I have been studying Abraham for a while and a few things still haven't closed in my mind.

One of the things I'm particularly interested in is how to regain full alignment when you have been depressed for a while. In some videos they say you can't bridge far off emotions immediately, that you supposedly have to go through the spectrum.

In other videos they encourage people to drop fear and worry by focusing on stuff that is working in their life, or in other terms, positive thoughts.

I guess the Bashar formula of following your highest excitement at every moment that you can with no insistence on the outcome would correspond the latter. So does generating the energy of excitement automatically dissolve patterns of resistance that are held in the body?

Because some healers say you need to feel into the discomfort whereas Abraham sometimes say there is no bottom to exploring negative states so you need to tune into something else and that will open up the gates so to speak.

Some clarification on all that would be much appreciated :)


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Is it possible to go from fear or depression to joy without having to go through the inbetween emotions?

It is certainly possible to jump from Depression to Joy and it is easier to do so than going from Boredom to Joy.

Whether you can jump straight to the top of the scale without going through the other emotions really depends how strongly you are "stuck" in the Depression/Fear. All habits of thought (beliefs) are just that, habits.

If you are generally a good-feeling person and you are just temporarily focusing in the Depression/Fear range, it will be much easier to springboard right to the top of the Emotional Scale.

Abraham Emotional Scale

If however you have a strong habits of thought keeping you at the Depression/Fear level then you will likely have to put in some effort towards shifting that habitual vibrational setpoint.

The most effective strategy I've found for Fear/Depression-focused people is to use Abraham's Moving Up The Emotional Scale method to get yourself up to the Anger level (at least) - this may take some days if the Fear/Depression is a very strong habit.

Then I think there's no choice but to experience some kind of anger if you have been vibrating at the Depression/Fear level for some time.

Once you are at Anger and above, you are in range of methods like Focus Blocks/Wheels to jump up quickly to the neutral range (EFT will work as well).

Then from a neutral-ish area, you can apply Positive Aspects to get yourself up to the top levels of the scale, and confirm it with a Rampage of Appreciation.

(See the Advanced Focus Blocks Vortex Entry Method for more information about moving from the Anger range to Joy)


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@Stingray Awesome! Thank you dude :)

(30 Nov '18, 10:00) Surfgrass

@Surfgrass - You're welcome :)

(02 Dec '18, 14:22) Stingray

I feel like I'm the world's slowest learner. My start in life taught me to suppress anger and pretend to feel okay to survive. It has taken me so long to be able to acknowledge that I am/was numb, and to be honest about how I really feel. Let alone to be able to feel some anger with some regularity. Like 10+ years into knowing about deliberate creation, maybe even 15? Holy moly... a slow learner, lol!

(02 Dec '18, 23:34) corduroypower

@corduroypower- I also am slow; ask @Stingray! But is it really "slow"? Taking down defenses that seemed to work in keeping me safe has not been at all easy. My abuse history would curl your hair. Sometimes I feel I will never "learn", either. Just feeling anything is difficult for me. But I do have more centeredness and peace than I did... I have even begun reading all of Stingray's stuff. (Grin) You aren't alone in this. ♡

(03 Dec '18, 12:18) Jaianniah

@corduroypower @Jaianniah - I can relate to you in terms of childhood abuse. When I was 18 years old (ten years ago) I had no sense of self, was totally lost, had no idea where to go and what to do with life. I felt chronically bad (of course) and my life was just so difficult. But I can tell you that it's possible for "us", too. It's always possible to tell another story and to release the traumas and wounds.

(13 Dec '18, 12:46) spacemetalfantasy

I think when you have had a very difficult childhood and life, there are many, many layers that you have to go through in order to "come out at the other side". And sometimes that can feel as though you're not progressing at all. I know about these LOA ideas for 4 years, but just this autumn I have realized that my emotions are the most important thing. Being a very logical and analytical person, I've always approached these ideas...

(13 Dec '18, 12:48) spacemetalfantasy

...with a logical way of thinking. And when you do this, you're changing the way you're thinking but not the way you're vibrating. And thus, life just stays the same and/or changes extremely slowly. The first step is definitely to get a feeling for yourself again and to ask yourself during the day: "How do I feel? Am I tensing up? Do I breathe or do I stop breathing?" EFT is a wonderful tool that can help you release these yucky emotions quickly...

(13 Dec '18, 12:52) spacemetalfantasy

...and painless. It definitely transformed my life and without it, I wouldn't be where I am today. And I can definitely recommend generating positive emotions like security, ease, and happiness every day. It made all the difference for me.

(13 Dec '18, 12:54) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - thank you! I'm slowly discovering some of this for myself. I still get stuck when I realize that I don't like something or don't want to do it, but I still have a lot of beliefs that I have to do the thing, there's no other choice. It's so freaking SLOOOOOW! I really appreciate you saying that there's lots of layers and progress can feel really slow, because it's taken me a decade+ to realize that maybe the "you can change instantly" message doesn't help me.

(13 Dec '18, 15:13) corduroypower

I don't know what it is about EFT, but I can't make it work. I always wonder if it's because my numbness and not really being able to sense how I feel is more present than I realize, so I can't actually feel the shift very accurately. Also, I've realized how much I tend to pretend to feel better to please the authority figure, if the "authority figure" is just an EFT tapping manual LOL.

(13 Dec '18, 15:15) corduroypower

@corduroypower - you're welcome. Do you have the belief that "I have to do uncomfortable things, this is just the way things work"? That just came to my mind :) No, changing instantly is not possible. But what is possible is slow and steady progress.

(19 Dec '18, 13:08) spacemetalfantasy

@corduroypower - Concerning EFT - yes it definitely works better when you can feel your issues but from my experience it also works when you just do it with words and language only. I'm an EFT practitioner and if you'd like to, we could do a session together over Skype (for free). If not (that is totally fine) you can start with "Even tough EFT doesn't work for me and I dont' feel my emotions, I completely love and accept myself".

(19 Dec '18, 13:11) spacemetalfantasy

@corduroypower - Instead of starting with the "difficult" things like limiting beliefs, start very gently. "Even tough EFT doesn't work for me, I completely love and accept myself anyway" and "Even though I can't do it right and rather please the manual, I completely love and accept myself anyway" and "Even though I feel like I don't make progress with this, I completely love and accept myself completely."

(19 Dec '18, 13:15) spacemetalfantasy

@corduroypower - What this tapping on the Karate chop point does (the sentence "Even though... I love and accept myself completely anyway) is that it serves as a psychological reversal and this opens the door for success even if you feel like EFT doesn't work you. Have fun with this. And even if you don't feel like something has changed after tapping, wait a few days and it would surprise me a lot if things didn't start changing for you. Merry Christmas :)

(19 Dec '18, 13:18) spacemetalfantasy
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maybe one needs to find
balance, fear is paralyzing,
misplaced beliefs take soul
searching for truth


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