I recently put in a request and included a "... by (end date)". The reason for this is because it involves another person and that person is leaving for her studies about 6 months from now. Hence, I wanted this request to happen before she goes off.

Is it too limiting? Should I just have left it open-ended according to the belief that "everything happens in its own time"?

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Pat W

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It depends how the time limit makes you feel.

If the time limit is far enough away that you believe that what you want is possible within it, then there is no harm in mentioning it in your request.

Remember that, with requests in this process, we are writing them so they contain every piece of information that someone else needs to manifest them...and that includes mentioning any deadlines.

If, however, the time limit is so close that it makes you feel negative emotion by mentioning it then it is probably self-defeating. The negative emotion regarding the time limit is the clue that your current belief system is indicating that the request is not achievable. It is not that the request is not achievable within that time, it's just that you don't believe it right now with your current set of beliefs.

In those cases, for this process, I would leave out the time limit and just let it manifest however it does.

But if the time limit is critical to the request, I would say that this manifesting process is probably not the appropriate one to use because you are getting too much into the area of desperate need regarding what you want.

As you get more practice with manifesting items (and I really encourage everyone to start using this process for anything and everything - not just the big and important things), you can start to develop a feel for the attitude of mind required to manifest something.

There's kind of an emotional balancing point regarding something you want where you can feel that if you get more specific about it, you will start to feel bad about manifesting it. But, before that point, you'll feel fine about thinking about it in your reality.

Ideally, you want to get right to that balancing point emotionally and then go no further. This is because you want to align with what you want as specifically as possible (to manifest it more quickly) without going so far that you no longer believe it can come.

It's basically a balancing act between getting specific and getting general about what you want.

After some practice, you'll just be able to feel when you are pushing the limits of your current belief system regarding what you want.

Then you can either change what you want to accommodate your current beliefs (i.e. get more general about it), or you can start becoming more deliberate and change your current beliefs to accommodate what you want.


answered 22 Feb '10, 07:43

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I would get kind of stress and anxious putting a time frame to my request. The anxiety will make one negative and may work against the request.


answered 30 Aug '12, 00:55

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