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@Ursixx in his reply to Jai on 'the mind of god what is hell truly like should you be worried question answered that - The fear of harm to loved ones is hard to escape. I'd like to collaborate on this in separate question, because I want to address FEAR itself, not so much what the hell is like or Satan himself.

When you fully understand that your reality is your CHOICE, it no longer will be your PRISON. No longer will FEAR exists, because CHOICES does not create FEARS. It is NOT HAVING a CHOICE and knowing ONLY ONE way that does.

I completely agree that 'satan' can only pull out strings on your fears. Where there is no fear there is no torment. What it was Buddha said - "The secret of existence is to live without fear".

To let go of a fear, any fear, one must understand how fear is created. When you are afraid of death, it's because you think it's IMPORTANT to live. Where you create positive judgment of importance, you automatically instill possibility of fear on the opposite side... If A is important to you, then you create possibility of fear if A is endangered.

Then there would be question, what makes you assign any degree of importance to anything. It's done through beliefs, beliefs are based off definitions of things.

Change the definition -> beliefs are changed too -> way of life changes -> fear disappears.

I know the idea that your loved ones might be hurt may not appeal to many. Especially if the self-created prison of life's preferences and one's reality is given high priority as well. And I'm gonna brutally honest and straightforward here...It does not matter if your kids or other loved ones die, they are gonna die anyway, one day, some way. What makes people think that NOW is not the right time, that a minute later would be better. Everybody on this planet is ALONE. ON THEIR OWN. No family, no friends, no followers, no leaders, no community or society or group of people shall comfort you. Once people understand their are on their OWN, always and forever. They will become free. Depend on no-one and have no-one depend on you. Then it doesn't matter what happens to anyone else. Your loved one died? And so what? Thousand people died, if you cry for the one you loved and not the other thousand people, what that makes you ? People say, but those others didn't matter to me, because I didn't know them. They have their freedom so close and don't see it. - NOTHING MATTERS. Not your loved ones, not strangers half the world away. There's the freedom - in understanding that NOTHING MATTERS.

People feel the need to find the importance in the constructs of their mind. That is what holds them prisoner to it.

They create their own fears through liking of their illusory realities. Who thinks that survival of human spiecies matters and stick to it as the only truth is only fooling himself. Self-importance of human race is sicknening in a way. The universe does not care, does not judge, it just is One day, the Sun goes boom, the earth gets incinerated - so much the universe will have cared for us.

They have it other way around, they think reality first, the source afterwards. It's source first and only, reality doesn't matter. And if you want some reality to matter, feel free to make it important, but realize that you must not cling to it, you MUST NOT LET IT IMPRISON YOU IN ITSELF THROUGH POWER OF FEAR.

If one wants to protect their kids from being hurt or dying. That's all fine. But should they get hurt or die anyway, one must not fear that option. Understanding it doesn't really matter, but you choose it to matter anyway, you get back to what I said in the beginning.

When you fully understand that your reality is your CHOICE, it no longer will be your PRISON. No longer will FEAR exists, because CHOICES does not create FEARS. It is NOT HAVING a CHOICE and knowing ONLY ONE way that does.

asked 16 Aug '12, 03:34

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Jesus said: He who has known the world has found a corpse; and he who has found a corpse, the world is not worthy of him. we all will die the flesh is flesh(the corpse) and the spirit is spirit. Jesus said, "This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. In the days when you consumed what is dead, you made it what is alive. When you come to dwell in the light, what will you do?

(16 Aug '12, 20:03) white tiger

On the day when you were one you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?" the dead are not alive(flesh) and the living will not die (spirit)

(16 Aug '12, 20:05) white tiger

No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father." is that the choice that tell you that this person add no fear? if one know that the flesh is flesh and that the spirit is spirit and is immortal. dust to dust and light to light. what darkness can destroy the light? darkness flee from the light. at worst only the flesh will be destroy.

(16 Aug '12, 20:17) white tiger

@CalonLan- "power of fear and prison of reality" ... your question reminds me that i often dream of returning to prison ( i have experienced real imprisonment) ... !?

(19 Jan '13, 01:33) blubird two

Love in your mind produces love in your life. This is the meaning of Heaven. Fear in your mind produces fear in your life. This is the meaning of hell. You can choose heaven on earth or hell on earth

From a course in miracles....

(19 Jan '13, 03:06) ele

@ele-yes absolutely, thanks :)

(19 Jan '13, 03:36) blubird two
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I attended the funeral of a neighbor and good friend to my wife's family thursday I knew the man and liked him .He had a good life and was almost 80 active and fit. Afterwards was discussing my funeral with the Mrs. and said that "No way do I want to go like that" (was a nice service) Just rent a hall and put my ashes on the bar.I asked my wife she wanted and she said she didn't care ..because she was not there .The funeral is for the grieving not for the dead!
Back to the question the fear of losing a loved one is the ultimate fear of losing what we ALONE have created.The loss of those vibrations.Because they feel so good is not something we like to dwell on.But it is ONE reality we always live with. Among the thousands we have everyday.....

TAO TE CHING - Chapter 50. Death

Men flow into life, and ebb into death.

Some are filled with life;
Some are empty with death;
Some hold fast to life, and thereby perish,
For life is an abstraction.

Those who are filled with life
Need not fear tigers and rhinos in the wilds,
Nor wear armour and shields in battle;
The rhinoceros finds no place in them for its horn,
The tiger no place for its claw,
The soldier no place for a weapon,
For death finds no place in them.



answered 18 Aug '12, 08:14

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the dead are not alive and the living will not die. dust to dust and light to light. some came empty and wants to return empty. those that know them self and know that the world is a corpse of them the world is not worthy. let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(18 Aug '12, 19:17) white tiger

@CalonLan thanks

(17 Jan '13, 16:39) ursixx

@Cal- You said, "Once people understand their are on their OWN, always and forever. They will become free."

But we are not alone. To exist like this is to exist in a self-created vacuum, without care or feeling for anyone or anything.

This is total APATHY/. And I say that the opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy. To exist alone, in your own self-created bubble, not caring, really, about anyone or anything, is apathetic. It is unloving.

And ultimately, very lonely and unfulfilling.

Jesus said that we are to love God (1) and to Love our neighbors as ourselves(2). These two commandments guarantee that we live not for ourselves, but for our fellow man. It is in this way that we find peace...not in a cave like a hermit, but in love.

You present a very bleak picture; the picture you paint sounds depressed and lonely.

I would not want to not care about my family and to exist in my own mind...Alone.


P.S. How could you write so beautifully about love here and then write this???


answered 18 Aug '12, 02:00

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edited 18 Aug '12, 02:13


@Jaianniah, I wrote this first, and that other reply afterwards. And idea being alone is derived from Buddha's saying - “The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.” It doesn't mean you have to be all by yourself, without family or friends, or your favorite group of people. It means you should understand that people come and go, and nor their coming neither their going should...

(18 Aug '12, 03:56) CalonLan

...make you happy or sad. No strings attached is what it means in other words. Love them, care for them when they are here and now, but when they are gone, it's no longer one's business to cling onto the past. Nobody else but you writes the story of your life. The pen is in your hands, not in hands of anyone you know. And so everybody is only a mention in your book, not the book itself. The book is yours. When I die one day, I hope people will not grief, they will not see my death as their...

(18 Aug '12, 04:03) CalonLan

...loss, but they will smile and be happy, that they knew me. And it will not be lack my physical existence in their lives that will make them sad, but the remembrance I leave of how life should be lived that will make them happy - without fear, strings, attachments to cling to...all from which we suffer. And they shall be happy, because then will they know, how to stop suffering and start living.... I just wish I reach the point where I live like that, so everyone can see.

(18 Aug '12, 04:07) CalonLan

@CalonLan- What you wrote here makes perfect sense...Perhaps you should edit what you wrote to include this material. Buddha I understand. This reply to me should be your primary argument. jai♥

(18 Aug '12, 06:51) Jaianniah

white tiger saying:there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world,if not it is dark. the dust will return to dust and the light to the light,but what choice did you make in this life to be darkness or light?

(18 Aug '12, 19:12) white tiger
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Wow I am so sorry to read this, CalonLan are you back in depression? Maybe you should call Rob again, he can help you back to caring again. Don't feel that nothing matters, I know how that is myself I get like that and lately Jai has as well but there is a lot to life worth living for and enjoying.

We can get to that point where we feel valueless and so is everyone else even life, what's the point feeling. Things will turn around, this will pass and one day again you will value not only your life but all others as well so much so you will feel back to holding on to it happy.

Give it time and don't give up. :-)


answered 17 Jan '13, 21:49

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Wade Casaldi


@Wade, this was half a year ago. I merely decided to accept answers for my questions yesterday.

My mind used to be stormy sea full of thoughts, beliefs, meanings, and when I first tried to anchor my ship in the storm, the waves were throwing it in all directions, thus the depressions and mood swings. But as I learned about the nature of sea and the wind, I were able to quiet them. Now I can anchor the ship, for sea and the winds are calm. I'm happy about all life having no meaning...

(18 Jan '13, 02:08) CalonLan

... one can be only depressed about it, if he had a strong belief about a certain meaning to be true. But all meanings are illusions to me. And since none of them is true, I feel happy about not having any. And, I don't feel betrayed by the nature of meanings, when I choose them. When I pick up a meaning for a while, I know I'm picking up a lie.

And I enjoy the game of delusions, shadows and lies ever since. As much as enjoy my time without them in the truth. :-)

(18 Jan '13, 02:15) CalonLan

Wow what an interesting thing, happy with life having no meaning! Usually that is a "I give up stage." I'll have to think on that one. I am glad to see you are happy.

Yes it is nice giving best answers. I try too with all my questions. I'll have to look to see if I have any that don't yet. The truth is I forget most my questions and sometimes when one pops up I go to answer it only to find out I asked it a long time ago! Lol

(18 Jan '13, 05:52) Wade Casaldi

@Wade, it is in fact "I give up stage". I give up because I don't want to fight anymore, I'm exhausted. Paradoxically it is the endless fight we lead for our wants and desires, that is exhausting us. And the more we fight, the more exhausted we become ..It is I no longer swim, I let the river carry me, I'm here to enjoy being in water anyway. This world is filled with fighting. And only ego fights. Fight for respect, reputation, fight for appearing good in other people's eyes and thoughts...

(18 Jan '13, 06:15) CalonLan

...all day, all night. Even in dreams we fight for something. Nights without dreams, that gives your a great rest.

Today we had in office kitchen a cake. There were 7 pieces left. Usually I'd take one and leave the rest for others. But it happened I felt a bit hungry so I ate them all. Some people in my place would fight it. Say it's unfair, immoral, not nice. All the judging is fighting. Throwing meaningless punches. For flow of the river is fair, where it flows, it flows - no complaints. ;)

(18 Jan '13, 06:26) CalonLan

We fight for meaning of life. We fight for having sense of identity of "who we are". But once you embrace no meaning, nothingness. All fighting disappears.

Why people belief in afterlife?Because they are terrified by possibility of nothingness after life.When you high-five nothingness, you stop caring for afterlife.You're ok with what's after life either way - something or nothing. And your belief about it changes to I don't care

In fact,high-five with nothingness,sends all ur beliefs away.

(18 Jan '13, 06:34) CalonLan
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Yes such a beautiful question CalonLan, the strange prisons that we create for ourselves ... for example humanity designed the automobile to get to places faster and further away, nowadays we spend more time generating traffic than the actual time that we're saving, a kind of auto clogging :), and this phenomenon is generally true in all domains of technology, the more things we create the more problems we create, like being caught up in a negative loop.

So what is preventing us from opening our minds and taking that quantum leap that leads to genuine freedom?

The main reason is fear, of going against the established belief systems, our minds and brains like to maintain a kind of coherent reality conform to group beliefs, anyone that challenges the limits of those beliefs is put under pressure, excluded or ignored by a large part of the group, especially those already established with a reputation to live up to, this phenomenon is evident in all groups, even here on IQ.

alt text


answered 13 Apr '14, 04:58

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Fear as only power if you let it have power. there is nothing to fear but fear it self. there is a lesson to learn from fear. you need to overcome it. as for prison of reality. first what is the reality? in this world you always learn new things and this world is in mutation. from a beginning to end to new beginning. stuff from the past stop to exist and new stuff exist in the future base on what is happening now. What if I told you that in reality you are the awareness going through this life like a passer-by? and the real place that does not change is the kingdom of light where we all came from before coming in this world. that kingdom of light is a place of awareness where people communicate at the speed of light. where there is no shadow and no lie. because no darkness can enter light.

it is written in your bible.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again."

who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honor and might forever. Amen.

But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

Jesus said, "From Adam unto John the Baptist there has been none among the offspring of women who has been more exalted than John the Baptist, so that such a person's eyes might be broken. But I have said that whoever among you becomes a little one will become acquainted with the kingdom, and will become more exalted than John."

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 15 Apr '14, 17:13

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white tiger

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