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In our normal ego mode of action, we cannot imagine action without desire. We feel that having no desires is like death, causes depression, no volition, no ambition, no self will. Nothing to achieve, Nowhere to go, Nothing to do. Is that bad ? To the ego yes, because it needs the fuel of desires to continue its movements.

Now, can we imagine a state where there is no doer but actions are happening. Like the inflow and outflow of breath, like the circulations of planets and atoms. Like the beating of the hearts, flowing of rivers, digesting of food, circulations of lifeblood ...

Spontaneous action ... is it possible ?

asked 23 Jan '12, 02:50

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Barry Allen ♦♦

you all ready know my answer on this. i do not need to say more.

(23 Jan '12, 02:58) white tiger

@wt, then why say anything?

(23 Jan '12, 04:24) Eddie

desireessabundance, impulse, instinct, intuition; at what moment does the new born babe become the man, the man-god or returned to the universal spirit. there is that moment when the thread of material dross snaps. the animal ego without any awareness of self would follow in your senario, its existence in the present

(23 Jan '12, 09:54) fred

only because it needed to be eddie. experience and enjoy.

(23 Jan '12, 15:50) white tiger

@Wade, could it be time to allow yourself to decide once and for all that God is the fundamental principle and thus, the first action. Everything else is illusion... 8-)

(25 Jan '12, 06:13) Eddie

I like that Eddie, yes it makes sense, similar to everything is the dream of God, or Mind of God.

(26 Jan '12, 14:09) Wade Casaldi

Thanks for converting this to a question. Action without a doer, then there is no desire and no karma. No self, no problem !

(30 Jan '12, 13:29) DesirelessAbundance
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Yes! Spontaneity is closer to our true nature. Quieting the mind and realizing there is no doer allows the actions to flow naturally from a place of inspiration within ourselves. From that place the actions are infused with the power of the Universal mind or Higher consciousness, and thus will be much more successful than those that come from the egoic mind which requires effort and striving that isn't always necessary


answered 26 Jan '12, 20:10

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Ahh desireless action as in not only human action but like the wind blowing or the orbit of the sun? Yes for those there is no desire, it is just a scientific equation of gravity pulling at the sun and wiping the earth back around for another season. Perhaps we may say set in motion by the original desire of God many years ago. If that be the case then no action started without first a desire. However if it is just by laws that started with some fluke coincidence then it would be correct as is.


answered 23 Jan '12, 13:39

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Wade Casaldi

Hello DesirelessAbundance ... for me this question can be worded "when in a state of non doing what stimulates us to act?" ... well the stimulus comes from other individuals in the form of thoughts, words or deeds ... stimulus meaning something that incites or rouses to action ... for example if we see an action being done that could cause harm to someone then it would be wise to intervene ... :)


answered 26 Jan '12, 13:30

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blubird two

I do not feel stimulus to act can come from outside. The other individual (including the attacker) is your own self and whether or not it may be wise to intervene may depend on many factors. You may find yourself intervening or not, but spontaneous action means there is no one present to take a decision whether to intervene. Action just happens. Has anyone here experienced this kind of action that comes from the whole of existence ? I am not referring to possessed action mind you !

(30 Jan '12, 13:39) DesirelessAbundance
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