12, 10:55) RaVonn

blubird i have another one for the wall you say to the wall will you move out of my path willingly or unwillingly. what is your choice?

(19 Jan '12, 00:40) white tiger

you are welcome ravon. experience and enjoy.

(19 Jan '12, 00:42) white tiger
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EFT- Emotional Freedom Techique- is a technique that combines tapping on pressure points with a talking script to connect you with the feeling that you want to neutralize. It is an excellent tool to eliminate negative emotions, fears, phobias, anxiety, limiting beliefs, etc... There are several posts here on IQ about it, videos online, etc... to learn how to do it. I hope it helps.


answered 16 Jan '12, 12:20

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Fairy Princess


Here is a link to questions on this site tagged "eft": http://www.inwardquest.com/tags/eft/

(16 Jan '12, 13:15) Stingray

Thank you for the link Stingray.

(16 Jan '12, 13:25) Fairy Princess

Thanks. I'd delved (sp?) into EFT a while back then dropped it for the Z Point process. I'll try it again, this time til I start seeing permanent results.

(17 Jan '12, 10:51) RaVonn
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Know that you are on the right path. We all have setbacks. Sometimes I think I am something special, and then I get a kick in the butt to remind me who is in charge. Then, I turn it on myself and I am to blame for the disappointment. Stay focused on improving your perception of who you are and what you are capable of. Know that you are universal, and can change your life in a blink, with an ounce of faith in yourself. You are the creator of your dream, that is how much power you have.


answered 17 Jan '12, 20:56

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The Knights Alchemy

I discovered L.O.A four years ago and it is only now that i have truly learnt to use it. If you think you are struggling, try four whole years! Dont struggle to hold onto your relationships, you are not that hard to handle. Maybe practising L.O.A on a big scale is not the right time for you, stick to the small things, dont disillusion yourself, it takes time. I spent time practising such big things that I got so low when they would'nt happen, I secretly just didnt think I was worth it. I am now asking for bigger and bigger things, not on a grand scale, just bigger and better each time. Start by asking to get through the next 48 hours with three good things, i.e you want to hear a good song, you want to see someone you like etc, it can seem small but it can work if you keep repeating it. Dont be dragged down as soon as you have a negative space, these are boring, repetitve and they dont last!! xxx


answered 17 Jan '12, 17:05

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Red Shoes

I took your advice and you're right! I asked for more like 10 things (I get a little greedy lol) and it hasn't even been 3 days and most of them have manifested. I guess I get down in funks because I remember my rapid manifestations (somehow I awakened my kundalini energy, albeit for a short time, other manifestations) and my impatience sets in and then I just feel, well blah. I do remember I Think Paramahamsa Nithyananda on Youtube who said just have simple will to manifest. Simple.

(19 Jan '12, 10:40) RaVonn
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