What does it say about myself when I'm drawn to watch an R rated movie with all sorts of "ugly" images? Are these "ugly" images unconscious desires of mine? Thanks for your thoughts

asked 22 Jan '12, 06:50

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All of creation exists on its own , independent of us. We are just filters picking up what we can unravel. We choose what to screen out, so in essence, we are creating whether we like it or not.


answered 22 Jan '12, 09:27

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The Knights Alchemy

@The Knights Alchemy - crystal clear thanks :)

(22 Jan '12, 09:31) blubird two

So would it be more accurate to say that we solicit from infinity?

(22 Jan '12, 13:27) RFextra

Exactly. We choose from infinity.

(23 Jan '12, 00:25) The Knights Alchemy

and we all create in infinity.

(23 Jan '12, 00:27) white tiger
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Is everything you allow into your consciousness a creation within you?

That statement is true so long as you accept that the singular YOU and the universal YOU are lesser and greater expressions of YOU. But to say it that way is all confusing and miss-leading.

So let's look at ME and MYSELF.

What you know as the self is a miniscule window through which a tiny portion of the Universal Creative Force is expressing creativity.

The basic energy signature or energy perspective of this flow is "ME" or "I AM"

Where ever creation is expressed it seems to be expressing within an expression of "I AM"

And since Creation includes "ALL THAT IS" which includes everything good or bad, whatever portion of this creativity that you choose to participate in, will always unfold as an expression of "THIS IS ME"

Whatever that you choose to allow as an experience or desire will always have the signature "THIS IS MY CHOICE" because this is the basic energy expression within everything in creation.

That's why, if you want to stop the suffering within this planet you can't take the perspective how I stop this suffering in the world. Instead you have to approach it as how do I stop this suffering within ME on behalf of the world.

This is a hard concept to translate and I'm not sure that I successfully did it with the above example.

But if you get it then within that context your original statement would be correct.


answered 22 Jan '12, 12:56

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The Traveller

Yes. Even to the least extent, which would be an indirect relation to the point of view, but curiosity is not always evil. Just as right can be turned into wrong so can wrong be turned into right.


answered 23 Jan '12, 10:52

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I'd have to say no. For example, whenever I make a plan, I always think about the worst thing that can happen. Thinking about this does not make it happen though, it's just the way that my mind works. You have to visualize what it is you want to create for something to manifest and the more clear and open that you are, the more you will manifest.


answered 23 Jan '12, 19:53

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@akaVienne - surely thinking of the worst thing that can happen is attracting it ... it is better to make a list of all possible outcomes and choose the ones that most fit the wish :)

(24 Jan '12, 00:14) blubird two
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