How do I contact my life spirit guide or guides?

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SOMEONE asked "What are spirit guides?" a while back- I'd take a look at that question for an answer- this one might get closed. Jai

(22 Feb '10, 01:31) Jaianniah

The only suggestion I can think of would be to ask them to be revealed during meditation.


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Brian. I am giving you this advice with reluctance, because other's experiences may be less cautious than mine.

There is a large "unknown" factor on the other side of reality. Just like you cannot trust everyone who rings your front door bell, not every sprit on the other side has your best interests at heart.

So you need the guidance of somebody who can hold your hand and guide you through the potential minefield.

I know of only two sources that you can safely trust. God obviously is the first choice. The creator is the ultimate and knows everything. You can probably accomplish the same things with God's guidance, instead of "your spirit guides".

Failing this preference, your second choice,that I can safely recommend,is your own higher self. Your consciousness exists as a thread of awareness through every dimension of existence. You can connect with portions of yourself in the higher dimensions, instead of inviting a third party spirit guide to help you.

It is easy to end up in the wrong neighbourhood if you are wandering aimlessly out of curiosity without an inner sense of purpose guiding you.

If you connect with God or your higher self first, you can pick up right away if what appears to be a spirit guide is in fact a demonic spirit in disguise. By this statement I am not saying you have the ability to see the other side. Instead, when a friend invites you to a spiritually enlightening evening of meditation or something of this nature, if there is hidden danger there, you will have the compulsion to refuse & will instinctively pick up that some thing doesn't feel right with that invitation.


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The Traveller

I Am curious Traveller,did you ever see the movie ,The Last Temptation of Christ?

(23 Feb '10, 15:37) Roy

Roy I haven't and I don't know why I haven't yet. Your question has certainly awakened a desire to see it. I have a neighbour who is a strong Christian, who has this movie. I will make it a point to watch it soon. Thanks for asking me!

(24 Feb '10, 02:13) The Traveller

It must be memorable movie week,we just watched Contact with Jodie Foster.Awesome

(24 Feb '10, 03:25) Roy
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This reminds me of 'a dream' I had once.. (experience would be a better word).

I was going to a party but to get there I had to walk down a long narrow lane along which there were three gates. At each gate there was an ugly, gargoyle type person who had to let me through. When I got to the party I was met by the host, dressed very nicely in a business suit. During the party he approached me and demanded that I take off the crucifix I had around my neck (something I do not possess in real life). I clutched it protectively and refused. The business man then changed into 'the devil' himself and got REAL nasty. When I still refused he order me to be taken off and sacrificed. It was when I was being carried down the aisle of a cathedral (?) towards the altar, I called out to the Blessed Virgin for help (someone I do not think of often) - immediately in the blink of an eye I was elsewhere, still under attack but it was made very clear to me that I was under Her protection and that no harm could befall me. I was then shown a short steep hill which I was to climb, at the top was a T-Junction and I knew it didn't matter which way I took from there.

The interesting part for me was that some time later a very dear friend who shares the same interests as me, told me that she had the same experience with the same elements in it. ??

(Beware of men in business suits - lol)


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To use subconscious communication you have to lower your algorithms. This includes your heart rate and all organic functions while remaining awake.


answered 29 Jan '12, 12:40

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