Hey people, just a quick question.

Over the last 8 weeks or so, what has started to take place in my life has bin nothing short of a manifesting miracle ha ha.

I have not been on the site for a while as I have been trying to get things in order. I have been using the method of writing a letter to the universe asking for what I would like to manifest and then placing it in a basket and then trying to forget it until it shows up.

My basket is now starting to look a little full; when things has shown up what do you do with your notes? I cant bring myself to throw them away!! mile3 xxx

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Mile3 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Can you share how many showed up and what they are? Do you feel writting them down makes a difference in the results? Where did you get this idea? I wonder if I should try it ....

(12 Sep '10, 21:57) Back2Basics

Keeping it helps you see how far you have come. Otherwise it is like walking in the sand and erasing your foot prints behind you.

(12 Sep '10, 21:59) Back2Basics
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Personally, I just get rid of them, when the request has shown up. The manifestation is the only confirmation I need, I wouldn't get too attached by holding on to the notes.

When some new desire arises continue to do what you've been doing - if it works, there's no need to question it and no need to hold on to confirmation, your steadfast faith and trust has obviously given you the required results, and as long as you believe they will continue to do so.

The only possible reason I could consider holding on to them is if you feel out of alignment in the future they may be the proof you need to get back into alignment - then again according to the LOA, that would probably be asking for a way to need the required proof.


answered 12 Sep '10, 20:58

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Excellent answer!

(18 Sep '10, 00:55) The Traveller

Thanks Traveller:)

(18 Sep '10, 11:39) Michaela

rank order the priorities;
select the top 3, decide 3 ways on how to cope; and decide if your requests were truthful


answered 13 Sep '10, 23:24

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I would suggest, you could move the manifested goals to a different folder / box (eg. 'Completed').

A couple of reasons why I feel so -

  1. The paper has been your sole communication with the universe and the universe has lovingly granted your request. The least one can do is archive it with respect.

  2. At times when manifestation is not showing up and our faith in the system starts to dwindle, going through the completed manifestations will help us reinforce our faith.


answered 22 Nov '10, 04:50

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I totally agree with #2, I havn't deliberatly manifested many things(that I am aware of) yet, but when I think of the ones I am currently experiencing, it fills me with joy and happiness and puts me in a loving state.

(22 Nov '10, 08:48) Milanz

Hi. Am new in LOA, and I decided to give manifesting experiment # 1 a try. Am very happy to report good progress. I had noticed an agrovet shop in a prime location in my home town that seemed to be on its last legs. on enquiring, I was told that the proprietor wasnt willing to sell the business, and he had even turned down big companies. Undeterred, I gave his assistant my phone number indicating my offer. I then wrote:'I want that Agrovet shop. Please create systems to help me actualise that'. That was on 9/10/2012. On 12/10/2012, the proprietor called me, we discussed, and finished with the legalities and payments. I bought the business as a going concern, and from today, the shop is operating under me. Am now manifesting cash to effectively run the business. I and my wife are surprised how easy this manifesting business is. Thanks stingray, thangs IQ family, thanks LOA. We are in seventh heaven right now.Things cant be moving at a better speed. Personally, I will be filing them, to show us how far we have come. Thanks alot.


answered 15 Oct '12, 13:09

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@ndwigabn - Welcome to IQ! And congratulations! You are doing extremely well! I'm so glad to hear it, thank you for sharing.

(15 Oct '12, 13:26) Grace
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