I know how Abraham talks about that we can deliberately create what we desire and have the universe create situations where the desire will come to us effortlessly.

But can a situation ever occur if your desire has no attraction to you? Would this be a contradiction to LOA? It would be an outlier wouldn't it?

What if you are physically attracted to some person, and she has all the qualities that you desire, but she has no attraction to you? Is that possible within the circumstances of LOA??

What should be done in this situation, or what would be the best way to prevent this situation?

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Evolutionary High

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There's so much more than meets the eye. Business of attraction is a matter of your heart. Physical attraction to a body is nonsense. Body is just flesh, bones, skin, blood and all the other stuff. You're not attracted to her body, you're attracted to the reasons behind the expression of the form her body takes. She as a person has no business being attracted back to you. For it's not she you desire, but the qualities and hidden motives which she is a sum and expression of. Simply put...

(26 Nov '12, 03:29) CalonLan

...you don't love her, but what she represents.

You can sense it, but not reason it out. Because your vision is locked on her and too narrow. When you understand she is not the only existing expression and match of your desires, your vision will wider. You'll no longer cling onto a single person. Or any person at all. For you will know how to fulfill your desires. And you will not NEED anyone.

Where there is inquiry, there is offer.

(26 Nov '12, 03:30) CalonLan

@CalonLan - This is a wonderful answer. I wish you would convert these comments to an answer. It would make this easier for people to find in future; it is so very helpful. Thank you.

(26 Nov '12, 08:56) Grace

@Grace, those whose hearts long to know will seek and eventually find. Whether it be under a rock, at the bottom of an ocean, in comments and answers, or simply as a vibrational footprint in a form of an idea in the ether of the universe. I post them in comments mostly, because that's how I like the fairytale of my life being told. ;)

(26 Nov '12, 09:27) CalonLan
(26 Nov '12, 10:07) Grace

@CalonLan- wow..i loved ur both comments.. :)))

(26 Nov '12, 11:02) supergirl
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I have been learning to regard such situations as vibrational matches. I got some very helpful advice about these in answer to this question.

If you follow that link, it will be easy to see that when you have changed your vibration surrounding a particular subject, you activate the entire vibrational field regarding that subject, which can stir up all sorts of vibrational matches, matches that you could label "good" or "bad" if you wanted to, but matches none the less. And since you get to decide, I recommend you see all of them as good. :)

So, if you look at in that light, you can feel encouraged, for if someone has turned up in your reality who brings this subject up, and into sharp focus for you, your deliberate manifestation efforts are most certainly having an effect on your reality, and you may rest assured that you really are doing extremely well. :)

I'm not saying it's always easy, but once you see it, and remember that everything you experience is actually a mirror reflection of your dominant feelings, that unrequited attraction can take on a whole new meaning, if you will allow it.

So, what should be done? Have a look at what you are seeing in this one you are attracted to. If the only thing about her that isn't absolutely wonderful is that she doesn't feel the same about you, remember to check that your dominant feeling on the subject includes the element that your ideal relationship will be with a person who just loves you, and thinks you are charming and quite irresistible, warts and all - you don't need to try to be anything at all but you own, lovable Self.

If she still doesn't seem to think you're wonderful, then silently thank her, and let her go. She has shown you very clearly what you don't want (she doesn't want me), so now you can get busy with even more clarity on the vibration of what you do want (I am irresistible to the one I want to be with!). If you do that, I'd say, she's on her way.



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Thanks for the detailed answer, I will definitely read those links you provided ;)

(25 Nov '12, 13:05) Evolutionary High

Love this answer Grace, Thank you. :)

(25 Nov '12, 19:20) lastplacefavourite

excellent answer ,grace.. :)))

(27 Nov '12, 01:47) supergirl

@Evolutionary High, @lastplacefavourite, @supergirl, I somehow missed these comments a while back - a belated thank you. I am glad you liked it. :)

(18 Jan '13, 17:53) Grace

@Grace, I know why you missed those comments! I orchestrated it (wink wink). Jokes apart I am glad that you missed it first time around, for you answering to these questions bumped this question up and made for a delightful reading for me. One that I needed right now. Has has helped me into the mode of appreciating 'matches' i have been having for past few days and that would stir mixed emotions in me, you know awareness 'its on its way not here yet'

(18 Jan '13, 19:36) dreamersmiles

@Grace, but right now in this moment I am sooooo sooooo glad that ITS ON ITS WAY and this feeling is so invigorating that I even caught myself thinking who cares if it finally comes or not, let me enjoy this moment in anticipation, let me enjoy the unfolding. I could be miserable until it comes about or i could enjoy the things that come to my awareness 'out of blue' and remind me of what I am eager for. Thank you so much for this wonderful answer and helping me gain this perspective. Love

(18 Jan '13, 19:40) dreamersmiles
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If you are not a match to someone right now,my idea would be to appreciate that person for who they are and what they want. Also appreciate your desire and find other ways to soothe yourself in life. Find other interests and find other ways to find happiness. Who knows, one day you might rendezvous with each other and be a match.

however to live your whole life devoted to that desire may leave you less time for personal growth ,fullfillment and success in other areas or with new people.

when you are thinking too much of this person, rather than think with longing....try to think of why it would be fun to be with this particular person. going to the park, having sunday dinner etc. > maybe stay general about it and then as soon as you are feeling better move off the subject and find something fun to do for yourself.


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Yes it would, because I answered this question before in some other question.

This question reminds me of that question. That question I answered something about all these millionaires want the "Hope diamond" but only one can own it irregardless of the fact that all of them want it!

The same for dating a certain movie star only one can date her.


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Wade Casaldi

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Great insight wade. This is why it's so important to love and appreciate what we have even in the desire for other things-and to never let any desire ruin today.

(18 Jan '13, 20:07) clearheart
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