How are you? I first want to say I've tried many things for manifestation, and I love this idea of Manifesting Experiment 1. I just had a few questions and forgive me if this is a repetitive question, I haven't looked through all of the questions and answers yet. From everything I've learned about the law of attraction, one of them seems to always be we should talk about the things we want to manifest in the present tense, as if we already have it. How does that work if I'm writing my request in the form of a letter?

I actually prefer the way your saying to do it, it feels more comfortable, and real for me to write it as a letter. My second question is referring to the letter you wrote about the blinds. You took action in order to make that happen by bringing it back up to your landlord. What if I have a request that I cannot take action on? Should I just write it down and forget about it and trust in what I wrote, or should I be visualizing or something?

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@sdburns, please ask only one specific question at a time. Thanks. Kindly refer to the Inward Quest FAQ:

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When you put your letter in the box your done. The Universe brings about whatever is needed to bring about the desired results. There's is nothing left to do except the following. Keep an open mind that you are moving towards the stuff you want and record any vibrational matches you have. Before writing any request I would read all the material about how to do it again. Be sure you are clean on all the key points. I love the way to manifest and have a request working right now. Blessings!


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Thank you!!!

(20 Jan '12, 22:38) sdburns

Hi sdburns. Since much of your question deals with Stingray's Manifesting Experiments I don't like to interfere with the advise that I'm sure that you are expecting to receive from Stingray with much anticipation.

Part of you question was about why we focus on manifesting in the present tense.

My answer from an old question regarding the Now Moment maybe of some help to you because I dealt exactly with that portion of your question.

Don't forget to read the other answers as well because they were all great answers.

here's the link to that question.


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Thanks so much for the link, this helps tremendously.

(20 Jan '12, 22:39) sdburns
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